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  • Arron

I cant believe the N96 has staight 8's on the votes!!!! Ive had mine for bout 3 months and the design is rubbish it looks so fake and plastic. ( i voted 4) now the features are great its does everything i want from it. (voted 9, cause camera isnt the best good but not the best). Now performance isnt the best freezes alot less since the firmware upgrade but still now an again and can be a bit slow ( voted 7) so again i ask who would vote about say 6-7??? for design??????

  • Guido

Full of problems. The battery lasts less than a day. No friendly in using as a telephone. Very good in using as a camera. But I need a phone or a camera?

  • Anonymous

yaaaa its an ausome cell.dream of all funky dudes

  • king of the kings

the king of the kings is n95 8gb lower price same functions n96 is wider screen more storage

  • fuckin pussy

thuis phone is to prisey

  • Mukhtyar

Very bad in battery life ,N95 & N95 8GB is still kings .Very good Tv Receiver .

  • Darius

N82 is better than N95 8Gb :p

  • zulfiqar

for me this phone Rocks !!!
apart from its big memory , instant access , and a far better camera quality , this phone is far more superior than all , ya its true that N96 have some issues which cant be neglected , it has a battery problem and a plastic body problem but besides all off its problem N96 got some speed , Gprs & other office docs works awesome , n people u cant compare N96 with 5800 n other phones ...
N96 is a giant full access speedy phone and its expencive price worths for this beautifull gadget ...

  • Kenzo

Dani, 03 Mar 2009N95 8GB is KING still......I agree. Bt iv cum 2 a conclusion that the N96 only has build quality and bettery life issus. I say in my the share the Kingship seat! Im on fw v12 and hav 1.3gb left in mass memory. And it runs smothly i even hav theme effects on. Cnt wait 2 c wat the next fw upd8 wil do.

  • Dani

N95 8GB is KING still......

  • Anonymous

Suren K, 01 Mar 2009The worst phone ever... lag lag and lag.... errr.. 5800xm is better...yah ur ryt

what a worthless phone, better buy nokia 5800!

  • Haydn

Teck Savvy, 01 Mar 2009 My N82 died on me after less than a year of a moderate use. I d... moreIf its less than a year, then use the standard warranty..

  • Suren K

The worst phone ever... lag lag and lag.... errr.. 5800xm is better...

  • Secret

Teck Savvy, 01 Mar 2009 My N82 died on me after less than a year of a moderate use. I d... moreI don't think so, my friend use N82 since it was released, and now it still works with no problem, and its design is very very bold.

  • Teck Savvy

My N82 died on me after less than a year of a moderate use. I didn`t even drop it once. What a waste. So no more Nokia for me. They used to be good 5 years ago, now they simply fail to keep up with technology and completely not user friendly. Val.

  • cat

A good phone,works great but the battery is weak.

  • Kenzo

N96owner, 28 Feb 2009Kenzo, you're an imbecile. I used BL-6F on my N96 and now the ba... moreYour the Noob here! I told u try at your own risk! And i wornd u bout the back cover nt beingable 2 close nycly... How cn the bettery go 2 hell? U got a fake 1 there! The only difference between the Bl-6f and Bl-5f is that the Bl-6f is a bit thiker and has more capacity . Bt voltage and current are identical so ur the noob. U probly used a fake charger of bettery ! Il prove u wrong and post some links of reviews proving me ryt!

  • r3n0ire

i have this phone.the software is good and the memory is big i have a lot of films and good quality videos.if you need videos download realplayer ,then download from youtube videos and then download coyote ipod conventer.then convert videos from mp3 to mp4 and you will have very good videos on nokia just for 20 megabytes l0l
one film good quality is 500mg and you can watch TV on your nokia n96 .this is very cool i watch my favourite program

  • Darryl Drazen

I using N96, the latest firmware had rectifies the battery problem. And there is a lot of software run smooth on it, if u experience a little slow, kindly install your theme in the phone memory, others all using the 16GB memory, leave the phone memory as empty as possible. if you wish to set ur own pic as wallpaper put it into the phone memory as well. others all ok, i always surf net and listen song at college, so far the batt stil can last me whole day, even if i run the GARMIN gps also. Speaker are sweet. Core Player works very well on it, movie are havin great resolution. The only problem is the S60 script now still cant really support 8GB SDHC, will will be laggy, 4GB SDHC are well perform. Wish upcoming firmware will rectifies this prob. Only bad things is the camera are not very good as expected, nite scene not nice, other all are fine much better compare to N95, but lose to N82, and there is no instance button for camera, need to hold the capture button to active camera, tats the only thing i dun like, other all are great. worth to buy!! Best part is the screen, while u tile it and on GPS, goods good while driving and very clear. Again save ur pocket to invest another addition GPS.

  • N96owner

Kenzo, 28 Feb 2009I knw wat u mean.. Try upd8ing firmware via nsu then switch al u... moreKenzo, you're an imbecile. I used BL-6F on my N96 and now the battery's gone to hell. I had to waste 40 euros to get a Bl-5F! And I've also got a cracked back panel. That's another waste of money.