Nokia N90

Nokia N90

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  • Anonymous

this phone has an odd shape and is bulky they need to make it more appealing...go Cingular @Sony Ericsson!!!

  • ronskyvic

one of the best phone i've owned, camera results is astonishing, quite good!! Compare it to the N93 results of its camera shots, N90 wins it all. Wish the N90 has WLAN connectivity. Has swivel camera you can shoot at different angles. Love my N90!! N90 can compete w/ 3 MP camera phones out there!

  • bongkiss

those who said that this is slow are just trying to brag that he had used these 2 phones. i guess that guy just had nothing good to say at all. n90 and 993 are state of the art hand held phones. just reading its features you'll salivate already.

  • hi fellahs!

is it possible to turn off the "flash" while taking pictures and videos with the n90?


i see that there is 2 color tones to the phone... one that looks baby blueish and a dark almost black color... is there 2 colors? or just one??

  • Daniel

I used this handphone befor I thing this handphone to slow and hang. now i change my handphone to n93 its also same some time n93 also same. I dont know this 2 handphone same... now i dont like nokia. Because I used that 2 handphone all its same. not be better..

  • Anonymous

somebody sayd that this phone is slow..
that's not true
i emptyed my internal memory and left 15 mb free..+ 1 gb mmc ..and i have no problems..and i works faster than 6680,n70..etc

  • Chief

Compared to the N93, i personaly think this phone has a more stable construction design-wise and software. Also, the middle hinge makes it feel more rugged compared to the right hinge factor in the n93. The n93 in my view poses more vulnerability. Please remember that stability and long term performance is key!

  • Savy

Now why the heck would you buy a smartphone if you haven't got the slightest idea of what you can do with it? This is for people who can appreciate this kind of phones! I really wish I would have one, but untill I will I'm sticking to my 6600.

  • Anonymous

does it realy dont have radio >>>>>>>>>>>>>
any idea?

  • sridhar

hi,i am using n90,the phone has all good features,but the disadvantage is it has no vibration.if u have any idea on vibration pls send mail to me...pls

  • Bigglesworth

I bought a pouch with a magnetic latch but at times the magnetic field seems to trigger the phone into camera mode when I remove the phone from the pouch. Can anyone assist on how to shield the phone while inside the pouch

  • someone

why to buy this cell phone, is blunky, no vibrating alert, camera, is god but sony ericsson w810 is better, buy an n73, better camera, buy an n93, but this cell phone?? for waht?

  • HELP

hey ppl well i am about to buy a fone for christmas and i saw the N90 i think i looks rally kool... but i need some help from someone.... could you tell me if this fone is good in taking pictures and by sending instant text messaging pllllzzzzzzz....... thanks a lot..

  • 786

its a pimps phone showoffs phone like sean paul in his music videos

  • 786

dont compare this phone to sonyerricson this phone has style its a pimps phone

  • Obaidulalh

Good product but doesnt have FM RADIO it is the mess.

  • Luigi

This phone sucks..dont buy it people it bulky big and very very slow operation sistem.This its the worst symbian phone y ever had...Shame on u Nokia...

  • Anonymous

The max resolution is 352*288 at awesome quality (about 1mb/s in good conditions)

  • dacko

dont buy this,this have a problem with flet cable,i have it.n90 has fallen from my hand,the flet cable broke and my camera dont work anymore and also the screen.