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  • AnonD-23045

AnonD-7491, 15 Oct 2011Iphone copycat! god... from which angle is N9 a copy cat of iphone?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-26017, 15 Oct 2011there is a front camera -- but one can't make video calls. th... moreMr elop's fault for dumping Meego. So, those buying N9 must be ready to explore in the community forums.
-Audio recorder- i think i saw an app for it in ovi store.
- FM radio app- i saw an unofficial version, the developer testing it.
-Video call on skype, take note of the app 'peregrine' in ovi store. They hv the video call function ready in sept, dunno if it's released now.
- Video out is using the same usb for charging. It can work for some, couldnt work for others- compatability with TV i guess.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know how to install Firefox or Opera Mobile on the N9? I have tried trying to install both, but the phone gave me error messages in both instances, saying that it couldn't install either. Has anyone been able to do it?

  • AnonD-26017

AnonD-13986, 14 Oct 2011The sync with bluetooth thingy is the usual way, they also have ... morethere is a front camera -- but one can't make video calls.

there's scype preinstalled -- but no video call functionality.

I understand this will be introduced sooner or later -- but why would Nokia release a phone which is not complete???

HD video recording, but no HD video out

No audio recording (well, one can possibly download it from ovi)

Not possible to create folders/ pages on home screen (I mean Nokia knew this was an issue with first iOS -- why would they follow the same route?) -- if you have a lot of apps you have to scroll through a very long screen, moreover you have to memorize location of apps. Thanks that there's a search app (I have initially moved it to the bottom of screen, but now consider have to move it on top:)

Number of functions are not customizable -- like you can not set intervals for checking new emails.

I haven't yet tried all functions (like calendar which is messed up now), but the above shows that the phone is not complete

  • AnonD-26017

Yogesh, 14 Oct 2011Name one phone which have all the functionalities of a smartphon... moremy previous phone samsung innov8.

it has 8gb / 16 gb memory + microSD slot; cameras front and rear (8mp); internet/ flash; emails (several accounts); document editing; office/ organizer functions; multitasking; video calls; fm radio; BT; wifi; TV-OUt; easy sync options (BT & USB)

What else do you expect to have in smartphone? read it out here­1.php

I bought it back in Jan 2009 (it was an improved copy of Nokia N95, which I used before and which also was at its time an excellent smartphone).

In general, I know only 2 additional truly novel functions that were introduced in phones since then -- NFC and social networks integration and N9 has both, but apparently some of the previous functions are either not there or not usable

  • Dorz

for me this phone is one of the best.. unlike iphone or samsung; NOKIA phones have NO LIMITS. the iphone cannot send mp3 or images via bluetooth, they need some appCRAP that doesn't even work well. samsung should be jailbroken to be optimized to its full performance and jailbreaking always has the risks.

if you got the money, make your choice...

samsung GALAXY NOTE:­.php

iphone 4S­­

by the time I get my salary, I will surely decide and get one. :D

  • hello

AnonD-1082, 30 Sep 2011You are just a hater and stop making up untrue stories in an att... moreAh, so you are calling someone a fanboy when the closing statement of your comment is 'NOKIA IS THE BEST'. Hmm, whos the fanboy now?

  • ian

Features are perfect BUT hardware design and style is like in STONE AGE...improve yourself nokia

  • AnonD-7491

Iphone copycat!

  • Anonymous

It's so amazing i'm gonna die!

  • Anonymous

no Alarm...??

  • fatos

I have a Samsung Galaxy S 2,but I love this phone,Nokia always will be Nokia,exelent quality

  • bernardomh

Well, today i got the chance to try an N9 and i've gotta say it is beautiful. It has an amazing screen, its very quick and overall delivered a great experience. I couldn't test the camera though.
Anyway i would think more than twice about buying it because since its Meego, it may lack many applications (Whatsapp the most important for me) and support.
Looking forward to your opinions!

  • Yogesh

AnonD-26017, 14 Oct 2011I would really like to see how patient you could be, if you orde... moreName one phone which have all the functionalities of a smartphone... Plzzzzzzzzzzz I want to know if there's any exits...??

  • Jigger

Guys what do you think of the apps for the N9? Are there more coming? Is it using the same ones from Symbian?

This is the only thing holding me back from fully comitting on buying this phone. I'm now considering the 800 if the future of apps for the n9 is bleak.

  • AnonD-26300

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2011The only thing that Nokia can show off their phones is carl-zeis... moretrue

  • Sails

Just got my N9 64Gb and I've got to say the curved screen is just amazing. The icons look like someone painted them on the phone.

Compared it to SGS II and to iPhone 4 and it beats both in my opinion.

  • Ice

N9 got video call or no

  • Anonymous

i'm planning to buy the phone.. but seems a lot of bugs on OS.. will consider other phone..