Nokia N90

Nokia N90

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  • Arch

Complaining about size here is retarded. I mean, you can't get everything and expect it to fit under one of your fingernails. I mean, it is the first camphone with some kind of actual optic system, THE FIRST! Now stop complaining about size, and compare the size of this baby with a real digicam + cellphone. That's right, this is smaller and less heavy.

  • den

the video cif whats the difference also what with the carl ziess optics whats the difference with that and any other 2mg phone cam?i like the sony e k750 phone but i also like my cams as saves carrying around a digital cam any help if there will be a big difference in the to cams and video play bk

  • AB

Literally the biggest mobile in the world, try the smaller MOtorola RAZR PRO V1150

  • Anonymous

WOW this is probably the best phone i have ever seen! The 352 x 416 screen smashes even the displays by Sharp (240x320)!!!! 2MP camera!!!!!


  • robot

what a huge phone, very good but too heavy... 173 grams is toooo much.

  • DSDA

nonono!!!!!! why no fm-radio?????????

  • Anonymous

no fm radio!!!!!!!!!

  • jim

video (CIF), whats that mean on this phone 4 the video and the new lens how this wrk different to others like the SE k750 this a grt phone by the looks.any help thanks

  • dan

where can i see the pics how good the cam is?whats the difference with the lens on this phone with other phones?

  • Dean

I recommend you to look the pictures taken with N90 they are just AMAZING, the quality work is better than most digitalcameras! Working with Carl Zeiss has really been GREAT thing for this phone's optics.
I really can't say anything more that it is most superb handset for alltime!

  • BAV

Still deciding on either this or the n70. Both have 2mp cameras. This one seems slightly better though due to the whole carl ziess optics. Seema a little bulky though. Kind of like the old nec e606. lol. Very impressive pictures though.

  • adam

i work for vodafone and i will be able to get these handsets free for you on a new contract , email me back if interested

  • robpe

Oh dear I see the this phone has 3G. Just got rid of my 6630 becuase it was losing network coverage due to dithering between GSM & 3G. Meant I was missing half my calls or unable to make calls half the time. Wouldn't touch Nokia 3G phones with a barge pole !

  • LaLaT

nokia new design and nokia 1st 2mp camera 4ne!

  • luu

and it hv the highest resolution screen and large(2.1) brilliant screen now...

  • Tommy

Even though I cant stand Nokia's I must admit that at first glance this phone looks superb. Well done Nokia.

  • luu

hv u guyz check out its official website?! it is superb cool, all three model is too great and the camera is 20X zoom, yes is TWENTY!!!

but facts is too huge! and less with irda(well some ppl need the connection)

  • yogi

cannot bealive that nokia is come up with such a good flip fhone way to go nokiaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Anonymous

This phone is very very big 112mm for a clamshell, this got to be the biggest clamshell around....thumbs down.

  • Julian

Wow! I can't believe my eyes! This phone is totally amazing! I guess it won't be cheap. Too bad i just bought 6630 not long ago if not I could have gone for this one.