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  • AnonD-13986

AnonD-12237, 15 Oct 2011I got this phone today and I have to say i'm very disappointed ... moreHuh? You bought it online or something. No such problems, unless someone con you with a fake China one

  • AnonD-616

AnonD-12237, 15 Oct 2011I got this phone today and I have to say i'm very disappointed ... morehey android fanboy stop your drama . stop this fake story. this is nokia not your cheape quailty china's , you get all problems in one day ? no one can belive your fake story . god will punish you . stop hating nokia . if you can't afford nokia n9 or if you not like nokia n9 please leave this forums but do not say fake story

  • AnonD-1124

AnonD-12237, 15 Oct 2011I got this phone today and I have to say i'm very disappointed ... moreAre u sure you have the n9 and not the iphone 4s or some cheap Chinese replica of either?

  • oepsss

nice looking phone but no radio and small memmory, thats bad. and it cost a lot of money. so ja

  • Anonymous

hi guys it look like a nice phone but thers no radio and memmory is very small.

  • MG

Need advice on which type of N9 to buy, is 16Gb sufficient, or should one go for the 64Gb?

I take pictures and film, thats mostly it.

(Black is the only one available both in 16 and 64, magenta and cyan only in 16 - info from Nokia Helpdesk)

What is your opinion? Is 16Gb "future proof"?

  • snow

this is just so bad, i dont know why nokia released this phone at the 1st place.. with a dieing OS and a brilliant hardware and looks,,.

  • AnonD-12237

I got this phone today and I have to say i'm very disappointed

Firstly, the voice in the drive app does not say the street names. Secondly the speaker is trash, the sound quality is poor and you have to turn the volume to the max to hear it clearly.

Then there's the display. It looks amazing from the distance but when you bring it closer to your eyes ( and if you have good eyes) you can see the led dots and the pixel. its just like staring really close at a CRT monitor.

Also the camera is trash. Its so blurry and so much noise, especially when you take a photo thats zoomed in.

Lastly, in addition to the poor display. There's dust or smudges, spots or whatever you call it behind the display. You can't see it when its bright, but when its in a black background and your in a really dark place, the spots show up! Why this has to happen.

And one more thing is might add. The headset is a bit dodgy as well. I believe is a problem with the plug.

I'm not really happy. I'm taking the device back to the store tomorrow to get the display problem solved.
Is this happening to anyone. Please help

  • Oracle

Nokia needs more than an entry level platform (MeeGo) to match against Android and iOS. Not only do they need to take a huge leap, they would have to put a man on the moon and back.

  • ahmed

hi that phone nice looking put after reading disadvantages limited application available

for that mobile same Nokia n8 no defrent

sorry Nokia not change any thing last 3 years

i thing n8 more than n9 camera much peter

also louder sound thanks

  • hulkforall

AnonD-13986, 14 Oct 2011Hulk, the thing is you dont have to simply scold mamed, call him... moreDont worry eagle. Im finish from doing any uncomfort conversation with mamed. Let we see if I can help to fix some of the problems. But looks like you're always 2 step ahead of us. Good job.

  • Owen

Nice looking phone,average features

  • sabit

nothing like this . if there is any smartphones in the world it is the one.... i want it.

  • AnonD-14579

AnonD-16241, 15 Oct 20113500 more improvements coming to Nokia N9 on coming update says... moreYes, a best news for today. I hope they can make the battery lasts even longer.

  • AnonD-14579

Brilliant photos taken by this phone. They are almost better than my Canon A620. It's gonna be my primary camera from now on. And the battery is brilliant, still 63% after 20 hours. I did surf the web, takes a few photos, play games and etc. More than happy.

  • AnonD-16241

3500 more improvements coming to Nokia N9 on coming update says Kontorri from Meego Nokia team. so why not buy it already.­nts-coming-to-nokia-n9-update-windows-8-so-easy-­for-a-2-year-old-to-use/

  • xappppp

The first Nokia device really competing with iphone first generation. Good Start.

  • Me

Yogesh, 14 Oct 2011Name one phone which have all the functionalities of a smartphon... more@yogesh. iPhone 4 is the best smartphone

  • AnonD-23045

ian, 15 Oct 2011Features are perfect BUT hardware design and style is like in ST... moreu call the design of N9 as STONE AGE design??? wow....u really do have design sense....keep it up