Nokia N93: Photo and video samples

GSMArena team, 30 July 2006.

Nokia N93 was just released on the market and it's still not available everywhere in the world. Because of its extended photo and video capabilities we believe that the most of the future N93 owners are interested in the quality of its camera. Until we are able to publish full review of the phone we are presenting you some photo and video samples and also some comparison shots to Sony Ericsson K800. Both phones are final versions, but of course some future firmware updates might improve the camera quality.

We are comparing the Nokia N93 photo quality to Sony Ericsson K800, only because we had one available, not because the two phones are direct competitors. Sony Ericsson K800 will compete on the market with anther recently released phone - Nokia N73.

Please note that the optical zoom lens doesn't automatically mean better image quality, in fact in most of the cases it means just the opposite. With the optical zoom you get extended zoom range, but at any given focal length of the zoom lens you would hardly get better quality than the one from a corresponding fixed focal length lens. The reason for this is that for the zoom lens you need more glass elements, which generally results in worse quality pictures.

Nokia N93 Nokia N93 Nokia N93 Nokia N93 Nokia N93 Nokia N93 Nokia N93 Nokia N93 Nokia N93 Nokia N93 Nokia N93 Nokia N93
Nokia N93

Nokia N93 has a complicated construction - it can take many forms depending on what you are going to use the phone for. The swivel joint allows the display to rotate in several directions. You can use the phone as a normal clamshell or you can rotate the upper part and put it in the best position for a viewfinder. Otherwise, the full phone description is beyond the scope of this article.

Nokia N93 Nokia N93
The 3x zoom lens

The Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar 3x optical zoom autofocus lens in Nokia N93 sets new standards for the mobile phone cameras. The zooming takes place inside the camera, so there are no protruding lens elements. So far only Sharp has offered optical zoom models (take Sharp 903 for example), but with 2x zoom only.

Nokia N93 Nokia N93 Nokia N93 Nokia N93
Nokia N93 and Sony Ericsson K800

You can see how Nokia N93 compares to the not so small Sony Ericsson K800. Indeed, the N93 is a really big phone. If you consider the Nokia N90 model big for your need, then most probably you would not like the successor either, because it is even bigger.

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  • Hasnat Raza

is it Available in this year (2017) I want this but i did not find it How much is this I mean price ???????

  • sir juan miguel

i love this phone absolutely;but the only thing i doesnt like it takes a few seconds when you are sending mms;but other than that i have 2 thumbs up for this phone!