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  • Sam

AnonD-4340, 16 Oct 2011btw guys, Samsung is already shipping MeeGo netbooks in sou... moreMeego is only for nokia, meego is't never for samsung etc. not quality phones.

  • AnonD-16394

So, your last review clearly stated that it is a 3.0 BT device and the FM radio hardware is also there. Are you going to "update" the specification page, then?

  • Owner

Absolytely GREAT phone! Nothing like other slow and boring Nokias! Way to go !

  • khushi

awsome mobile.......

  • Ahmed

wannabe iph. . . wen nokia will work on its own designz sim inserting method and even accessories box is a copy ov iph

  • Elica

I have some questions. I would like to know does this phone hav video calling? I heard that this phone can't read or write Chinese, is this true? Please reply, thanks

  • sanjay

i want to buy nokia n9, thats why i came here to know about it.. but the thing i got from here is all the nokia lovers are pushing this mobile up to hit the market.. i need true user opinions, thats why i need to wait for some time to buy this mobile..

please dont support or comment others opinion by supporting any mobile company.. thank you

  • AnonD-23045

AnonD-26476, 16 Oct 2011I tried the N9 at the store. It looks very good, thicker... moreregarding ur 1st issue...well iphone also has similar icon based for camera to take pic...dint hear anyone complain abt it tat time... and N9 has touch to focus hw do u expect to take pic by touchin anywhere on screen?? and if am correct then people stand still to take pic...they don walk or run and click pic at the same time...its gonna be blured unless its some DSLR cam....
regarding ur 2nd issue...well i think its jus a matter of time tat u got used to tat swipe..

  • AnonD-4340

btw guys, Samsung is already shipping MeeGo netbooks in southeast asia, already available in Philippines. these cud b available also in western countries and midle east soon, but anyway it means that Nokia is not alone in MeeGo, so dont worry too much of the "lack of apps", samsung will for sure come out with some tabs and maybe also cellphones running MeeGo, and others will follow. I expect Asus and Acer to start shipping MeeGo netbooks/tablets in southeast asia very soon.

edit: the radio commercials in philippines for the samsung meego netbook is like "thanks to the MeeGo operating system all your social networks will be collected in one place"

  • AnonD-4340

N8 Lover S, 16 Oct 2011Sorry guys, I have had enough. I love my N8 and all, but th... moregood luck, personally im coming back to nokia after 11 months with android. Android is so ridiculous that i wanna cry, virtually no multitasking, and it got worse with 2.3 than earlier versions. And Samsung and HTC paying royalties to Microsoft for using android, how s2pid is that? And all the ads, did i buy an advertising billbord along the road or is it a cellfone? I dont know anymore? Android is super restricted, same as iphone, u cant decide over ur own fone.

Google live of selling ads and forcing those ads down our throat wherever we are, This was why they made Android, to get ads into our handheld devices. And thats wat android does well, too well, and you still wanna contribute up to $20 to Microsoft by buying an android fone? Pay for it in addition to the ads?

  • Elica

Can this phone video call by secondary camera? It is worth buying? Tq^^.

  • terry

AnonD-25668, 15 Oct 2011I loved my N900 and now the N9 is going to be my next upgra... moreCutetube is available for the phone but you need to change settings so you can install non ovi store apps. Unfortunately for me though, it's not working very well. I can watch videos fine, but can't download them (says download failed). Can anyone please help with this? I know other people have been able to use it fine...

Regarding flash...I am disappointed that the stock browser does not have it. I like watching megavideo on my phone, and was able to do so on my n900. Shame n9 doesn't have it. And it is a little annoying seeing error messages on webpages where ads are supposed to be.

Imo the phone is great and the user experience is right up there with iphone and android, but it is not as open as the n900 was. Developer mode and x terminal can be activated pretty easily, but this is only good to those who know what theyre doing. I hope that the meego community don't give up on this great phone like nokia seems to have.. already some community apps from maemo 5 have been ported to the n9, though the one i am most interested in (cutetube) does not work for me.

IMO, if flash is a big thing for you, then you might find the n9 a step down from the n900. hopefully this will be sorted, but until then...

  • AnonD-26476

I tried the N9 at the store.

It looks very good, thicker in the pocket than Xperia Arc, but easier than N8. N9 is one of the most beautiful devices on the market. Hopefully the casing is a bit more robust compared to my Xperia Arc which shows ugly dents after just a few months.

I found two issues I would like to share and recieve feedback on.

When taking photos, I cannot simply touch the screen (that will focus on an item instead)I have to locate that small photo icon. Unpractical when on the "Go".

When browsing through your photos and movies, the fliping through content gets interpreted as a "swipe" which lands you on the main screen. Frustrating when showing pictures to your friend/wife/etc.

  • AnonD-616

N8 Lover S, 16 Oct 2011Sorry guys, I have had enough. I love my N8 and all, but th... moreall the best with android :-) . use android after that you will know how much symbian is best mobile os . i owned nokia n8 and galaxy s plus . i always love n8

  • N8 Lover S

Sorry guys, I have had enough. I love my N8 and all, but that would be by very last Nokia. I'm gonna buy a Galaxy S2 tomorrow & though I love Symbian better than Android, I'll have to stick to Android. Wish you all the best & also the same to Nokia. Maybe if Nokia ever makes a good Symbian phone with better durability, I'll switch back to Nokia. For now, I'll start with S2 & see where it takes me. For me, ciao Nokia.
Take care.

  • AnonD-26449

Feel so sorry for this Wonderful phone...
today i put my hands on it, i must say it's really amazing, but no chance to buy, the store have almost no app and the most amazing thing, they will only sell 700 units in Brazil, so there will be no chance of this phone be a hit. SHAME on nokia, unfortunately E7 will be my last nokia phone

  • Diiny

I tried this one today and maaaan, how awesome it is!!! I own the Iphone 4 atm, but this one blew me away. The design is one of the best I've ever seen.
And the display is top notch. The retina display is good, but the N9's one is a bit better I think.

Its lightning fast too and soo smooth!

I will buy one for sure

  • Anonymous

Unfortunately, there is no Flash. What a shame!

  • AnonD-25668

I loved my N900 and now the N9 is going to be my next upgrade. The N900 had all of the apps I needed but I'm a little concerned that the N9 won't.

The main apps i used on N900 were
ftp client
vnc viewer
pdf reader
cute tube
sygic satnav

Obviously I won't need Sygic. joikuspot is integrated into the N9 anyway. I can live without cute tube and use the browser. So my main concern is a vnc viewer and ftp client. Maemo developers can't easily port their apps to Meego yet. does anyone know if there's working apps for these 2 problems yet?

Also, is anyone having major issues with the web browser having no built in flash support? will flash videos embadded in browser pages stream to the media player when clicked?

  • AnonD-26436

Nokia N9 ,its a awesome !!!
i like it & i want it .