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  • yo yo

vel, 28 Jul 2011When is the samsung S2 3d geing released. I am really ready w... moreNow to the point of comparing it to the Samsung galaxy S2. The SGS2 is an amazing smartphone but the fact is that though it touts a dual core processor, it only uses about 40% of its actual power. If it ran on 100%, it would over heat and the battery would drain very fast.It's like a cheetah, it can run fast, but only at short bursts. An about the UI being better than harmattan, you can see clearly in the videos that harmattan is simple and to the point. It's less convuluted than android and light-years ahead of touchwiz.

  • AnonD-1082

AnonD-15310, 28 Jul 2011 you trolls don't understand,. go to your phones room. you see s... moreThe N9 will flop. It will be released on a few select tiny markets while the Sea Ray will be released on the rest of the world. People don't care about MeeGo. They don't even have the slightest idea what MeeGo is. It got zero presence in the market and it won't bring us money.

  • Glenn

The deign of this frikin mobile is not what i expected. It looks like a match box. lol

  • carlo

hey nokia haters! admit it n9 is way too beautiful than any other phones combined out there.. n9 is so clean and smooth.. the specs... just awesome!

  • Anonymous

vel, 28 Jul 2011When is the samsung S2 3d geing released. I am really ready w... morecom'on mate sgs2 needs battery car so you can last a day. Nokia has proven itself already, countless times. n9 will just blow your sgs2 away.. by they way, why you trolls are here in nokia forum? aren't happy back there in samsung forum? admit it, you made a wrong choice in buying that sgs2... crappy plastic anyway. specs??? it won't match n9's.

  • AnonD-15310

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2011some answer me pls?? Why would you buy this phone when you alrea... more you trolls don't understand,. go to your phones room. you see some people know this phone has a future. meego is not dead OS. it has support and nokia confirmed it before. this phone can run android apps and full desktop linux apps, which mean good for future powerful apps. the ecosystem is Qt. qt made easy for devs to code once and deploy to different platforms' devices(handsets, netbooks, IVIs, handsets and tablets) in just one click. Elop the CEO of Nokia just mad a statement on earlier that qt is Nokias ecosystem and it will live on next billion s40 devices. means we have lot of apps coming soon for N9.
meego is not like android. android apps run on java virtual machine, but meego is full linux based. have you heard of n950 which were freely given to meego devs. it means it is just not dead. it is a media lie.

  • AnonD-15123

n9 flop like n8

  • ali

carlo, 27 Jul 2011then why spend too much time in this nokia forum? go to your own... moreMy frnd carlo, its not any thing personal, i just wanterd to share my experience about nokia, open ur eyes my frnd nokia dont care abt their customers. i've been through that, nowadays i have htc desire s, blieve it or not these droid fons rokz. Look at da shit like specs of n9. The ovi store is pile of junk. More over very limited meego os support from nokia, dat means no regular updates. Its da pain i share on dis forum, sorry if my words hurt any one. Lots of love for carlo.........

  • Anonymous

some answer me pls?? Why would you buy this phone when you already know that n9 is on a dead OS? Why would you buy this phone when there are clearly way better phones than this one? Is it because you are just ignorant or do you really think it is a good phone?

  • The_Gooze

Just hoping this baby is on the way to the UK. Meego DOES have a future. We just have to convince certain people of the fact.

  • vel

When is the samsung S2 3d geing released.

I am really ready with the cash. to have it please suggest me, please make in possible soon waiting for this device.

I am a sole nokia user from 14 yeasrs.but now saw the SGS2 in the store demo the best,, super , supriesd about samsung. the TECH has improved than this verson Sorry NOKIA buy......

  • imran

ali, 27 Jul 2011Once i was a symbian gheek and nokia lover,i almost kept every n... moreits mean u don't know about meego os. First learn about then say some thing agains meego. Android is based on like meego os. Meego is father of android. Have got now hate nokia. Those who don't know about meego they can says android is best. Good luck of android user from now.

  • imran

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2011Save your money and get a samsung galaxy s2. It's the best. Noki... morecan s 2 have like nokia push mail with great ovi map and contact supporting. In nokia i did not miss a single contact number in 7 year now i have 5000 contact number with email id. Can s2 give this type of services.

  • Junega

Meego vs WP7 in the future would be amazing. Thanks for nokia haters because they brougth nokia round.

  • Anto

Very good looking phone... i am buying one for sure...
Nokia Pls release it soon... at least give a date...

  • qwerty

AnonD-15310, 28 Jul 2011nice phone. meego looks good.i heard nokia will support meego in... moreThe N9 will be available in about 23 countries, in mid-September.

  • AnonD-15310

nice phone. meego looks good.i heard nokia will support meego in future and there will be many updates for it. i trust maemo community as they brought supports and update for n900. android can run on this beast. so i am looking forward for this phone. when will be out? price doesn't matter. whats for 64gb?

  • Anonymous

Max, 28 Jul 2011Is this phone support DivX/XviD video formats? yes

  • ZiiimZooon

AnonD-2665, 28 Jul 2011does n9 support themes (symbian ^3 themes) plz answer it ,itz ve... more1 word: No :)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-7546, 28 Jul 2011if nokia wont launch it soon at least give us a date i want this... moreIve seen somewhere that N9 is supposed to launch in 23rd of september in Europe...