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Nokia N9

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  • chop

iphone wana be.

  • Anonymous

The polycarbonate body is impact proof and is one of the material that is used in the making of bullet proof glass.

  • Mark

Good news. Over on several users who have N950 and N900 says that N950 is MUCH MUCH faster, even with the N900 clocked at 1,15 Ghz and the N950 at stock 1 Ghz.

WOW! Imagine clocking the N9/N950 just a little to 1,3 or 1,4. Nice! The performance of this device on 1 Ghz is second to none!

  • Sails

AnonD-13853, 14 Jul 2011Bluetooth Yes, v2.1 with A2DP, EDR ???! N8 is v3!!!Actually N9 has bluetooth 4.0.

I posted a link here earlier but GSM Arena hasn't fixed it. It was mentioned in the difference list for developers between N950 and N9.

  • AnonD-616

ahmed, 14 Jul 2011the big advantage because i used now not i speak us i ... moreyes samsung galaxy sII is so fast , ahmed can you play facebook games in your galaxy sII ??­eature=related
ahmed windows phone 7,5 will be faster
plz check this­eature=player_embedded

  • yen

love it

  • ydnar belcap

deffinitely i'll buy this phone.
i like it very much.

  • Anonymous

Strange, this phone hasn't got a radio

  • Anonymous

How is the sound clearity and the perfomance of N9 has any one done a demo.plz shair your exp. i reall want to own one

  • belats

are you imitating iphone?

  • AnonD-13853

Bluetooth Yes, v2.1 with A2DP, EDR ???!
N8 is v3!!!

  • Brandon

I just saw the demonstration of the N9 and the Sea Ray and the MeeGo software is by far better than WP7. I wasn't surprised at all just annoyed that Nokia is giving up on a great OS. Really really dumb Nokia.

  • akash

do your phones rate down

  • AnonD-949

AnonD-12389, 14 Jul 2011Please, someone confirm, Will the Nokia N9 have an xterminal?not preinstalled but you can install

  • ahmed

kkt, 14 Jul 2011wait it til the n9 in the market i think there'll more review ab... morethanks exactly wait that is true

i hope will be great and fast and smooth

  • Mark

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2011You cant be serious the OS on all Nokias is poor, for example on... moreI have the ZTE Blade. It blows major donkey balls. It is such a crapper, the cam sucks badly, the UI is slooooow and there is aboslutely nothing that can be streamed properly there.

  • kkt

ahmed, 14 Jul 2011the big advantage because i used now not i speak us i ... morewait it til the n9 in the market i think there'll more review about n9 in youtube maybe nokia n9 meego 'll more smooth than any dual core mobile or maybe'll not

  • ahmed

[deleted post]the big advantage because i used now

not i speak us i like

advantage smoothest touch screen and great web
browser fantastic full hd 1080 p

fast and fast with dual core

you can watch this video and enjoy

  • ahmed

[deleted post]which one told you 725 us doller

and not coming in us until now

the price now 460 Euro

what about Nokia n8 coming Ireland 500 euro

and now 320 euro

that all mobile will be price down after

couple of monts

  • Anonymous

The Nokia N9 is a preety good phone.
But people the pricing is a small problem.
With the same cash we can get better phones.
EG: LG Optimus 2X and Galaxy S I9000.
Both are good phones. Not saying that N9 is bad but the OS is relatively new on top of that it does'nt have Dual-core processors such as its competitors.
Well this might make the phones sales low with people who are technology updated.
Well if Nokia thinks of getting a Dual-core processor, their is a large group of people who would buy this great phone.
Choose wisely.