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  • meegomadfan

AnonD-2519, 25 Jun 2011Are you kidding no card slot,no 1080p,no dual core, no gyro sens... moreit doesn't need card slot coz it has 64 gb on board.­tions/N9/
it supports divx , xvid, flac, mpeg4, flash, avi and more.i think openness of meego can bring more formats coz it is a debian running on a shell. so most of the linux apps will work. there are many things that is hidden in this phone like fm transmitter.

  • vel

please realise soon. Because amazing technology

  • meegomadfan

i like the way gsmarena controls most of the posts here. i think we can learn something from it. no more trolls. just share what you think.­ecifications/N9/
fortunately N9 supports Tv out . Fm transmitter , but not yet a software for it.

  • AnonD-2519

Are you kidding no card slot,no 1080p,no dual core, no gyro sensor, avg gpu and no divx xvid support?!

  • AnonD-1124

DANY, 25 Jun 2011 What if I want to focus on one thing, but lock exposure one so... moreIt doesn't need a two stage camera button.

The n9 features continious auto focus in the photo mode aswell as the video. Once you open the camera app, it continually focuses on the object in the selected focus area so all you have to do is click the shoot button once.

Although i would have preferred a dedicated camera button, it wouldn't be two stage.

  • Anonymous

Nokia i am wetting for your good phone

  • AnonD-1782

Mobilemaster, 25 Jun 2011The Ice Cream version 4 Android will be out soon! That will cras... moreI believe this is going to be a good phone

  • Jeetu

It Appears as the Largest Step forward from Nokia in these years of iphones & Droids.

  • DANY

What if I want to focus on one thing, but lock exposure one something else? Or point the camera in my direction and take a photo? There are some things that buttons just do better.
Looks nice
but how "easy" it is to swipe back by mistake?
And how much the display eats the battery by stand by when it waiting the gesture to unlock it? And how sensitive it is... for example i have it on my surf shorts that have wery thin pockets? Or eny pants that have shin pockets enyhow...
That UI is unbeliavable. So nice and unique.

Puts that sh1tty looking Android to shame. Honestly Android really needs to work on the UI because the best hw and great community. UI is just one generation behind WP, IOS and now MeeGo.
Starts from the multitasking Google.

Design - wise they have done it right this time. Looks classy and solid. The abscence of paint to be scratched is another thing many people have expected. If they put a good image sensor, the reduced resolution to 8 instead of 12 megapixels is going to only do good to camera performance in respect to noise. The placement of LEDs is like in a real camera.

one question:
does it support chinese input? i gave up n900 for no chinese input
chinese input as in change the message to chinese language, not change whole device language into chinese...

Looks nice, but getting rid of HW buttons is not. Without a two-stage shutter button, the photo capabilities are severely limited, regardless of how "cool" the UI might seem to the typical consumer

  • Mark

Dear all,

I would just like to point out ten reasons for the N9:

1 The N9 has the best screen on earth. Better than Retina or Super Amoled Plus. The best.

2 The Swipe UI is the most intuitive and fast UI in the world. It is easier to use and more beautiful than iOS and A LOT better looking and more efficient than Android.

3 Swipe UI on N9 runs more fluid than Android on Galaxy S 2. I like the Galaxy, but it is the winner of a very stupid pissing contest between equally handicapped Android devices, which is called a virtual machine.. Do not make a mistake, the N9 performs better than the Galaxy S 2. Look beyond the numbers.

4 It runs Qt apps. This means there will be apps and good ones at that.

5 Offline navigation, in India and the rest of the world. No data charges.

6 Excellent integrated Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo etc, with deep links into Phonebook, etc.

7 The Carl Zeiss 8 Mp camera is only surpassed by the N8, it is awesome. It is also the fastest camera on the market.

8 The BEST multitasking in the industry, using the ful 1GB of RAM all out.

9 Video capture is insanely good. Real 720p will full details and colors, not the shoddy BS 1080p other devices do. It is the best video capture device out there.

10 And I have to reiterate this. It it GORGEOUS. It makes everything else look like a cheap plastic toy. The design, the curved screen, everything is TOP NOTCH. Performance is excellent.

Dont believe me, go look at the demo's on youtube and the site. This device is number 1.

  • RAJ

i want know the markt price

  • som

Nokia N9 is the world's fastest camera, till now. It takes only 2.6 sec to capture image. It is proved. While Iphone 4 take 3 sec and SGS2 take about 5 sec. Check it in google.

  • AnonD-11735

Thank you all of you who joined Nokia N9 Forum at

Plz join this forum and promote it....


Can you tell me how is the theme of the Forum??
is it any good?? or any suggestion??

  • Anonymous

the future of this device rest solely upon the development of harmattan...and if there is no support for meego...well u do the math

  • Anonymous

n9 will be coming to india or not,plz tell me.i m waiting for it...?

  • Monty

Finally NOKIA came out of SYMBIAN...Expecting something more than Android now...Nybdy can tell the launch date of N9

  • Thilina

It doesn't even have a FM radio.come on Nokia can do better than that... If u can put all the N8 features with a Flash light and a Good interface it will make a hit

  • michel

almost a complete cell phone but i guess they should add the radio and FM transmitter to the specs and N9 become the most complete cell.Anyway well done for Nokia they moved a gear up.

  • playboy

haahhh....dis fone rocks man...anffroid r afraid and shitting in their pants....coz all ardroids r same and boriing.....eats too much battery.hangs and lags.....This fone is surely gonna be my 2nd 1st love is still N8.....if dis fone came with hdmi and 12 mega with xenon flash..dis wld have been my main plz support meego....its the best os out there.....future looks very bright for it.....this fone is it totally....

  • MobileFreak

Oh dear...Nokia knows how to make superior mobiles, but the prize is too high