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  • Rafe

I completely agree with TheOne&OnlyDazz I've not heard of anyone that uses videocall on such a regular basis. I know that here in the US nobody uses it, and if I was wrong and somebody did- it would be like the lowest fraction of a percentage that is too small for you to comprehend.

In europe you look at most of those plans you don't see anything in terms of minutes to use the videocall for anything that could be reasonably considered a conversation. To find 60+ videocall minutes is like WOW, now think of that 60 minutes in regular talk time, I'm sure that you would not even need a phone if you only used it for 60 minutes a month, lol.

In Japan it's considered a joke to use your mobile for a videocall when you can do it practically anywhere you go.

Businesswise videocall is not that good either, it's not too professional to head a meeting (since I know anybody with half a brain wouldn't attempt to attend a meeting via videocall) using this feature. Besides satphones and 3-D laser projectors are preferred to videocall which is like a toy.

  • TheOne&OnlyDazz

but even you must adnit that it is pricey, just would have hopped it would have been even more advaced camera wise, just a little disapointed I suppose but mabey its a start of better things to come.

  • Wobbuffet

@ TheOne&OnlyDazz
I'm getting rid of your posts.
People in this forum like N90, if you like W800 it's OK for us, but don't say that gsmarena wrote in the report that N90 is crap.The report says that W800 photos are a little better, but N90 ones are not bad.
Also think about that other reviews on the net say exactly the opposite of this rewiew.
Try this review:­578

Don't forget that N90 is a multimedia device with 3G and W800 is neither a smartphone.
The difference between W800 owners and N90 owners is that when the first ones will be able to listen to music the second ones could also watch mobile television on their mobile.
What do you say then?

  • happyseller

these are just being released in australia now. we are a far way behind when it comes to mobile technology and it sucks because it looks like we'll have to wait for a few more weeks before we can get our hands on one. N90 i just can't wait to start selling these.

  • TheOne&OnlyDazz

Good to see the forum war (N90 VS Every other phone) is calming down. Well until something new comes along. Lets see what happens when the D600 comes out I'm sure it will kick off again.

  • Hardik from India

N90 owners pls contact me or put ur email ids. Does this phone have vibration or not? also is it web - surfing friendly?????????
How much time does the battery last per recharge???

  • Mark

Agree with toitoi. What's going on???

1. On the Nokia site, it says "vibrating alarm" for the N90 specs, so is it there or not???

2. The N90 site also has a click-through to the Kodak photo machines, where you can print directly from the memory card in stores, but I'm pretty sure those Kodak machines don't accept RS-DV-MMC, do they????


  • Natalie

Or you actually mean "it consumes much power"

  • hamid.6592

nokia tank you for n90 ilove dise model

  • Robbie

nosey beggar,

"eat battery"? You mean it uses too much battery power?

  • nosey beggar

on 3g news website nokia cancelled a recent smartphone due to it ability to eat batterys and was deleted because of this but no mention of what it was,,any info people

  • Anonymous

is the best

  • poisk

352*416 does not mean the display is big, this is the resolution of the display, the sharp 903 has a biger display than the n90,but the resolution is smaler 240*320

  • boob

hey thanks jamal...anyway gettin my fone dis fri...hope i wont regret..NOKIA ROX...SE supporters pls post in ur respective READ OPINION page...muahaha

  • Wobbuffet

@ Edward:
Larger display?!?
I think if 352x416 pixels are not enough for you, you should put a Desktop PC in your pocket!
...and also "more nice features" referred to a phone which has everything it's a nonsense.
Do you need a phone which can fry eggs and bacon?!?Well, if that's so, I think that you'll have to wait longtime...

  • meshkat

very nice

  • Edward

For such a large phone i expected a bigger display, some nice functions though.

  • jamal

i agree with boob... dont b prejudice.. til u buy the phone judge it.. dont judge a book by its cover.. nokia is the best mobile brand. the phone may be expensive but it sure is worth it.. my friend has it and it rox! of course w800 is reeeealy good as well but i prefer the n90!

  • Robbie

If your firmware version is dated early July, then you will have freezing problems. The stable firmware is dated at the end of July.

  • jack

does anyone have problems with phone frezing i have had to remove my battery and replace a few times now reminds me of a 8210 i had ,not happy at all