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Nokia N9

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  • Anonymous

too bad it doesnt hav a gyro sensor. :(

  • gro0oya

The Nokia N9 will be $660 Usd for 16gb and $749 Usd for 64gb

  • 007

The Nokia N9 will retail at $660 and $749 for the 16GB and 64GB models respectively. The phone will be available at the end of the year--the same time period where we can expect to see Mango-flavored Windows Phone 7 Nokia devices.

  • Amin

I want galaxy s II with this quality
polycarbonate unibody.......

  • AnonD-11450

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2011Look at the pictures. The secondary camera is on the bottom r... moreThe front cam is given at the bottom so we can make video calls in landscape mode and i think that after holding the phone in landscape mode your palm will go there until you wantedly do it lol;-)

  • AnonD-2731

600 euros or 600 dollars
if 600 dollars thats like xperia arc more or less

  • AnonD-11450

[deleted post]You dont ve to bother about anyones taste here:-). We know our tastes better than you..

  • Anonymous

what will the price of Nokia n9 ...??

  • Anonymous

Look at the pictures.

The secondary camera is on the bottom right of the device; exactly where my palm goes. Smart idea? I don't think so.


  • Anonymous

..a major upgrade from n8... android OS beware....
Nokia Powered by windows is finally coming in....
spacious RAM too!! superb! 64Gb of capacity, who needs an external sd slot.... good move nokia... :)

  • mdgedam

I have seen its hands on video on youtube. It looks like a new UI. It consists of apps and menus on slider like interface it looks cool. Its slide in feature look great. Other hardware specifications are also advanced.The new Meego OS will be the dark horse in the race of smartphone OS. It can give a Tough fight to android OS unlike Windows 7 mobile OS. But I am expecting a dual- core processor mobile phone from nokia.

  • Cambodia

Nokia N9 is the best smartphone to compare with other competition phone like Iphone4. But I just wonder what is different between Meego and Mango? Otherwise, I want to wait for purchase window phone might be in Q4 2011.
When Nokia N9 and Window phone arrive at Cambodia? How much it cost? if Nokia can put the price lower then other window phone then nokia will be won market game.
I wish nokia has a good chance and good luck.
From Cambodia!

  • dp

my perfect phone...but price blows my dreams up.

  • AnonD-11545

AnonD-11674, 22 Jun 2011Around 600$this a bit pricy i think.

  • unknown

Me, 22 Jun 2011Not dual core , why does a phone need a dual core? it just eats battery and cost more, thats all. you can do everything without that dual core. its just a phone you know not a pc

  • AnonD-11545

AnonD-11450, 22 Jun 2011Whatever you say buddy:-). Whether it uses android meego symbian... moreit is very cool because it has no physical buttons.i like the multitasking can run up to 25 apps which is very good and without lag.only thing that worry me is that it has no app and games for it and still there is question about its future u have to very careful before buying this handset.

  • AnonD-11674

Around 600$

  • Questions.

64GB internal and 1GB ram. I like it. Meego should be even better than it's first step.(Maemo). The maemo still has the best browser together with android. Maemo has a full desktop wiev internet. Expect nothing ledd from this. It totally does not need dual-core to run fast as hell. Think about N900 bit over 200mb ram and 600MHz. Runs hell of a fast in internet and stuff like that. Now bit better interface and 1GHz + 1GB ram. Should be a beast. PS. N900 has the power to run about 30 apps at once. No extra power fot this needed. Could run maby 60 apps just fine.

  • Anonymous

sorry, brand is second, os is first....

  • AnonD-11450

AnonD-11545, 22 Jun 2011so it will get the help of android app because it has no specifi... moreWhatever you say buddy:-). Whether it uses android meego symbian or wp7 the main thing is that the phone is super cool its damn good phone:-).