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  • pappy


Great I could be of some use. I have been a nokia user now for approx 6 years and I love them. I have been using S60 now for about 3 years and that is why perhaps it is a bit easier for me to figure some of these things out since even though the S60 changes , alot stays the same. These devices now are so much like computers that you have to be a little patient.

As for SE - I did listen to the audio of their existing phone and I think its too quiet for me but the color is funky.


  • SHaKeeL 0300-8730505

To Pappy

ThnX Pappy yes i m succeed and in
the real means ur the person who helped me thanks alot

Last night i was thinking how much these people r genious who devolping the softwares or making Mobiles but now u also r Genious for me i was very very tense because of my contacts u help me alot now feeling free and thats only because of U

R u the Key user of Nokia?
Next for i m thinking about SE P990 What do u think?

Again Thanks Alot ;-)


this phone is horrible this specification is great but the phone itself is gastly comon nokia what were you thinking

  • meh

@ pappy thnx but we'l see :)
thnx bro

  • Juan


Just found this link
It has a review I300X vs Nokia N91!!! But its in Russian!! Finally its been decided that that the I300X interface is much better than The N91!!

The site has some cool pictures...they even compare the phones with the Ipod Nano!!

Thats what I have been begging Gsm Arena to do...a review I300X VS N91 in English please. Take the example from the above link. These two phones are the only competitors in this league... SonyEricsson is still out!!

My Verdict: Windows Mobile outclass Symbian OS by Miles!!! See the review for youselves!!

Go Samsung...Who needs wifi when you've got GPRS it just makes the phone more expensive and heavier!!! Wifi, 3G are the only features which beats the I300X; and they are all connectivity options which are not visible/useful features to most users. Its the basics of design, functionality and OS that makes the I300X outclass the N91!

Samsung + Microsoft = Cool Phone

Im gonna buy an I300X right now!!

  • pappy


Are you sure you tried exactly what I said? I went ahead and did it in real time (I have fields as well in my N91) and no problem.

Step 1: Copy your contacts to the HDD
1- Contacts
2- Options
3- Mark/Unmark
4- Mark All
5- Options
6- Copy
7- To Hard Drive
Result: In your HDD there is now a folder
"Other" and in it is another folder called "contacts" All of you full contacts are in there now

Step2: Get that contacts folder to your PC
1- Connect the USB cable to PC
2- Choose Mass storage from dialogue box
3- From you PC choose the HDD drive and find the Other folder
4- Drag and drop the contacts folder to your PC

Now you have a backup of your contacts on your PC :)

Step 3: After you have reformatted or whatever the N91 then copy contacts back
1- Connect USB cable
2- Select USB MAss storage
3- Find/create the "other" folder on the N91 HDD
4- Drag and drop your Contacts folder from PC to Other folder
5- Close USB connection on PC and end in N91
6- OPen contacts
7- Options
8- Copy
9- From Hard Drive

Thats it it works trust me

PS: PC suite also allows you to do this with outlook etc but I like USB MS


  • Pappy

To Meh

Dont go :) Seriously my firend just bought one and his software seems newer than mine. It showed

N91 (01.01)

Mine is V1.00.28. So at least newer SW is available in the UK. I plan to drop by the Nokia centre this week and see if the new SW has arrived for upgrades. I havenet had any issues but its always best to get the latest and its free I believe.


  • meh

@ pappy - thnx much :) Im giving up my n91 cant take it anymore :) mayb il buy an 8800 coz i only want the casing on n91 :)

  • russ

can someone refer a good video convertign software for the phone. i have no clue how to put in videos please respond to or reply or repost appreciate it

  • victor

About the N91...Those pictures you have do they reffer to the dark grey colour?????

  • Voda1

To Kimross - Gallery

Hi to put it simple - the way S60 gallery works is that each time you add stuff to it, it often goes thur and rebuilds the whole database. This is to create those thumbnails you see. It has always been there but you see it now with 4GB HDDs, 2GB MMcs etc If you go thur the Music player (and update) or File Manager its fast. There is nothing "wrong" with your device but the Gallery needs improvements in the future.


  • pappy

To Meh

It may have nothing to do with teh size of the messages list but rather the way it spins up the HDD etc. I have to say however that you case seems odd in that I have not seen this problem (I switched to HDD messages a few days ago just to test it).Anyhow just try the phone memory thing and see if it helps. If not then maybe ask for the Sw upgrade that is available?


  • Anonymous

Could anyone tell me what the battary is like to live with. I had one for a day. Fully charged in the morning. After a couple of hours of messing around with it the battery went dead. was not impressed.

  • sunil

hi there i am in india & hav bn using the n91 for the last 7days. trust me guys this fone roccckkksss!!!! ppl at times just keep staring at it... i was on N70 priot to this but it makes any other phone a poor relative. battery life is for 24hrs if u listen to 8-10hrs f music.must say NOKIA HATS OFF TO YOU!!!

  • Anonymous

Please, could anyone tell me the material used for the cover?
Is it titanium, such as the Nokia 8910i?
Damn stylish phone.

  • NSeriesUser

This phone has the highest quality sound on the market. Blows away ipod and other handsets out there today. Check the facts on the N91 specs vs. any competitor. And then check you ears, since I had tried many others and nothing compares to N91. Enjoy!

  • (GOfaizan)

not a phone
a heavy brick with very big size
sound is not good as sonyericsson walkmen phones which have best sound qukaty with mega bass

  • SHaKeeL 0300-873050

Please Nokia team do some thing better for
contacts SE is good in some function no software is available or compatible with N91 today Nokia also launch 4new sets but there also written no compatible softwares for
0S 9.1 so please work on that and kindly develop more easy so compatible software for N91

  • SHaKeeL 0300-873050

Contact Solution?????????????

To Jack

Same problem was here in themes but me download the themes from download here from hope so will work now its applying in my Set

For Pappy

last night i tried alot for contacts but no solution have u any software for contacts to save the fields i dont want to lose my fields one of my friend give me a software but its not working but in N70 thats work no compatible software here for N91 here if u have specially for contacts the please mail me here ( )

Thanks for ur kindness & also for help :-)

  • pappy

Hey PPL,
I have been using this beauty for the last 3 weeks,,trust me guys it is a lifetime experience to own this phone. You have to but it to feel the experience. What awsome music, camera is similar to N70. This is the phone of the decade!!!