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  • art

my next phone!

  • Nick Van Axeel

THE biggest dissapointment f this mobile year I'm loyal fan of Nokia but thanks to N9 I will look closer to Samsung Galaxy S2. Nokia N9
- NO Radio, No Radio Transmitter, No physical Button, where is 12 Mp camera from N8 !!! display only 0.4 inch bigger Card slot is handy for transmitting data.
Nokia N8 needed refreshment such us faster processor bigger screen, etc I understand Nokia wish to compete with iPhone or Android phones but presenting something new to the market, but I don't think that;s the way SORRY NOKIA I'm quiting

  • steve

If Nokia are only releasing 1 Meego device this year they should have thrown EVERYTHING inside it & produced a real super phone that strongly competes with the competition & the UI is boring & nothing special. Nokia - Step Your Game Up.

  • AnonD-302

I wish this phone came with the same camera as N8.

  • steve

AnonD-2664, 22 Jun 2011looks like a barbie phone to i'd rather have 1 of these

  • n900

either i stick with my n900 for a while this phone look like a kid phone.

  • Bill

Love the phone, or at least, what Iíve seen of it so far.

Some people are dismissing for this or that reason. (i.e. no dual core CPU, last generation CPU/GPU, no HDMI, no FM transmitter, no Xenon flash, no hardware keyboard, etc., etc.) However, itís not a device for tech-heads; itís consumer oriented. And, as that, I think itís just fine.

I wouldn't mind having one, in addition to the N900 I'm using at the moment.

Symbian has had its day. Hell! Even I was getting sick of its unnecessary complexity. And, MeeGo is definitely future oriented. I just wish Nokia would put some real muscle behind it. However, since they're not the only company involved in it, there appear to be many that are interested, hopefully others will really focus on it and bring it forward to the mass market properly.

  • AnonD-2664

looks like a barbie phone to me.........

  • steve

this phone is weak & will flop because its customers will get fed up even more when they see how slow & laggy it is. Its sad to see Nokia still trying to play catchup & STILL getting it so wrong.

  • idris

Lg optimus 3d: Dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 proccessor, PowerVR SGX540 GPU, TI OMAP4430 chipset vs nokia n9: 1GHz Cortex A8 CPU, PowerVR SGX530 GPU, TI OMAP 3630 chipset!!!! this is upsetting for us .. Dont buy this device .. !!!!

  • appachi

nice smart phone
I like it difrent decine

  • leemar

nice phone! super phone. will buy this, will start saving money for this super phone!

  • Anonymous

N8 has a 3.0 BT why does this have 2.1???:(

  • RicHKiDD

@ZeroQ8 don't get the wrong Idea about meego..
Ever since the history of mobile OS.. Meego has been the most useless.. And don't say its a new OS.. It has been like forever..
It was initialy introduced by Motorola and later got Dumped many years ago before nokia picked it up..
But I think Android is Mobile phones Future..

  • kuljit

guys do you really think ios is better than symbian3? Or symbian3 is better?

  • Nokia Rules

Apple Employee, 21 Jun 2011You are so late Nokia... Even now you are so incomplete. No desi... moreApple is paying NOKIA to use the parts of Symbian it copied, ok. In every Apple the CORE is NOKIA . Read the post

  • n8_user

nokia n9 is going to be the cutest looking smart phone ever. Hope meego also rocks

  • Apple Employee

You are so late Nokia... Even now you are so incomplete. No desirable OS, No metal body, No Oleophobic. And Iphone 5 (Iphone HD) is on the way.

  • AnonD-11570

No radio? No usb 3? No 12mp camera ? Are you saying we are paying for meego and the new UI only ?