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  • MIKE

Good news ! I met one of my friends last week . He had bought N96 from 3 month ago . I asked him about the CPU . It was 550 mhz !!i don't know why gsmarena has written 264 mhz ! it didn't have any delay for opening folders , even 0.5 second ! But the battery is worse . 2h and 48min for talk time , 200h standby . All of these infos were written in its manual . i don't think Nokia is liar !!

  • Ken

Wow solar power devices! What an age we live in!


  • The_Nootz

Hayabusa, 13 Jul 2008the electro shocker is a good idea. Actually i left that on... moreYeah, you're welcome. One last thing, you might add an atomic battery and forget about the solar panels. No hard feelings, I just thought that you asked too much. And the things I suggested adding to your wish list were because you *can* squeeze more out of it.

Now about the freedom of speech thing, I never had anything to do with that, and I couldn't forbid you to write all those things (*that* might be a violation of speech freedom) even if I wanted to. But making a comment about your wish list is just... my opinion, nothing more. My ironic statements were there just because you might have exaggerated a bit.

And you should think about that, too. That maybe that anonymous statement was right, that your dream phone might really cost a fortune, that nobody has tried adding solar panels to devices like the N96 etc.

Look, you might search for something that is closer to your wish list, even if you don't forget about it. Take the new 8 megapixel Samsung, or this device here. It is not us who make the phones, we only choose. So it is still a matter of choice.

  • Anonymous

iolo003, 14 Jul 2008This phone is not pressured by the presence of C905 or i850... moreyes it is. xperia and c905 is one of the most anticipated phones coming out this year. along with htc diamond. samsung not making final announcements about i8510.?

for sure even SE does not have good sales, n96 will be compared to those phones.

  • Anonymous

i don't need extra MP because with 5MP i could get great pictures already. thats good enough for me. what matters is i have a good feature to enjoy in this phone, Live TV thats not present among the competitors. a total multimedia phone

  • rick

it is a brillant phone but it should be 16gb and 8mp

  • iolo003

shadowed_angst, 14 Jul 2008I wonder when Nokia will make another surprise announcement... moreim sure there are many weapons coming out as a surprise from Nokia, thats what we call marketing strategy

  • shadowed_angst

I wonder when Nokia will make another surprise announcement to shock its competitors; you know, the same way they did with the N82. Announcing a new phone that is iMmEdIaTeLy available.

  • iolo003

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2008this phone is in intense pressure against samsung i(whateve... moreThis phone is not pressured by the presence of C905 or i850. This phone exist for itself, being way different than the two, way to better that their afraid to match its release date c", Xperia will be SE's weapon against N96 by August, will that be a match or mismatch?
Hhhhmmm?!? more of a mismatch..
Good Luck SE and Samsung Friends
Hope your phone will pick up sales by January.

  • Anonymous

this phone is in intense pressure against samsung i(whatever) and sony ericsson c905.
iphone 3g is suckish and stands no chance against these phone and htc diamond and samsung omnia and sony ericsson x1.

  • Anonymous

Hayabusa, 13 Jul 2008the electro shocker is a good idea. Actually i left that on... morethats too much!
youll probably have it on year 2090.

  • n96

im goin get this fone 4 sure!! im sure nokia will make new fone wid 10mp u will c in dec

  • John McCain

I'm going to get this phone as well Barack, and I'm going to get you as well!!

  • Dave

"I don't care if its going to be big and heavy" You can tell he likes fat chicks too lol.

  • Hayabusa

The_Nootz, 10 Jul 2008=)) Some people on this forum continually amaze me. And... morethe electro shocker is a good idea. Actually i left that one out. thanks for reminding me. But a cooker, fire extinguisher and printer? then you are obnoxious! You be reasonable. Every heard of freedom of speech? your violent reactions are the ones that are useless. All the things that i mentioned in my wish list are currently available technologies. Its just a matter of streamlining it and making it compact. Im not asking for a time machine if that is your point, if so than you can say I am being unreasonable.

For those of you who doesnt know what this is all about then this is a copy of the post:

If Nokia would like me to switch the new phone should be a lot better and offer something new! Like my WISH LIST as follows:

1.> 12MP Carl Zeiss, 5x Optical zoom,
Face/Smile Detect w motorized lens cover
2.> Xenon Flash & Video (120fps) 3LED flash
(LED can be used as a flashlight)
3.> Steel or Titanium casing front and back
terminals (3.5mm,USB & etc.) are covered
making it dust & splash proof!
4.> 80GB internal memory
5.> microSD card support (16GB)
6.> 256MB DDR RAM w 512MB Storage
7.> Dedicated graphics chip 128MB DDR RAM
8.> Stereo speakers (LOUD but still crisp and
9.> 2200mah Li-po battery
10.>Dual SIM
11.>3.6" touch screen (16M)w stylus
but still has a dual slide keypad
12.>Universal audio & video format support
13.>Built-in complete office applications
14.>Blackberry support
15.>USB (not mini) charging & support
read/write on USB drive,gamepad or
16.>Outdoor functions (Thermometer,Altimeter,
Barometer,16 direction digital compass)
17.>SW1,SW2,AM Radio support (built in antena)
18.>Solar panel charger accessory
19.>Electro Shoker (thanks to The_Nootz!=)

* I don't care if its going to be big and heavy (I love a sturdy feel) as long as it packs it all in there w perfect harmony. Chances are if you bring all the devices to perform all these functions it will weigh a whole lot more. Nokia! make it truly a phone that is all in one!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2008Do you have any idea what will be the price if all these fe... moreThe Solar Panel I mentioned was an external charger accessory and not built in a phone if you were reading my post carefully. There already are a number of solar powered electronic devices if you are missing the news, you should go out more often. Lastly, if I was a Laptop enthusiast nor if GSM arena was a Laptop site would I be giving my opnion on the future of GSM phones?

When the time comes and all these features consolidate wouldn't it be nice to have it all at you palm??? Freedom of speech my man. dont react to violently. Peace

  • Anonymous

this phone is running much like a n 95 im sure that nokia alredy has a new n serie media phone that will match the new samsung i8510 featurtes
and more

  • Pinoy_Phone+Whore

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970 The Samsung i8510 is a great phone... I hope it has the extras to back it up. But damm!!! why does it have to look like ass ??? I'm not siding with the N96, it has its faults but it looks alot better than the Samsung. I was more interested in the Sony Ericson because of its looks. But the video recording was a total turn off...
I have a N95 now and I've been a Nokia user since the Nokia 3650 phone. And I love how nokia's software works. I've had a Sony Ericson W810 which I loved and I had a Motorola Razor which was also a great phone. I had a HP which I hated ... So I'm not supporter of a single brand. I look for the best performer and best looking phone . I want quality pictures.

My N95 8gb 5mp pics doesnt compare to my 5mp Panasonic Lunix camera ... Thats what I'm looking for. A camera phone that will actually produce good pics. Surprisingly the best camera phone that produces great quality pics is the LG Veiwty but all the other extras and the software on the phone sucks...

Just My 2 Cents;

  • Abood

Nokia is the best
16 GB that is the best phone I've ever seen
hope to buy it soon

  • iolo003

Andy Burgin, 13 Jul 2008I wonder if Nokia will now not release the N96 with Sony Er... moreits called marketing strategy friend c", N96 will be Nokia's crown jewel not because of its camera feature alone but of its new features together with its forminable tested feature present in N95.. putting a bigger pixel can only increase price, and why should they put bigger pixel in it when 5MP is just enough to produce quality pictures, they have to shift their focus on offering new feature to incorporate with their future phones. it called totality at a best price.