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  • moe.

Bakekang, 28 Oct 2008According to trusted reviews only, N85 has slightly better sound... moreN96 is above N81 in audio/sound quality .

  • josh

andy burgin, 25 Aug 2008The N96 is going to be alot of wasted time an money for Nokia as... moreif you are smart you will no that 8 meggapixels is not the answer to a good camera (5 is very good to me)you a falling into the megapixel myth, it is all about the lens and the focal lenth.

  • martin

had this phone since day one. Getting rid of it tomorrow. No signal, no volume on ringtones. Nokia can't help me. They don't care. Getting htc tytn. May come back to nokia one day. Had nokias for years but this has knocked my confidence in them way down.

  • Ronnel

This phone is great & great-looking.The GSM Arena guys are stupid if they think this phone is ugly.It's light,the screen is gorgeous and the audio quality is superb.The camera is good obviously there are better ones but it's better than most and the camera button is easy to use ,not extremely difficult.The processing speed is better than the the N95 and even when it's completely full with music it still moves smoothly.
The slide is smooth and all the keys are easy to press. The interface is nice and it's just super-stylish.
There are some problems as with ANY phone like:_
> the battery life isn't great if you use the phone continously especially music player
> the screen and keys beneath it are smudge magnets :-(
> it doesn't charge when connected to the PC
> the PC connect port isn't covered (dust)
These are minor problems so quite simply it's a GREAT PHONE!

  • martin

getting shot of my N96 tomorrow. No signal. No sound from ringtones. Waste of time. Getting an htc tytn. Looks great. Fast. Does everything I want. Can't wait. Hope you all have better luck than I did with this phone.

  • Kenzo

Dan, 28 Oct 2008Hi kenzo. How much is the nokia bh-604 bluetooth headset in SA? ... moreI dnt knw the exact price but iv alredy orderd them @ a voda shop...the dude who works the said they were there but some lady bought them 2 the day be4.....i thi nk they cost R980-R1300.....
As 4 the post below me....yup i totaly agree i realy dont see any innovation in the Sammsung i8510.......

  • Anonymous

Bakekang, 28 Oct 2008It hurts Nokia fanboys' ego to know that the best mobile phone c... moreDont pretend that the innov8 is a pot of gold. Only a true user will tell you about its drawbacks.
Bad battery life is the main issue. Due to its new powerhungry processor, it eats up the high capacity battery and wont go on for more than a day. It doesnt beat n96 on that front.
In terms of weight and egronomics, n96 wins, despite it being large as well. It is much lighter and isnt as long.
For gaming, the dual sliding action makes the gaming experience much better than innov8. Graphics are no match here.
About the sound quality, it may sound best when set to default, since the innov8 doesnt allow for creation of custom equalizers, try adjusting the equalisers on an n81 or n91 or n96. Let me know which sounds louder.
About the camera, yes its marvelous. But the prototype units used in some reviews seem to give much better pictures than the retail units. One website even said that the pictures are comparable to those of the samsung pixon. (guess we'll have to wait for gsmarena to confirm this shocking news).
Otherwise, as much as innov8 has some good qualities, this isnt the place for samsung fanboys. Go post that stuff in the samsung forum.

  • Dan

Kenzo, 28 Oct 2008I wish This multimedia device came with Nokia BH604 bluetooth st... moreHi kenzo. How much is the nokia bh-604 bluetooth headset in SA? I have a friend who will be going there in a few months. I want her to get them for me as they arent sold here in kenya. Thanks.

  • Bakekang

It hurts Nokia fanboys' ego to know that the best mobile phone currently is not a Nokia phone as it used to be. But instead it is Samsung INNOV8, best in camera, best in sound quality, best in innovation, best in performance, best in everything. Jbenchmark tests show the data to prove how INNOV8 beats all other latest NSeries phones. N96 which was so much overhyped all this time is not actually good as we think it is. I think only die-hard Nokia fanboys can appreciate N96 and say it's still the best. There is no single feature on N96 that INNOV8 has not beaten it, from camera, music, performance, battery life, to build quality, ergonomics, and everything.

  • Kenzo

I wish This multimedia device came with Nokia BH604 bluetooth stereo headsets.....
but yeah im geting this b4 the end of November

  • jojo2009

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2008Samsung GT-i8510 INNOV8 vs Nokia N96 vs Nokia N85 : Hardware Per... moreif the (samsung shg-i8510 innov8) is the best phone in performance and gaming i will not buy it its a chinese rubbish phone,i prefere n96 becas its better quality and (finland) and its just no.1

  • Anonymous

Samsung GT-i8510 INNOV8 vs Nokia N96 vs Nokia N85 : Hardware Performance

CPU Platform :
- Samsung GT-i8510 : TI OMAP 2430 450MHz, 128MB RAM
- Nokia N96 : STMicroelectronics Nomadics STn8815 264MHz, 128MB RAM
- Nokia N85 : FreeScale I.MX31 369MHz, 128MB RAM

-Performance Test-
Jbenchmark 1.0.1 Total Score :
- Samsung GT-i8510 : 4997
- Nokia N96 : 2796
- Nokia N85 : 3232
Jbenchmark 2.0.1 Total Score :
- Samsung GT-i8510 : 532
- Nokia N96 : 358
- Nokia N85 : 548
Jbenchmark 3D HQ Score :
- Samsung GT-i8510 : 873
- Nokia N96 : 155
- Nokia N85 : 195
Jbenchmark 3D LQ Score :
- Samsung GT-i8510 : 979
- Nokia N96 : 283
- Nokia N85 : 380
Jbenchmark HD Gaming Score :
- Samsung GT-i8510 : 956 (29.0 fps)
- Nokia N96 : 127 (4.2 fps)
- Nokia N85 : 166 (5.5 fps)

