Nokia N90

Nokia N90

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  • acong

that thing at the back of the fone is the camera. hahahaha.... i have just seen it in nokia website. cooolll.....

  • skater42

I like it a lot, finally Nokia is coming out with some decent phones, excellent features (as always) and in Flip-Style! The quality of the screen seems very fine and if the camera is as good as it sounds, then congratulations: you made it Nokia!

  • Anonymous

All the way Nokia! Go ahead and bit the competition!!!

We've always pin our hopes on you and yes, you've surpassed all our expectations!

Never failing us again.

  • acong

what is that thing at the back of the fone. look strange.... but nokia is cooollll....

  • Louis_Loh

Video up to 2 hours! and the resolution is much better! The screen is also BIG!! I love this phone

  • John Lau

Wah, it a little big same as N6260!!Focus it to the camera!!!

  • Louis_Loh

Nokia N90 - Upgrade of 6260
Nokia N70 - Upgrade of 6680
Nokia N91 - Upgrade of iPod!

  • slovenc

very good phone