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  • Emadtaker

[deleted post]You are very very right
(if you can't prove where you got the info DON'T Bother putting it up!)

  • anonymous

n9 will have up to 32GB of memory and not 64! An 8mp carl zeis optics camera with xenon flash and an 820Mhz second generation+ processor (built especially for meego os) which is provided by intel for nokia phones! about the display there are not clear stuff yet. it is said that will have an AMOLED with the resolution of 480x800 with clearblack technology plus nHD which will give a great result! an other great thing for this phone is the new generation nokia browser and the hsdpa speed which appears to be at about 21.6mbps. Greetings from Finland!:)

  • chester

Capellec, 19 Jan 2011I'm definitly through with hardware keyboards. Prefere a state o... moreaccording 2 info that leaked n9 has no keyboard and it's a compact (60x110x8)mm with 4inch capacitive touch screen with 12mp camera, yeah no more physical keyboard in this phone,it makes the phone bulky & some keys don't work overtime.virtual keyboards r nice & can be altered if u like.meego should be ready by now.if nokia doesn't announce this device at mwc then will have 2 wait 4 2h.

Meego rocks :-)

  • hello

Tech specs for the Nokia N9 were told out way back in August, now confirmation of those have been leaked onto the net via Twitter as two loose-tongued developers – @camb078 and @addiermedina – battered on about techy stuff. The ensuing conversation spilled all kinds of beans as to what the new Nokia beast will be toting: 4.2-inch AMOLED screen, 1.2GHz processor, 1600mAH battery, 1GB ROM, 768MB of RAM and a 12-megapixel Carl Zeiss lens camera.

According to industry insiders, the N9 is to be the first device to be powered by MeeGO, the OS developed jointly between Nokia and Intel. Although there has been no release date touted as of yet, the N9 is expected to be shown off at this year’s Mobile World Congress, with an official release date likely to follow shortly after.

  • Mobilemaster

N9, 19 Jan 2011CONFIRMED IT IS NOT COMING WITH PHYSICAL QWERTY KEYPAD BECOZ E7 ... moreAll of these informations are real?? Can you tell us a source please? And how about the SDXC card? You said that the phone can support a 64 GB of memory card, which is the SDXC.

  • Mobilemaster

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2011Sorry man don't know this. But when i saw altek leo phone it doe... moreThere is NO problem. Yes, Sony Ericsson and Nokia should make CCD sensor phones. In Japan there are many Sharp phones with CCD sensor. :D

  • chester

N9, 19 Jan 2011CONFIRMED IT IS NOT COMING WITH PHYSICAL QWERTY KEYPAD BECOZ E7 ... morehope what you say is true,if it is n9 is my next phone :-)

  • D

[deleted post]You wish. It has a huge QWERTY keyboard, 4.1 inch display, 768Mb RAM, Tegra2, it's slim but not 9.9mm, 2 Speakers, 64Gb memory, MeeGo 1.5 with Nokia UI, 1536Mb ROM, 12Mp autofocus with 1080p recording, 2Mp front facing, HSPA+ 21Mbps, Hexaband 3G, Pentaband GSM, N-Gage, WiFi Direct, WiFi 300Mbps, NFC, 2600mAh Battery.

  • Anonymous

N9, 19 Jan 2011CONFIRMED IT IS NOT COMING WITH PHYSICAL QWERTY KEYPAD BECOZ E7 ... moreN9! You sure about this phone having triple led flash and full 1080p hd video recording. Beside i hope they announce n9 at mobile world congress which will be game changer for nokia.

  • Anonymous

kim, 19 Jan 2011nokia if u want to avoid bankruptcy then you better make a phone... moreNo. You are wrong because samsung's last cameraphone was pixon12 which is 12mp not 14mp. Anyway it will not have 4 speakers. Beside x7 has it. 2 stereo speaker is enough. I heard it has woofer based dolby digital sound. I don't think it will have 12mp camera because it will affect n8 sales. Every rumor saying it will have 8mp autofocus carl zeiss camera which is more than enough. But you're right about one think they need to build powerful phone which this n9 will provide. I'm looking forward to this year's MWC. First meego os phone n9 will rock the world if they announced it.

  • Napoleon

is it just a rumor or what?
and most of people wants good camera in it, lol its a tablet and 12mp camera in a tablet is useless, although it will only increase the price of the phone.
auto focus and video stabilizer is necessity.
and what about running meego + windows XP on it?

  • Capellec

I'm definitly through with hardware keyboards. Prefere a state of the art virtual keyboard = lesser bulk & weight, more straightforward & robust.

  • kim

nokia if u want to avoid bankruptcy then you better make a phone that any other phone does not have...try to be more advancing!

if you want this next flagship phone to be hit as ever in your company and save your loses
please oh please!
this phone should be 12Mp..even samsung has 14MP now!
the screen size should not lower than 4" and wide HD amoled
should be sleek
long life battery
xenon flash with led face detection
speed should be 1g or more
should be dual core
MEEGO not symbian but meego should put some symbian features...or could be dual OS like n900 can!
has Xterminal that can boot programs
with stylus
hardware should be like in n8!
can skype videocall..3gvideo call
bluetooth 3 version
NO buttons on front
nice keyboard
and the OS can be updated like in nokia n900!!!
has tons of 3d games!!!
QT should be less confusing and please oh please!!
now you lunch a beast product!amen

  • N9


its confirmed will launch in mwc
latest feature-

~8mp camera,optical zoom,triple led flash,full hd 1080 recording and playback.
~1.2ghz dual core st ericsson u 8500
~1gb ram
~3gb rom
~64 gb internal memory
~arm mali 400 gpu.ultra fast
~candy bar design
~only 9.9 mm thick
~meego os 1.2
~Aluminium frame body and weight only 135gm.

  • chester

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2011Nokia, no more keyboard please!!I support you,no more keybords in nokia meego phones.

  • victor

it has 14mp camera, 2mghzs proccessor,64gb storage,1gb ram,4 inch screen

  • hard Qwerty all the

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2011Nokia, no more keyboard please!!Nokia you better have the hard qwerty on this beast ......

  • Anonymous

Nokia, no more keyboard please!!

  • Skeptic

olaf_peterson, 18 Jan 20111,2 Ghz Omap3??? Not really. And if that would be the case, then... moreOlaf how do you know that the N9 will not be announced at MWC ? all well and good to say it won't be released but how did you come upon this information ?

  • Anonymous

Mobilemaster, 18 Jan 2011If you don't know something please shut up! First analyze if it ... moreSorry man don't know this. But when i saw altek leo phone it does look like a digital camera more than a phone. And using ccd lenses wow!, 14mp camera. Nokia or sony ericsson should bring up ccd lenses pnone....