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  • AnonD-5465

Where is the Xenon ?!! no LED can match Xenon !! Xenon freezes the capture freeeeeeezes no hazziness no blurr nothing totally freeze .. whatever damian says about the super bright led it wont freeze the moment as Xenon does ?? KEEPING MY N8 !

  • asdfghjkl

i don't really care what people say. i like MeeGo because it's optimized on swipe gestures, which make the interface awesome to play with.

i'm only worried about the browser. will it handle flash videos? i can't rely on HTML5 at the moment. Put in Flash support on this phone, then i'll seriously buy it.

  • Alexander

Too bad this is the first and the last MeeGo device.. Nokia is dropping the MeeGo OS after investing 1 bilion dollars in it, according to its CEO :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2011Look at the pictures. The secondary camera is on the bottom r... moreNext, you have not learnt the 1st lesson. Think real hard LANDSCAPE! Somebody help this poor guy think. Please don't lop that hand off. U just have 2 turn the phone 90 degrees LOL

  • Katham katham nokia

Another flop model from nokia with a deifferent OS meego, Any ways it will again get hanged automatic switch same probs will cover over it

  • shiva

no radio thats a negative feedback about n9..........before launching pls think about it seriously

  • nokia_freak

It may be priced around $550 competing with high end galaxy phones.

  • hajdarmozi

With nokia you don't just buy a phone but a life lasting servant.
nokia phone are built with our needs in mind, they don't scratch they don't break they last for several days with a charge and also they are beautiful pieces of technology.

  • AnonD-4459

In romanian language you can read information about Nokia N9 here My opinion is that will be a strong phone.

  • gani bhai

handest very good but not a duals sim ,

  • Anonymous

not dat cool lyk n8........!!!1

  • camchams

just asking, 22 Jun 2011why is it just 8mp, n8 started with a 12mp camera at a high reso... moreI think it's because a 12mp would make the device too thick and an 8mp can be just as good if not better than a 12mp with the right device. The more mp the larger you can zoom in/ have the picture enlarged without losing detail so 12mp to 8mp would only really matter if you want to zoom into you picture by a lot or if you want to print it really ,really big.

  • abakash

it supports flash 4.0, i never understood the problem of nokia for not delivering full flash support phones, while other brands have already selled 100 models with that flash. None of the phone of nokia has full flash support however high may be the price. Anyway handson to n9 , with first ever made with 1ghz (single core though), great resolution(still nothing towards retina display). M sure the cost wud be sky high with this specification . Myself i wud rcmnd htc evo 3d. N9 (and any other nokia phn)cant be compared with this phone

  • just asking

1337INT80H, 22 Jun 2011Unfortunately for you sir it has the largest 7 widest aperture c... moreahh ic so its not in the mp anymore i thought it was important when it comes to mp of a camera anyway i like the style no buttons whole touch screen the only problem i see is that it will not stand on its own in landscape mode for example taking pictures if no one is to hold the phone for solo pic.

overall i love it

  • 1337INT80H

just asking, 22 Jun 2011why is it just 8mp, n8 started with a 12mp camera at a high reso... moreBelieve me when I say the N8 or the galaxy S2 is not going to be better than the N9... lmho!! The Image aperture is bigger & the image sensor captures much more light. This is very good news especially since the Nokia N9 packs the Super Brightest LED flash lights ever put in a "smartphone" "linux smartphone" that is. This means it performs very well in low light.

  • 1337INT80H

moon, 22 Jun 2011very disappointed. hoped the specs would be mind-boggling but cm... moreUnfortunately for you sir it has the largest 7 widest aperture camera on any mobile phone. F/2.2 in fact. Nokia N8 has F/2.8 and the Nokia N86 with F/2.4. The lower the aperture number the more light can be allowed to pass through to the image sensor. That & the fact that the N9 now holds teh record for the biggest aperture camera & the fastest camera. Damien Dinning Nokis image expert will shortly explain this on nokia conversations ..just for all you mere mortals. And may the Force be with Nokia & Linux / :P :) :)

  • just asking

why is it just 8mp, n8 started with a 12mp camera at a high resolution video?

  • 1337INT80H


  • 1337INT80H

So there are two micks on the device. I have no clue how they managed to squeeez two fully grown men in there but I must admit well ahtisaari & [quote]:"thats is Supernatural" haaa haaa haaa haaa![/quote]oh wait I found them. One is carefully concealed above the Dual LED flash, yes look closley, thatr's right - the little notch above the flash is in fact where mic 1 is & mic 2 is hidden behind the loudspeaker!!

  • moon

very disappointed. hoped the specs would be mind-boggling but cmon 8mp and 720p recording only. nokia is not up with the competitors like samsung.