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  • AnonD-4340

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2011hi friends Frankly, I've tried the experience of Nokian9 and So... morei dont believe you have compared N9 and Arc S, sony ericssons current lineup of android fones do not have good displays. Poor viewing angles and high backlight bleed, and colors are not as vivid as SLCD and IPS and AMOLED. You must be bluffing.

  • AnonD-7546

AnonD-29433, 12 Nov 2011Hi san, I found something useful to help.. check dis out.. Hope ... morehi Blazing Bird i did see it before and i always check it and i put it on the nokia software updater also no update for me i keep refreshing on the device hoping that it gives me you have update but till now no update :S i even tried to change location and country same same

  • nokian9user

can someone help me? afer update to 1.1 camera takes much longer time to open (about 5 seconds)!!

  • Anonymous

hi friends
Frankly, I've tried the experience of Nokian9 and Sony Ericsson xperia arc s ,, and i liked the sony ericsson more than nokia n9 , because of the brightness , And clarity of the image , the camera , and easy to get any softwares any application, its android phones.i don't deny that nokia n9 is a very good mobile, but,,but,, with sony arc s , the life is completly different, the whole world between your hand

  • AnonD-29433

AnonD-7546, 12 Nov 2011i still didnt get the update either on my phone nor on the nokia... moreHi san, I found something useful to help.. check dis out.. Hope this mite help u..­re-update-available-pr.html

  • Gwinh

I'm not impressed! Still android phones are way better...

  • AnonD-16100

AnonD-7546, 12 Nov 2011i still didnt get the update either on my phone nor on the nokia... moreman where from you got your phone? is it 64 or 16?? and for how much?? (it should be up soon.. we have it late each time, i live in lebanon too:D)

  • newton

AnonD-29433, 12 Nov 2011The Lovers of N9 are always welcome Ruplee, Its now upon us and ... moreYeah!

  • nthabiseng

smart phone the best phone to have, nokia is the best

  • AnonD-7546

i still didnt get the update either on my phone nor on the nokia software updater why ?? i live in lebanon plz help

  • Imcompl

The best fone of year '11 is N9.

  • Kakashi087

huhu.. still no Whatsapp for n9.. :(

  • AnonD-29433

AnonD-26593, 12 Nov 2011blazing bird, thanks for adding me in facebook/n9 group. cheersThe Lovers of N9 are always welcome Ruplee, Its now upon us and all the N9 Lovers to make it an unforgetable phone that really comes once in a lifetime... Also we should promote and the community.. They are the soul of Meego Apps.. We have no option but to rely on them and their support is oustanding when compared to other websites.. So Promote, Write and Lets Make it The Best Beast Ever... Beautifully Simple..

  • AnonD-26593

AnonD-29433, 10 Nov 2011hi guys and lovers of N9 - here is a little from my part for the... moreblazing bird,
thanks for adding me in facebook/n9 group. cheers

  • Claro

AnonD-26593, 12 Nov 2011The Nokia N9 comes in two versions - 16 GB and 64 GB - which is ... more...Guy! to be honest if the fone have maximum inbuilt memory says GB64, its only 1/3 the price of external memory if purchase separately.
I think you re a new comer in computer world.

  • Tecnocraft

AnonD-23045, 12 Nov 2011yeah....but the problem is i still dint get micro sim card.... s... moreHai fan, don't worry about micro sim, just browsing the networks to know how to cut normal sim to micro sim without losing any functionality.
Using simple scissor or razor blade and scale.........very safe to prepare self micro sim as we all did for......

  • AnonD-26593

AnonD-29453, 11 Nov 2011hey three things... 1) whats the internal free available memory... moreThe Nokia N9 comes in two versions - 16 GB and 64 GB - which is the size of its internal storage memory, i.e. space available for user installable applications and data (e.g. documents, music files, videos, etc).

As the N9 does not have a memory card slot and therefore it is not possible to further expand its storage space should you at some point need more, it is very important to choose the right version.

Obviously, the 64 GB version is better, period. But it is also more expensive. Therefore, we suggest that you carefully calculate how much space you usually need on your smartphone for storing your data, taking into consideration some important facts described below.

What majority of people planning to buy the N9 don't really know is that while the 16 GB and 64 GB versions indeed contain 16 and 64 GB of storage memory respectively, it is not a contiguous block and cannot be used directly to store THIS MUCH of any kind of data.

The advertised 16 or 64 GB is the total size and as such it is true, but (what is not clearly mentioned) it is PARTITIONED (divided) into several separate filesystems (or partitions), serving different purposes and allowing the user to put there different kind of data:

rootfs (/dev/root/): contains the operating system and it's also where all 3rd party applications get installed. Its size is 4 GB
home (/home/): used by the operating system to store various kinds of config files, databases (e.g. contacts or messages), etc. Even though many of these files contain user data, users don't have direct access to this file system; it is used by the operating system. Its size is 2 GB.
MyDocs (/home/user/MyDocs/): that's the partition where you can freely place your files like pictures, music, videos, documents, etc. It's the ONLY filesystem made available to the user and directly accessible for him, where any kind of files can be stored without any restrictions. That's the disk you see when you connect your N9 to your PC via USB. Its size on the N9 16 GB is about 9 GB and on the 64 GB version it is around 57 GB.
some other filesystems (e.g. tmp) which are just several hundred MB in total, i.e. not really important.

As you can see from the above, the N9 16 GB actually offers you a 4 GB partition for installing software (of which ~ 1 GB is already used by the operating system, so around 3 GB remains free for installable apps) and a 9 GB partition for storing data (pictures, videos, music, etc). In case of the 64 GB version it is 4 GB and 57 GB, respectively.

Long story short, on both the 16 GB and 64 GB version you can install up to around 3 GB of 3rd party apps, which means that the 64 GB version does NOT offer any advantages in this regard. It is space for user data (pictures, music, videos, ...) that's considerably larger on the 64 MB version: 57 GB vs. 9 GB, i.e. 48 GB more. And that's the most important thing to take into consideration when choosing the right version of the device. For the additional money you pay for the 64 GB version you get 48 GB more for your data. If you decide to pay less and get the 16 GB version, be aware that for your MP3's and video clips you will get not more than 9 GB. On the other hand, paying considerably more for the 64 GB variant, you will NOT be able to install on it more apps than on the 16 GB model, i.e. up to around 3 GB in both cases.

Hopefully it's clear now :-)

  • eric

the PR 1.1 update is available on the market..& now the phone is cool.. MeeGo is so awsome.. I have never seen such an OS..! moreover the android can't be compared to this MeeGo.. its a lot better than android..! i just done a hands on experience from the Nokia centre..and am satisfied..

  • daisuke white winter

i like n9,luv nokia!

  • AnonD-29433

AnonD-23045, 12 Nov 2011tats cool..... jus take the Dubai metro and get down at Mall of ... moreThnx sallubhai, i guess its probably on the left side before Jumbo electronics.... Neways will buy the beast soon. and its good that PR 1.1 is already out with huge changes and updates.. And request to alll guys... dont leave the support for this phone... Its a new revolutionary device in toddays world..