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Nokia N9

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  • Abilash

I have 100%sure it is fabelous

  • Rahul

Guys anybody knows internal memory and ram.

  • Tom-Helge

4 inch screen and 360x640 resolution on the screen is hahahahahahahahahahahahahah.

Now i think there might be some limits on the resolution you can get on Symbian ^3 though, because Nokia wouldn't be this stupid to have such low resolution on a 4 inch screen.

Nokia should just scrap Symbian ^3 right now. Because it's sucks really bad.

  • krox

Well i think this phone rocks, coz it has super AMOLED 4.0" screen and a slide out QWERTY. It Kicks xperia x10 and iPhone 4 like there a .........

  • Anonymous

Govein, 03 Jul 2010Wow. Nokia copies Samsung. Again. Is it true this phone packs ... moreThat is not copying, other manufacturers can legally use technology from a manufacturer after paying for it's use.

Did you know that almost all other manufactures like SE, Samsung, pay Nokia for using their antenna and voice quality technology?
This is why Nokia filled a complaint against Apple because they were using this technology illegally without paying Nokia.
Apple therefore changed the technology of the antenna of the iPhone 4 rather than pay Nokia, and now they are struggling!

  • Anonymous

how can they missed out stereo speakers!?

  • Sexlan

If Gsmarena KNOW's that this will not be called the N9 because it runs S^3, then why do they STILL call it that? I agree, make your own spec sheet of what you will like the N9 to have. Please!

  • Govein

Nokia copies Samsung. Again.
Is it true this phone packs SUPER AMOLED TOUCHSCREEN?
If so, Wow. Nokia ur doing it again.
Samsung was the first to release a SUPER AMOLED TOUCHSCREEN Like wave, galaxy, vibrant, and a lot.
And now nokia is doing it. Wow.
I guess here in this world copying is already common.

  • Manish

its just like a qwerty keypad fitted with nokia n8,,,,bt i think this qwerty concept will b more likable by people

  • r 3 b 3 l

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2010GSMArena should: 1) Change the name to N8-01 or something else.... moreSymbian^3 supports higher resolutions than nHD. The symbian os is one that can be easily tweaked to cater for new hardware. Looking at the video, i doubt the resolution is nHD. The text clarity is outstanding.

  • N9-owner

guys! instead of buying this phone, please donate to charity... many people are hungry...


no doubt, am highly impressed with this brand. but, some few features are missing

(1) carl zeiss optics, autofocus, led flash, video light
(2) stereo speakers

  • Anonymous

I am wait and bleed
Its long time to release

  • Anonymous

I would rather add 1-2mm (or not) and get the 12mp camera with xenon flash. Definitely worth it.

  • Anonymous

GSMArena should:
1) Change the name to N8-01 or something else.
2) Make a different post about the N9 with MeeGo.

Kinda funny how people don't read about the OS itself. The screen can be 5", but with S^3 or below it will still be nHD (640x360) or below no matter what due to the limitation of the OS. There will NEVER be a WVGA resolution screen for S^3 or below no matter how big the screen is. S^4 will change that though and support higher resolution displays.

  • Jorgmurs

I think that this mobile are a very interesting phone, the size of touchscreen are big and a qwerty is a very important funcionality. I hope to travel to get one because in Colombia tecnology like a N97 in this moment is not available.

  • oridodi

superkid87, 29 Jun 2010wow..I just bought a new n97 mini and suddenly there's another p... moreonly thing missing on this phone for me is the USB 3.0 support. also, hopefully the memory issue plaguing the N97 has been resolved on here with more memory on the C:/.

  • r 3 b 3 l

Sometimes i marvel at some peoples poor sense of proportion. How on earth do you expect nokia to stick a 12mp can in this unit and still maintain a decent thickness?

As for me, i'ld pick dual led over zenon anyday. Zenon is brighter, no doubt but i wont trade video light for it. The dual led flash on the nokia n86 was splendid.

  • Chris

Super AMOLED? How do you know?

  • Mobilemaster

Sexlan, 30 Jun 2010Yes this would probably be called C8 if not E8... How does Gsmar... moreI think too that this could be the N8 Pro, or the C8! Or maybe E8. We will see this very soon. Nokia will make a bigger announcement this month! :) We could see this month a Meego device.