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  • Anonymous

It's so amazing i'm gonna die!

  • Anonymous

no Alarm...??

  • fatos

I have a Samsung Galaxy S 2,but I love this phone,Nokia always will be Nokia,exelent quality

  • bernardomh

Well, today i got the chance to try an N9 and i've gotta say it is beautiful. It has an amazing screen, its very quick and overall delivered a great experience. I couldn't test the camera though.
Anyway i would think more than twice about buying it because since its Meego, it may lack many applications (Whatsapp the most important for me) and support.
Looking forward to your opinions!

  • Yogesh

AnonD-26017, 14 Oct 2011I would really like to see how patient you could be, if you orde... moreName one phone which have all the functionalities of a smartphone... Plzzzzzzzzzzz I want to know if there's any exits...??

  • Jigger

Guys what do you think of the apps for the N9? Are there more coming? Is it using the same ones from Symbian?

This is the only thing holding me back from fully comitting on buying this phone. I'm now considering the 800 if the future of apps for the n9 is bleak.

  • AnonD-26300

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2011The only thing that Nokia can show off their phones is carl-zeis... moretrue

  • Sails

Just got my N9 64Gb and I've got to say the curved screen is just amazing. The icons look like someone painted them on the phone.

Compared it to SGS II and to iPhone 4 and it beats both in my opinion.

  • Ice

N9 got video call or no

  • Anonymous

i'm planning to buy the phone.. but seems a lot of bugs on OS.. will consider other phone..

  • AnonD-13986

hulkforall, 14 Oct 2011Thats why you have to do a test drive first before you buy it. A... moreHulk, the thing is you dont have to simply scold mamed, call him this & that, not nice. Try to help instead

  • AnonD-13986

AnonD-26017, 14 Oct 2011Just to finalize. One would normally expect that smartphone h... moreThe sync with bluetooth thingy is the usual way, they also have the instructions in the N9 user guide. As you can see from the Maemo forum, it even works with one guy's old E71. But unfortunately yours didnt work the usual way.
Another thing is I dont consider N9 to be flagship model. WP7 phones are supposed to be, at least while Mr Elop is CEO.

Knowing N9 is Meego & different from Symbian/Android/IOS, I already search out the relevant Maemo/Meego forums on it cos I knew it will work differently from the other OS.

Everyone(1st batch of buyers) already knew N9 dont the software for FM radio yet(coming soon) & it doesnt have whatsapp. And of course, it being the 1st & last Meego from Nokia & all that.
Anyway, if you face problems, try reading that thread in talkmaemo. Any other important functions that you cant use?

  • MG

Im trying to get this phone here in Sweden but its not that easy. It is stated that it will be available in three colors and two sizes of memory. Not altogether true. The black 16Gb has been released and is out. The black 64Gb is not out yet. The cyan and magenta are neither out yet, AND WILL ONLY BE RELEASED IN 16Gb! Whyyy?

Many retailers only harbour the black 16Gb, because they dont know how many who will buy coloured phones. But pre-orders should make thier risk minimal.

And why Nokia wont make every colour in every memory size is beyond me. The phones are not expandable either in the aftermarket. Quite dissapointing, as I wanted a blue one with the big memory. Every other mobile is black these days, I wanted something different, and Im not talking skinwise. This info came directly from Nokias help desk.

Need some help here: Is 16Gb enough? Or should i procure the 64Gb, (though black as Darth Vader aka Dark Force) and with that be future-safe as memory space goes?

(I take lot of pictures and films, have two camera worthy children... but I guess thats about it.)

Help me Nokia N9 comment readers, you are my only hope!

  • MG

AnonD-12237, 13 Oct 2011The update gonna need over 50 Improvements. If they don't added ... moreI dont understand this fuss about fm-radio. With a phone like N9, you will probably use pod radio through internet, right. In Sweden most of us have free internet connectivity in our phones through operator. Then why use common radio? Anyway, it is stated that the phone has that capability, you just have to have an app for it...

  • Antony

AnonD-26017, 14 Oct 2011Just to finalize. One would normally expect that smartphone h... moreman... that's sad... i really expected at least a proper sync... thanks for the information dude... i am really reconsidering my decision whether to buy this phone or not...really appreciate if you could find any other major problems like this after using this phone...

  • AnonD-26017

hulkforall, 14 Oct 2011Thats why you have to do a test drive first before you buy it. A... moreJust to finalize.

One would normally expect that smartphone has a sync functionality -- so you never test whether it works or not. In particular, when phone settings have sync & backup function. I have checked phone, notices for example that it does not have FM radio (and I'm fine with this and not complaining), but am I supposed to check every piece of hard and soft on the phone?

I understand it is not a Vertu phone, but it is still Nokia's flagship model -- so releasing phone that is not yet completed (and over last couple of days I discovered some more disappointing problems) -- is too bad for Nokia, which supposedly should now fight for its place on smartphone market.

My example with car is a proper one -- you would never check whether there's oil in engine, or a reverse shift -- these are things that you expect that are in place, no matter whether it is a premium car or not.

And a last point the BT sync (that you say everybody else is using) -- is not that functional: (1) it messed up all calendar items; (2) when you sync once again -- it copies all contacts, rather than cimply checking and making changes.

  • hulkforall

AnonD-26017, 14 Oct 2011I would really like to see how patient you could be, if you orde... moreThats why you have to do a test drive first before you buy it. Also, this is a phone, not a "premium sedan" that you have to spend your $50.000,- or even more to get it. Where is the fun when you already get everything on your phone? The fun is when you do some search for the features to complete your phone. Thats more satisfied me.

  • AnonD-26017

hulkforall, 14 Oct 2011I agree that we as a customer should get a better service from n... moreI would really like to see how patient you could be, if you order a new mercedes and when it is delievered you notice that there's no driver's seat, and mercedes does not tell you if they will deliver one; there are some guys who tell you that you should wait for couple of months and your final solution is to take driver's seat from your old car.

For the money I paid for this phone -- I want to have all functionality that you expect in a smartphone. I want that to be easy to use, and not to waste my time for the things that guys whom I paid for their product have not done.

  • Anonymous

lol The Nokia N9 will be officially sold in Brazil =D