Nokia N91

Nokia N91

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  • danny

SURE this phone be better than xda2s,xda2i n all those pocket pc!!!

  • Jopio

Finally a phone from Nokia wich is nice again!

  • seen od

i think it looks very mouthy.

  • le

Oh !

What can i say about this phone ?

Is anything is MISSING ????

ITs simpily a Great - Great F_c_i_g phone....


i want to buy it nowwwwwwwww

wen coming
wht COST ????

any1 any info ?

  • me

If you're wondering how much it will cost then you probably won't afford it

  • sebastian

simply fabulous!!!! can't wait...

  • Anonymous

any idea how much this will cost?

  • Bongo

SWEEET!! I WAS going to buy a Sony Erisson W800i, but ill rather wait for this one!! 4Gb microdrive :D and Wi-Fi :D


  • Sam

so niceeeeeeee nokia

  • Ter

Symbian OS v9.1, Series 60 UI 3rd Edition!!!

  • Anonymous

sorry...should be *beat the competition! M so excited!

  • Ter

wireless lan (wi-fi) good!!!

  • Anonymous

All the way Nokia! Go ahead and bit the competition!!!

We've always pin our hopes on you and yes, you've surpassed all our expectations!

Never failing us again.

  • Acong

this fone has a big size upside. like big head. that means this fone is smart. briliant....

  • daniel

The best idea I have seen. I know you can only find these in amsterdam,but who knows a website that I can buy one from?

  • Chabz

This new series of phone released by nokia will dominate the market, unquestionably the n series is the begining of the real onslaught on the market. Im lovin' it, is there any word on release date yet, id like to hear of any information, thank you.

  • esson

omg! nokia n91 is so cool!

  • tudor

look at this phone!!! i am using a nokia 6110 from 1999...what now?!!! i am depressed...

  • Louis_Loh

I guess iPod is going to die :S

  • Anonymous

Unbelievable!! Best phone ever.