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  • Anonymous

yeah good point. swipe ui is superior, but we cannot really push people if they love the metro ui of wp7, anyway those 2 phones are great , you'll be satisfied whatever u choose. Btw i also have n9.
lets continue supporting nokia creation, im a fan, and all nokia fan should protect our turf to those sgs2 or android bashers.. yah sgs2 and android bashers coz there is no ios or iphone fan bashing nokia, am i right? sgs2 and android fans are nothing, they just keep on bashing because they cannot afford to have nokia or iphone.

all warriors of nokia. ASSEMBLE!

  • Hellvin123

AnonD-13986, 08 Nov 2011It's not whether the owner take care of the phone or not, it's w... moreWell I hope it is not the case for the S 2. There are only 3 physical buttons and I use only the switch button!I think it will last for more than 2yrs. I dnt think the other hardware are gonna get problems!!Normally it's the proper functioning of buttons that that determines a lifetime of a phone, but here we are talking about touch screens..But I do agree the S2 is not a phone to carry around if you do heavy duty/dynamic jobs. Gorilla Glass is unscratchable but not shatter resistant, the larger the surface area the worst.See ya in 2yrs man.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-29718, 09 Nov 2011are you saying that the N9 is better than the galasy S 2??? of course it is.

  • AnonD-26593

anybody knows when n9 available in India? Millions are waiting for this masterpiece.

  • John

The N9 has been given Telstra blue tick as a superior mobile for reception and sensitivity, which many other reviews and commentations have also remarked on.
People I know within the telco industry that have assessed the N9 prefer it to other operating systems which are too cluttered with irrevelent bloatware. A great all round mobile device.

  • Anonymous

does the n9 have a radio or not

  • GodBleessedMobile

NOKIA N9 is actually SwipeUI+Qt+Maemo

  • AnonD-29747

how can i download whatsapp on my nokia n9??????

  • giso

how can i download whatsapp on my nokia n9?????

  • AnonD-29433 is the place to be for N9 lovers.. You get more than 500 apps of all categories. check it out and ull find yourself lucky enough to have such a style icon.. N9 simply rocks... Iphone is good but N9 - The best ever...

  • AnonD-29718

juko, 09 Nov 2011well I gotta say N9 was great without update. Didn't fully check... moreare you saying that the N9 is better than the galasy S 2???

  • Anonymous

i guess i have found what i have been looking for in my life- a truely good smart smart fone!!!

  • N94ever

When you hold it your hand it makes you happy as a child. Simply beautiful and jotful :-)

  • AnonD-13986

Open Video Player. Developer says going to Ovi Store soon but you can get the free version from here :­;highlight=open+video+player

Plays in background, in both potrait & landscape,etc

  • Vali

Nokia N9 after update is great. The Swype tastaur is .. I have no words. I love my Nokia N9.

  • Anonymous

juko, 09 Nov 2011well I gotta say N9 was great without update. Didn't fully check... morethis phone cost 700 euros LOL

  • juko

well I gotta say N9 was great without update. Didn't fully check it after update but phone is great. If they have lower pricing on it..cca 480 EUR it would be sold great.
I also have I9100 and I am now concidering of fully switching on N9.

  • Nik

Nokia guys still maintain the same body casing as N8 & as far is genetic material is concerned i thnk it is aslo d same.......God time for nokia to close dwn smartphone market and concentrate on economy models....Thy r not into d current smarties.....GOD HELP NOKIA

  • Aldrich

Nokia seems putting an effort to be on top of the game when it comes to mobile phones.

I used to use Nokia as my main phone as it gave me the best comfort. I'm looking forward to buy this N9 white version at the end of the month. N9 seems to fit my lifestyle :)

Oh and guys just want to share you what Nokia research and design integrated Nanotechnology in mobile phone.

Introducing The Nokia HumanForm­m-smartphone-concept.html

Its an interesting concept. :) Enjoy!

  • licious

AnonD-29509, 08 Nov 2011I am deciding whether to buy the HTC sensation XL or the N9. I w... moreconsider Nokia N9, if i where you i wouldn't even think about HTC.......