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  • leojh

damned you Elop!! why??? it's just a very good and AWESOME phone ever, why did you choose the WP7, god!!! just look at it and look at yourself!!! you should not drop this one!!! com'on, it a great BANG!!!

  • AnonD-3601

why is everyone saying that it has no has the hardware just like N900...and the radio app will be available in the OVI store

  • Anonymous

What? No radio? why be like BB or iPhone with no radio? And please, having external memory option is much better. Bring those back to N9 and it'll make it more ideal!

  • joe

AnonD-11361, 16 Jul 2011Does N9 not having a dedicated camera key? according to what I r... moreIf you had read the nice review of the N9 from GsmArena you would easily find that it does not have a camera dedicated button. It only has 2 buttons: one for the volume (up/down) and another for power.

  • qwerty

Total hits: 2590388!!! Wow... Com'on Nokia, 2590388 hits can't be wrong!

  • AnonD-11361

Does N9 not having a dedicated camera key? according to what I read on its specs in Nokia website, it does have a shutter key., please confirm it GSMArena. and also its availability in the Philippines. At Nokia Philippines, N9 is on the list of phones., kindly confirm it.. please..

  • Sun Down

jrivy85, 15 Jul 2011Dont understand why people still like nokia phones. Every single... moreMaybe it's because Nokia throughout the years had produced reliable phone? Or maybe it's only Nokia that was available to them? Sorry to break it to you,but Motorola's phones aren't available to the world more than Nokia is. Also, what's wrong with this Nokia phone? It's a powerful phone to me, though a tad bit expensive for the 16 GB version.

  • sunil

N9 the phn from nokia can b the biggest show stopper out in the mobile world !!!!! hoping at last nokia will give a blast to its fellow competitors

  • Anonymous

what a let down, the best part of maemo was multitasking, and now, on top of last years socs they cut the only true multitasking phone o.s. what's next, ax apt-get? for all i care they can have it, at least the n900 was a classic

  • ahmed

AnonD-616, 15 Jul 2011AhmEd bro :-) yes i accepted samsung galaxy sII BROWSER is so fa... moreHi thank for your help
yes i will wait and see

  • Mark

Beautiful, just beautiful.

  • Anonymous

... and the price?

  • therock

AHMED just won't give up!Is AHMED a fortune teller? He must be because the n9 hasn't been release

  • eric

well......i am desperaely waiting for that phone....i am goin to get the blue one (casing) for sure and will make my friends jealous.....LOLZ


what price

  • Mogembo

[deleted post]ok

  • Yet Another Android

This is a phoenominal device. The only thing I wish it had "Which still has time to be implemented" is a MicroSD Card slot. Even with 64GB of data, it's nice to be able to simply swap SD cards between devices without the need for a computer.
For instance, if you run out of space recording using a Camera and you remember, oh I have an extra SD card in my phone, you could just swap them and voila.
Other than that, I will be getting this phone in Magenta I might add.

  • Chillz

ahmed, 15 Jul 2011Firest nokia need great web browser and more improvment you ch... moreLet n9 come to market then we will see which browser is best... Till then its better not to compare any phones browser..... Ya the recent phones which are launched by nokia may not ve good browsers but they neither are launched to compete with galaxy s2 or any high end phones... I think n9 is the first high end phone from nokia ya and n950 also for sure

  • AnonD-616

ahmed, 15 Jul 2011Firest nokia need great web browser and more improvment you ch... moreAhmEd windows mobile 6.5 was so slow even slower the nokia symbian n95 browser >> but windows phone 7.5 mAngO IE9 is so faster :-) belive me maybe faster then your galaxy sII :-) . JUST wait nokia's first windows phone 7.5 will change everything :-)

  • Anonymous

any1 knows when will nokia release the N9?

ceo of nokia said earlier they will release their new phone much faster after the announcement, i wonder how long it's take N9 to be ready in store.