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  • Belgium

I believe D-Tox, don't know why, but i do..
So, we wait a little longer..

D-Tox, keep us updated.

  • jo

D-Tox stop with the lies. you are just confusing people. the phone is already being advertised on a PV Sean Paul - Temperature
which means is comming soon, like with J-Lo with the nokia 7280.
the phone already havea FCC approval you know what that means? that ITS bugs free and it pass all the requierement of quality.
its comming in less than a month no more than 3 weeks,
so please D-Tox how that its delayed ? if there already publicity?? uh?

  • jhjh


If N91 is delayed again... then when will be available the N80? in may? june? july?

or maybe just before the N91? in march?

  • dhiraj

i guess now i feel sympatheic towards nokia, poor them trying their best to provide a bug free high end phone so that the customers have no room for complaints... they just want to make n91 flawless and i guess the delay is only for the best...
exams get over in mid march for me so i'd say "perfect timing" to get a new phone
keep rocking ppl, hope all problems with this baby are ironed out as soon as possible....

Cheers to D-tox for keeping us updated.. U Rule!!!!!!!!!

  • D-Tox

guys i know its getting u all confused and mad but please understand u dont wanna pay like 1000 US $ for a phone which is buggy example the camara comes on when u slid the thing down and that it will Reboot

so this is the reason why nokia wants to make u guys happy and give u TOP OF THE RANGE PHONE which NO SE or samsung can beat

just wait..... thats all

im pretty sure MArch its coming

  • Snickers

Well most phone shops seem to suggest March, the link magazine says mid february, but the assistant said early march to be fair, whilst the carphone warehouse coming soon says April.
I've been waiting for this phone for ages, and not even the SE 810i will change my mind

  • Belgium

Damn right, i want to see it myself.
But nokia wont let us..

  • Usman

This phone still ROCKS. Those who thinks this phone is stupid.They hav to c themselves. No one is even near to this handset even all the rivals. SAMSUNG tried i300 but poorly failed. I hope NOKIA when make it all bug free then sell out to the market.

  • Belgium

D-tox is a cool guy, he keeps us updated.
Maybe i'll wait, i'm not sure. I don't care about the price..

Maybe i'll wait, we'll see!

Nokia, hurry up!!!!!!!!

  • D-Tox



Nokia ALMOST Canceled this model

due to the NEW 9.1 OS which is a bit slow and errors keeps on crashing this was late for the FCC finally Nokia got FCC but then another software problem came up...

There 2 options

IFFFFFFFFFFF this phone comes now it iwll come 14 - 18 FEB

IFFFFFFFFFF after 18 it doesnt come it will come march 24 - 30...

Sorry for the Delay... thi will also Delay the N81 N80 N92 for a short while...

Nokia want to make you happy not like with the N90 we had 36 Problems with N90 all BUGS 36 BUGSSSSSS

N91 has about 7 - 8 left please just wait for us

Price i donno but in US its $999.99

Thank u for understanding

  • dhiraj

dont want to be against u d-tox, but i just hope for once ur wrong with this particular news or maybe i think even u r wishing u are wrong...
i dont know
whatever comes out first n80 or n91 thats it...
im done

  • dhiraj

i will either buy an n80 or nothing at all if d-tox is right...... ive been waiting , we all have bee waiting, posting thousands of messages on this page... just to get some latest news on n91's arrival.....
But this sucks big time... how can they do this... now might as well make the screen 352*416 and make it ten gb make it smaller and release it next year ok....

God cant believe ive been waiting all this while for hogwash

  • namop

what 's ur country,d-tox?
I've read an article on they said n91 had the FCC's approval ,so what's the software errors.

  • Devik

Dont tell me now that i will receive some prototypes maaan,the guy is arrving tomorow in bucharest and he got me 5 of them.Anyway with bugs or without,one is already sold with 950euros.Hope that for the first time d-tox IS WRONG !

  • Anonymous

dear devik
please tell me when you get it

  • D-Tox

This phone is Delayed 1 more month March its coming out


software errors

OS 9.1

sorry about late information

March its due

  • jo

this phone is not canceled it appears in Sean Paul new single - Temperature!!!!!!! its already being advertised =D

  • ray

the n91 just got fcc approval in the US (check Also if you check a site called is taking pre orders for $999. Just thought i'd share that.

  • Sunny

hey D-tox? where u from???? do let us know when will it be available in NY.... i am desperately looking for this phone. is it that it will be released all over amierica in mid feb or something else????

  • Anonymous

Hey what contry do you in you say 12 more days...but to which country does that apply??

just wondering... :)