TI OMAP 2430 model are the 2nd generation of TI OMAP chips, 2420, powers multiple hi-end Nokia smartphones(N93, N95, E90, N82) and has in fact an integrated 3D accelerator.
The improvement from 2420 also extremely numerous. The CPU frequency has been pulled up to 450MHz from previous value of 330MHz. The chipset can work with high definition camera(> 5 MP) and it take less than a second to take shot. The rest important point about 2430 hardware are an upgrade TWL4030 module (TWL 92230 was used in 2420). TWL4030 is multifunctional solution providing access to numerous codecs, dedicated audio processing module, noise filters, and so on.
Samsung i8510 is the first Samsung smartphone to fully utilize the potential of the hardware graphics accelerator. It is an absolute requirement for processing 8 megapixel images, real-time VGA video decoding with separate audio signal processing(done by dedicated DSP, excluding the possibility of using the music player and camera at the same time). The graphic accelerator can now handle twice as few polygons per second, commonly used to power the best gaming phone.
Nokia N85 utilizes the same hardware as N78, N81, and N79. Freescale is cheaper solution for the most expensive TI OMAP 2430. The lack of 3D accelerator is blatant in the Jbenchmark 3D test. N85 lags behind in other test as well. Despite the lags seen in the test, N85 audio quality is the same with N96, a bit above than N78, but a bit below than Samsung GT-i8510 INNOV8.


- Samsung i8510 : Standard, Li-Ion 1200 mAh, Stand-by Up to 310 h, Talk time Up to 8 h 30 min

- Nokia N96 : Standard, Li-Ion 950 mAh, Stand-by Up to 220 h, Talk time Up to 3 h 40 min !!!!!!!!

- Nokia N85 : Standard, Li-Ion 1200 mAh, Stand-by Up to 360 h, Talk time Up to 6 h 50 min


- Samsung i8510 : 8 MP, Video VGA@30fps, QVGA@120fps

- Nokia N96 : 5 MP , Video VGA@30fps

- Nokia N85 : 5 MP, Video VGA@30fps

Conclusion :
- Samsung GT-i8510 INNOV8 has faster hardware performance, the best camera, excellent sound - DNSe 2.0 (Digital Natural Sound engine), excellent build quality, good battery, good price etc. while Nokia N96 is the slowest most expensive and with just 950 mah battery.

- Samsung GT-i8510 INNOV8 fully utilize the potential of the 3D graphic accelerator. It is an absolute requirement for processing the camera, video recording, decoding and playback. Nokia N85 and N96 can't handle this perfectly because the lack of graphic accelerator.

- Samsung GT-i8510 INNOV8 is the best gaming phone today. U can enjoy your 3D or HD games running perfectly in 29 fps, while Nokia N85 and N96 only can run below 10 fps. Thank's to dedicated hardware graphic accelerator.

  • Anonymous

real good machine

  • Kenzo

Finaly this multimedia device hits our stores in South Africa

  • Kenzo

Hey i realy need 2 knw this wich Nokia device has 8way navigation keys(D-pad) besides the N-Gage and N-Gage QD......
they say the N81 and the 8GBversion hav a way...i just wana chek it out....coz i had the N81 4 8hour but it did hav any N-Gage games so couldnt test it on that department....

  • jojo2009

Sime, 28 Oct 2008Does windows recognize as storage device when pluged in usb with... moreyou can easiy access N96's memory by Windows Vista explorer without any need of PCsuite,BUT the PCsuite is much more good and easy to manage your (data,pics,appl,vids,music......)>>>If you want a good PC suite I recommend (NOKIA N-SERIES PCsuite 2.0.3)
If you didn't find it tell me....

  • Anonymous

N96's battery life is very poor. You'll get upset because you have to charge it almost everyday especially if you're a "hard core user". This phone is definitely a "battery eater" because of its wide high resolution screen, high definition camera and of course, video capabilities. i love to call this phone, "our electricity vampire"

  • iolo003

Bakekang, 28 Oct 2008According to trusted reviews only, N85 has slightly better sound... morereview sites normaly have different opinions.. its just proves humans uniqueness and individuality.. cheers!

  • Bakekang

iolo003, 28 Oct 2008ive read a review by a very respectable mobilephone expert, pasc... moreAccording to trusted reviews only, N85 has slightly better sound quality than N79. N79 has same sound quality as N78. N78 has better sound quality than N82. N82 has better sound quality than N95. Going back to N85, N85 has worse sound quality than N96. N96 has worse sound quality than N81. N81 has worse sound quality than INNOV8 and N91. So here's the rankings of these phones according to their sound quality via 3.5mm jack in descending order:
1.Nokia N91/N91 8GB/ Samsung INNOV8
2.Nokia N81/N81 8GB
3.Nokia N96
4.Nokia N85
5.Nokia N78/Nokia N79
6.Nokia N82
7.Nokia N95/N95 8GB

  • Kenzo

Rassall, 28 Oct 2008I m a very hardcore Music lover listening music through quality ... moreI would advise u 2 go 4 the N91 8GB and get your self some Sennheiser HD 400 series.....the 415 ,457 or 465.....
i personaly will use my HD 595's 4 my N96...:)