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Nokia N9

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  • well

YES! There is support for USA T-Mobile AND AT&T. Good job Nokia.

  • Tio

The specification and feature is over. Too early get this kind of phone. Maybe just a fake.

  • Anonymous

lol, 14 Jun 2010just rumor lol nokia wants to stop you from buying iphone with s... moreSamsung has no support on their phones but still good, wait a second the Iphone 4 ?? are u serious ? why did u even mention that ? i think u dnt see the new's lately, its the most fragile unreliable device ever made.

And this is a rumor but a true one, and the guy who leaked this is Chinese and he always leaks reliable stuff that come out to be true like the N8, and the N9 is part of Nokia's future device table incase u didnt see it, here:­ed_8megapixel_camera_on_board-news-1728.php

Stop making ur own crap and posting it, and about the iphone 4 being fragile, here:­-shows-new-glass-isnt-that-resistant

And since the N8 was leaking we didnt see any difference its the same device and they dont want u to think somthing else it all turns up true and they do not release somthing else, ur the one messed up inside.

  • Anonymous

then i, 14 Jun 2010 95% n8 + 5% iPHONE ----- = 100% typical nokia (only hig... moreIf they dont connect people wat would they do ? u want them to understand u ? give u some chocolates and flowers ? cheer u up and give u a free device ? since when Nokia is expensive ! comparing to all brands its the cheapest and they have every budgets phone, if cant afford something get another !

  • Anonymous

ohhh wow amazing, nice design

  • Anonymous

lol, 14 Jun 2010just rumor lol nokia wants to stop you from buying iphone with s... moreAre u serious ? they want to stop u from buying the iphone, the iphone is already worthless !

the N8 is enough to put it into the recycle bin, this is an N9 leak and its not rumors this device is coming for sure but i am skeptical about it being Symbian ^3, it maybe a Meego device because of the onscreen button lay out.

What makes me say its coming for sure is Nokia's future devices table shown in the C7 leak, all the leaks are right and are part of that table:­ed_8megapixel_camera_on_board-news-1728.php

So just get ur iphone and play with its touchscreen and count the pixels on the screen, and keep video calling people from wifi like a retard.

  • Shinigami

If it will be the new N9 My love story will be finish really soon.

Symbian ^3 : It's a joke !!!!????

  • lol

just rumor lol nokia wants to stop you from buying iphone with some rumors and then they gradually announce that the phone is not exactly as they said like the thing they did with n8,take it easy guys choose between samsung galaxy s and iphone 4 otherwise you waste your money on just a camera with low CPU


DIVX...thats good

  • Anonymous

it meego os!!not symbian^3...tis just the new nokia's flagship...stop compare nokia n8 between iphone 4!!!

  • Mobilemaster

About the design. It is the N8, with a full QWERTY keypad! This should be the N8 Pro! :D I hope that this is not the real N9 smart phone. I think Nokia will announce this month at least 3 smart phones, and one could be the very high-end S series!! :)

  • Abu 7asan

The best Nokia device ever!

  • Rajitt

What on earth??? I've heard of the HULK as a comic character, but NOKIA seems hell-bent on creating a HULK of their own in mobile technology...or so it seems at least for now!!!

  • Midas84

I hear its Meego not Symbian ^3. But no site has officially released leaked specs yet

  • then i

95% n8
+ 5% iPHONE
= 100% typical nokia (only high priced phone with high configuration, for those who have lots of money to waste)

Please change your slogan from "connecting people" to "understanding people"

  • shayan

oooohhhh mmmmmyyyy ggggoooodddd

  • Naya KU

if it releases wit specs as told it wud be a gr8 nokia phone.. especially wit multi-touch and super amoled ;)

  • oho

Are you serious about that 'Super AMOLED' part?
And why on earth would you say Symbian^3 when the source site says it's MeeGo?!!

  • Anis

Its fake.. lol

  • Anis

What ? loooooooooooool its 95% N8