Nokia N91

Nokia N91

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  • start saving now

THIS IS THE IPOD KILLER!!!!! watch out apple & creative.....

  • joris

Damn and I was just planning to buy the NOKIA 3230 or the Sonny Ericsson K750i, an now Nokia comes with the N series, I wonder how much will they cost?

  • Channy

i can't believe it.. the whole package! A hard disk, 2mp camera with 20x digital zoom, stainless steel casing, although ugly design. Even a stereo FM radio, large screen series 60... wow... this list goes on. Nokia is releasing it in the 4th quarter of this year... so theres plenty of time to save up... cos it aint gonna b cheap!!

  • Posh

This is the phone o've been waiting for! 40gb of music, futuristic design, 2mp camera, stereo fm, able to utilise my personal earphones! Simply rocks! But the wait is too long!

  • Bolaji

I am so excited about this baby, hold on i thought W800 was the Bamm but OMG again this phone is incredible, (i am dreaming all the way to december) really need this baby nowwwwwwwwwwwww. Imagine all my collection right in my phone. Life could have not been more good, and let don't forget about OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh it is WIFI integrated. I 'm loving it all the way.

  • absar

i thought samsung was gonna lead now
but after this
cant say anything much but samsung still has an upper edge bcoz of their 5mp and 16 million colours
it even has a phone with a 3gb minidrive
and anyways by the time nokia releases this phone which is in the end of 2005
samsung would have come out with something even better

  • Amy

Finally...finally nokia have the complete package!

  • joris

Got to have it, got to have it :-)))))
Finally phone with memory like mp3 players,
I just can't wait.

  • samina sajid

this phone looks so great in its features,but it looks so costly,i am too poor but i love this phone so can the nokia company gift it to me,hey god is it possible?

  • showbuckhy

oh my god,unbelieveable memory,its mean i can keep 1000 mp3's in it,but i think it will too costly.can anyone tell its price in pakistani rupees?thanks in advance.

  • Flipkonijn

Its a 4GB hard disk, not a memorycard!

  • cristi

finally nokia makes a brand new phone (not just parts of different phones sold as a new product). it really kills the opposition...40GB :)a very smart phone but kinda ugly

  • VHDN

Nokia is making the difference... Amazing for N91's features (MD is capable of 4GB of storing 1000 Mp3 songs...Excellent!) but pity for lacking of Office assistant appl.

As usual, the display is rather small, not LCD that use stylus for more fashion and also business.

But in a word, its a revolution. And now i guess its price... oh my Goddd

  • bheki

i love this mobil when is it coming out on sale like at the car phone warehouse? and is the nok 8800 coming as well

  • labalbi

Very good phone ! W800 is now outdated ! Tungsten X from Palmone for what ?! Great specs wifi/new Symbian version / BT / 4Gb! / Amazing mobile . So sorry it is due only for end of the year . Cīmon Nokia . Release this baby now !

  • luu

omg!! this HUGE cellphone pack alot of hotz!(minus the irda,who cares!!) well a not so good but innovative design, and tremendous space!!! lastly, still HUGE

  • Julian

Does this mean I can surf the net with local area network? Surf the net as in normal websites like ? And able to see the graphics or is it just like GPRS?

  • Julian

Wow! I can't believe my eyes! This phone is totally amazing! I guess it won't be cheap. Too bad i just bought 6630 not long ago if not I could have gone for this one.

  • danny

SURE this phone be better than xda2s,xda2i n all those pocket pc!!!

  • Jopio

Finally a phone from Nokia wich is nice again!