Nokia N9

Nokia N9

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

ill buy this soon.

  • Anonymous

it is 64 memory built in

  • Anonymous

rate it 10 10 10.

  • 1234fg

the n8 is just come in markets,and now this?wow!buying definetly!

  • phil

the nokia copmany is crazy:)
this is not a phone,this is amazing!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2010oh, and i want a 4 inches screen!!!!!It will have 64GBs internal storage, plus a MicroSD slot (32GB support I'm guessing). And it will have a 4" screen =]

  • touchscreen special

it is use the MEEGO Operating System ?

  • Anonymous

oh, and i want a 4 inches screen!!!!!

  • Anonymous

i want 32gb memory card and 32gb internal memory!!!!! u've already upset me with the n8. dont do it again.

  • packet

what if, in each series,
the 6 is on s^1
7 - s^2
8 - s^3
9 - s^4

The N9 may have Symbian^4!!!!!!!!!!

  • gabby131

hmmm....if this will run with MeeGo, that means it is open source as the maemo OS

  • Anonymous

Mobilemaster, 15 Jun 2010There is NO 64Gb Micro SD memory card! It is NOT announced yet. ... more64gb internal, and microsd slot.

  • noh rain

i noticed the design is same with n8 without qwerty

  • albert

t's still a concept silly, not even an invention yet, that's why everything looks fake. but i believe that Nokia can do at least or better than that :D

  • Mobilemaster

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2010The processor might be a TI OMAP since the execs said so. I am g... moreThere is NO 64Gb Micro SD memory card! It is NOT announced yet. Maybe it has 64Gb of internal storage, and can support 32GB of Micro SDHC. Only Toshiba has a 64Gb memory card, but that I think is only 4 Toshiba phones.

  • mamba


  • Cobra

I hope the display resolution is not 640×360. Not sure if Symbian^3 supports higher resolutions or not, but it is supposed to!

In my opinion, it should be at least FWVGA 854×480

  • nick

seems to be a fake...all the specifications of n8. It also adds super amoled and the most unbelievable part is symbian^3. hope it turn out to a meego device...

  • Muhamed

shayan, 14 Jun 2010oooohhhh mmmmmyyyy ggggooooddddi'm gonnna buy this no matter how much