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Nokia N96

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  • SE Admin

August people August!!
pre orders are raving on websites already.. were all excited, cant wait also lol

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970It's simple. Think of it like this: if James Bond were to choose his ultimate mobile phone, N96 would be the one.

  • roadtoUSA

Can anyone experienced tell me here when will nokia announce the 5800 xpressmedia, their 1st s60 touchscreen phone? Plz send your reply soon.

  • n96

i hope 2 buy diz fone i hope diz fone is gna be cheaperr less den 300pound i hope god plz

  • n96

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970hello u wan 2 kw which 1 is better it up 2 u iphone 3g is really great to hve nd fun touch screen expect n96 it had everyfing a person cud ask 4

  • Relly Aensland

This devices was good for Us, but need some features to add Japanese/Koreans T9-Dictionary writing language system in any nokia region phones model. (MSG: To all staff of nokia OS programer's must be read it. Thanks).

  • upgrader

you guys all rave about this phone, but none of you will want to pay a penny for it when it comes to upgrading, it will be the same sob stories to get it free

  • Anonymous

what??, 15 Jul 2008behold!n96!one of the most anticipated camera phones of the... morewhats with the battery concern? does anybody know how the battery feared in reality?

let it be known that the battery of this phone is not as bad as you think, don't believe those people, they just run out of arguments but they really don't know what there talking about

that 200% sure, lets wait and see

  • what??

behold!n96!one of the most anticipated camera phones of the year!wait a second,aren't we missing something,i mean the n82 which is half the price of the n96!it is the best camera phone of 2008.don't believe me,go to is faster and has got better battery life than the n96's.all the n96 has is 1)bigger screen(a difference of only 1 cm,duh!),2)dvb-h and nothing considerable else than who's your daddy?n82 or n96?

  • precious 4 the peopl

it is so obvious that a mini palm top has just been unlished.

  • MIKE

d, 15 Jul 2008can anyone help?! n95 8gb or n96?...i've heard n96 has w... moreThe battery isn't everything .N96 has the CPU of 550 mhz ( count it again !! ) . it has tv and 16 gb memory with SD slot . you can buy 2 more battery for yourself . but of course the last choice is for you . i just suggest N96 .

  • iolo003

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2008You need to check NOKIA 8208. So HOT!!!!!! Nokia 8208 is hot indeed but I need a smartphone.

N96 will be my upgrade phone next to N82 but that will be 6 months from now, when the hype pass by, for sure price will be cheaper and I can afford it hahaha

Besides I need to finish my 6 month credit card installment made when I bought N82 before getting another phone for another 6 month installment plan, thats N96 c",

  • d

can anyone help?!

n95 8gb or n96?...i've heard n96 has worse battery power etc..but anyone know exactly which is better?!!

  • Anonymous

You need to check NOKIA 8208. So HOT!!!!!!

  • andy burgin

Just seen on its going to be available in september for 699 euros an on the Nokia website theres a Special addition one available for 759 euros giving some money to the Panda Trust,so its not going to be cheap sim free,so will keep searching for a cheaper price or get it on contract instead,but will Nokia be announcing some new models for release at the 4th quarter of this year or for xmas so will be see if its better to get the N96 or wait for the new models as thats what happened to me before i got the N73 then the Music one bacame available an get the N95 then all of a sudden the 8gb one is released will Nokia do this with the N96 you never now

  • iolo003

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970i think your dreaming and you haven't read more enough

its just that this phone had something to offer, cutting edge in mobile phone technology, dual processor.. hmmm

lets see the real score when this comes out, keep posted, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.. you might be left behind c",

  • Anonymous

hmm it is said in the nokia dev website...that this phone uses a single core processor clocked at 392 mhz....

they downgradsed from the n95's dual core processor to lessen the price....and it is said that this phone doesnt have a graphics accelerator chip...

but it seems the new processor will be handling all the graphics stuff...

how this affect the battery performance I guess we will soon see hehe^_^

  • iolo003

LoveGod, 14 Jul 2008Just a n95 8gb with some tweaks and small addons. Go see Sa... moreThis phone is way better than Omnia, look closely on the specs. Facts don't lie c",

Anyways lets find out how the battery will perform on its final release versions, if dual processor have help this phone conserve energy thus making it last longer like that of laptops.

  • Anonymous

SEVEN Push Email FP2 Update Coming.........

  • LoveGod

Just a n95 8gb with some tweaks and small addons. Go see Samsung i900 Omnia and dump this, you will regret buying it, aspecialy with this battery. Don't do it if you're smart