Nokia N9

Nokia N9

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  • Anonymous

it meego os!!not symbian^3...tis just the new nokia's flagship...stop compare nokia n8 between iphone 4!!!

  • Mobilemaster

About the design. It is the N8, with a full QWERTY keypad! This should be the N8 Pro! :D I hope that this is not the real N9 smart phone. I think Nokia will announce this month at least 3 smart phones, and one could be the very high-end S series!! :)

  • Abu 7asan

The best Nokia device ever!

  • Rajitt

What on earth??? I've heard of the HULK as a comic character, but NOKIA seems hell-bent on creating a HULK of their own in mobile technology...or so it seems at least for now!!!

  • Midas84

I hear its Meego not Symbian ^3. But no site has officially released leaked specs yet

  • then i

95% n8
+ 5% iPHONE
= 100% typical nokia (only high priced phone with high configuration, for those who have lots of money to waste)

Please change your slogan from "connecting people" to "understanding people"

  • shayan

oooohhhh mmmmmyyyy ggggoooodddd

  • Naya KU

if it releases wit specs as told it wud be a gr8 nokia phone.. especially wit multi-touch and super amoled ;)

  • oho

Are you serious about that 'Super AMOLED' part?
And why on earth would you say Symbian^3 when the source site says it's MeeGo?!!

  • Anis

Its fake.. lol

  • Anis

What ? loooooooooooool its 95% N8

  • hani

the device os is meego no symbian !


better then N8