Nokia N93: Photo and video samples

30 July 2006
Nokia N93 was just released on the market and it’s still not available everywhere in the world. Because of its extended photo and video capabilities we believe that the most of the future N93 owners are interested in the quality of its camera. Until we are able to publish full review of the phone we are presenting you some photo and video samples and also some comparison shots to Sony Ericsson K800.

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  • Hasnat Raza

is it Available in this year (2017)
I want this but i did not find it
How much is this I mean price ???????

  • sir juan miguel

i love this phone absolutely;but the only thing i doesnt like it takes a few seconds when you are sending mms;but other than that i have 2 thumbs up for this phone!

  • kikiz

I just lucky I'am having this phone with a low it because it has a lot bug?

because from all phone that I have seen till now,N93 still a high class phone,yet it is treated like an midclass phone.

loveloveyn93 :D

  • eric87

for me 1 thing is better than n3. is wlan

  • rivers

N73 is better in terms of pictures...
N93 is better when in comes to videos...

i changed my phone from N73 to N93... no regrets... though i miss the camera of n73...

i love the style of n93.., its a big boy's phone...

  • rahman

super phone i like it.

  • Anonymous

i have this phor but n73 is beeter n93 suckcs in low light

  • aryan

i have an N93 , its the best phone i have ever seen .

  • mohammad atout

i have n73 and i want to bye it and give n93 advice me which one is better n73 or n93???


nokia n series, according to the surveys of almost all the networks(unanimously) have big time hanging problems!!! i wish nokia would do something about it because i really love the resolution of the n series!

  • .O.m.a.R.

to all ppl who say to buy a digital cam instead of a phone i wanna tell u tht N93 captures photos just like a digital camera and videos just like a camcorder so a phone is far much better than a camera .. u dnt get bluetooth in a cam nd a camera cannot call nos.

  • Prince Of Light

This phone is so ugly and big. sure it has a great camera but who really needs it. and it weighs like a ton. too grotesk for me. I'd rather have the SE k800i. But heej, that's my opinion

  • Anonymous

some things are better in the k 800 and others are betters in the n 93, so you have to decide what brand you like the most.Me for example nokia ...............

  • What a Joke!

Those who said wait for N95 5mega, might as well wait for N99, maybe 10mega... What a Joke! A camera phone is always a camera phone, cannot beat a high end digital camera but of course a phone comes with many other functions than a digital camera, that's it was so expensive than digital camera... Hee.. Hee..

  • Anonymous

well you were lucky you were 1/10 people who got a long life sony ericsson joystick

  • Peace

Guys, if you want a good photo quality, please go get yourself a digital camera. and not a phone =)

  • Anonymous

i have this phone and video recording is best as it is DVD like.. best phone on market .... beats K800i..

  • Anonymous

does any1 know how big the phone is wen it is opened because i have quite a small face and i was just wondering that if i was reli big then it would look weird, like covering up my whole face!! please tell me thanx

  • Anonymous

Just read this.

I guess I'll just wait for the N95 which is a 5 megapixel
camera with DVD video coming 1st quarter in 2007. The extra
2 megapixel may be good enough....