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  • Anonymous

Jo, 10 Sep 2012when you take N9 in your hand,,,beleive me you will forget all o... moreu right i forgot other phone when i get n9. really good to use. much faster than android

  • xcertia

meego izz really awesome.if nokia continues with it. It would definitely kick out android & iOS.

  • Jo

when you take N9 in your hand,,,beleive me you will forget all other phone you have,,,,it 's really fantastic...

  • zentran83

Once I had a Galaxy ACE, I sold it after 2 months. I'm in love with my N9.

  • AnonD-34077

Mats, 10 Sep 2012AoA Saqib, can you please help me out dude? My wazzap keeps on s... moreGo to then to the wazapp thread. Download the latest Developer version. It is working fine. Even sending multimedia and receiving it as well. No error as you mentioned.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2012You seem to be emtionalised for nokia, but will no... moreya man u ar right...

I'm fan of Nokia since 2002...I only had one samsung crap SGS..I sold it within two weeks....:O

Then I had Nokia N9.....I sold it not because of any wrong of it but because I love photography so that I want 808...

But I still regret abut sold it. I miss it so much...thats design screen OS everything are ghosting in my head every time......

But i still havent bought 808...have to wait till some price down...

  • Mats

AnonD-34077, 03 Sep 2012It is the best thing in N9 that it is not an android phone. I lo... moreAoA Saqib, can you please help me out dude? My wazzap keeps on saying connecting and it never does connect. I have tried everything even un-install and re-installation didn't help. I had same issue before but after a day or two it will start working but this time, it has been dead from over 3 weeks now. I am really desperate. I even had to borrow N8 from someone and use whatsapp with wifi hotspot of N9. Please help and thank you in advance.

  • rOman_BD

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2012how can i delete the history and cookies in the standard webbrowser?Settings>application>Web>clear private data.......u can also change ur default browser...............

  • Anonymous

AnonD-12116, 09 Sep 2012This is my heartfelt thought of NOKIA As s company NOKIA did ... moreYou seem to be emtionalised for nokia, but will not read your comment at all...other than that, don't worry abour nokia...because you and others don't know of what kind of game nokia earns more than any company without producing much at all, but all with licenses of hardware end software nokia trigers...think of that, that any phone samsung or any other company builds a phone and want to bring it to market, this companies have to pay to nokia 10-30 euro for licenses for any piece of this phone they sell.

  • Anonymous

how can i delete the history and cookies in the standard webbrowser?

  • wiz@nokia

The nokia n9 is a superior phone but if it gets damage you will miss it just like I do. Just a heads up too anyone thinking of getting this device please when buying try not getting a variant device because you won't be able to flash back to previous firmware releases if you have bought a variant device well enjoy but flashing back isn't a priority to you.

  • tyr

AnonD-26593, 09 Sep 2012y do u want to flash ur device but? U are running on pr1.2 no, t... morei want 2 dual boot with nitroid alpha 4 its required to have pr1.3 so i want 2 flash thats it,another reason there is some video not running giving comment as"u cannot play these type of video on this device"??????some time they play smoothly so i want exited to see hw pr1.3??????is there any sign of pr1.3 for my mobile version?i want 2 ask 1 question how 2 nfc of s3 with n9 for sharing?

  • vishan

cozmo, 09 Sep 2012dude.. i got this phone to be next to my N900... and let me te... morethanks bro

  • go meego go

the best phone on the display.foating icons.OS..simplest OS ever hand use,,SIII??Ion?Razer?optimus?All for beast,for titans,all for Hulk..hahaha,no no for kingkooooong

  • cozmo

AnonD-70500, 08 Sep 2012i'm hoping to buy Nokia is the best choice.pls help me outdude..
i got this phone to be next to my N900...
and let me tell you this N9 worth it...i got it and updated to pr 1.3 the same day..
and now i try to finsh work..and go home to spend time playing with this uniqe does so so little effort...and am enjoying it..

  • AnonD-26593

mr dean, 09 Sep 2012i bought an N9 in feb 2011, and i have to say its an ultimate ma... moremr dean feb 2011 u bought n9? It wasnt even announced then... And btw by now n9 has more than 2000 stable and cool apps, if thats not enough, wait for MeeGo's next device thru jolla arrives by end of this year, so more apps will pour in, or u can also try nitroid jelly bean on n9.. Cheers..stay blessed

  • AnonD-26593

tyr, 08 Sep 2012there is no pr1.3 for my shall i do flashing by mysel... morey do u want to flash ur device but? U are running on pr1.2 no, then whats the prob?

  • AnonD-12116

This is my heartfelt thought of NOKIA

As s company NOKIA did well until 2006-07 and remained king of the mobile phone world.Others couldn't get even close to It.But today case is changed.Now it seems like doing last breathes at death point.

The turning point of game was when wild animal call ANDROID and IOS grows NOKIA didnt do anything about it.They produce different hardware with same symbian s60v5.They didnt do any major modification at that time.Doing same thing over and over is not the right thing.Specially when others offer cool features with others OSs. Nokia think others cant get close to NOKIA.

At that time most manufactures used Symbian. Even Samsung and Sony Ericsson etc...

But day by day those wild animal called ANDROID and IOS grows well.

When day by day company is going down what they did was mistreat its own elder child SYMBIAN and MEEGO and adopting a WINDOWS baby. I cant understand why NOKIA didnt understand that windows baby cant fight with those ANDROID and IOS wild beasts. Baby cant fight alone.

The thing thing that Nokia should do is produce a strong family with with these members until windows baby grows enough to fight alone.

couple of NEXT LEVEL SYMBIAN devices,1 or 2 Meego devices and couple of windows deceives will make family stronger.

Now ANDROID and IOS are giants. Nokia you should make strong family to get your place back in Mobile world.Windows baby cant do it alone.

You can do it.Because u Nokia have one thing other dont have. you have good soul.Dont mistreat ur elder child due to adopted child. Treat equally for them .u will win the game.Still u can do it...

wise man told ones " BETTER LATE THAN NEVER"

  • Mats

My wazzap is not connecting from quite some time, does anyone have a solution for it please? it is making me miss N8 :( HELP

  • Anonymous

nokia allways have autoanswer for bluetooth cant find on n9