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Nokia N9

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  • oak

ive been waiting for this phone........

  • Anonymous

Nokia's head of design Marko Ahtisaari, said the N9's polycarbonate body would give the phone "extremely good antenna performance, so unlike some competitor products, you do not need to hold it in special way to have reliable phonecalls".
This is what we call real design. If iphone4 user think u are holding a great phone, why not remove the BUMPER...LOL


Gonna wait til the price drops! Hope it isn't very expensive. Atleast when it comes to battery life I'm for nokia. Welcome back to the ballgame guys! =)

  • Sp♠de

finally all in 1 phone :D good job nokia HDMI port with autofocus and a meego OS 1gig proc and 1 gig ram. im so ganno bu this ph

  • Anonymous

This is a better phone than some over price phone that still need a 'Bumper' to make a simple call.

  • cnorambu

hdmi, usb on the go...sure??

  • zizo

n8 the best ...

  • oridodi

i surely won't be wasting my money on this.. Nokia, please roll with the times Bluetooth v2.1 are u serious. no USB 3.0 connection.. really? what separates Nokia from the rest of the pack?

  • Anonymous

it's like an iPhone, Nokia version. Cool :)

  • dredd

Nice cpu specs

  • joziph

if u ask me i'll say this phone is gonna b a smash hit,buttonless except d volume n camera keys,64gb hdd,1gb ram,speed,dis phone completely flaws n8 nd n900 2geda,what more can i say,d specs r blowin me

  • AnonD-4420

i hope the best to Nokia, my love is nokia.
I love NOKIA.
Nokia deserve to be the best because it makes what we need.

  • AnonD-4420

It is too SEXY to be A phone !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • walkmandroid

steve , 22 Jun 2011If Nokia are only releasing 1 Meego device this year they should... moreI certainly agree with that. this phone would have attracted more eyes if they used xenon flash and 1.3mp front camera. dual core etc if they really wanted to push their meego. no problems with the O.S. for me yet but the specs are just not enough to be a head turner. i wish i were too stupid to buy this phone.

  • steve

AnonD-6663, 21 Jun 2011Oh yeah LOL I9100 is way expensive it's not cheap And did you... moremeego is based off maemo, but i agree, there will be flaws to the os, but should still resemble most traits from maemo that was on the n900

  • Nokia n9

My God! This is what a was wait for! first phone ever with no home buttons!Beautiful design with awesome hardware and light speed MeeGo OS!Am so gona sell my N8! Go Go Nokia!

  • kolos

This is not Symbian, it shares just the same icons and that's all. This is MeeGo! People check Youtube videos before post nonsense. Search for Nokia N9 and sort search results by upload date to have fresh ones on top.

  • Clint

I'd love to se this phone sell well, Nokia have been through such hard times lately. Trouble is, if its just a one off, and if WP7 is Nokia's future, this awesome phone will just become a future collectors item, & will go down in history as Nokia's last effort to make a phone with its own software to catch up with IOS & Android before it gave up & climbed into bed with M/soft...

  • edwin