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Nokia N96

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  • Anonymous

lee, 12 Jul 2008samsung primera does not have xenon flash... Now samsung as... moreWhat SE can do is add megapixels in their camera phones! But they can't even upgrade their video! It's funny, SE will be the very first mobile phone brand that will have a 20MP camera in their phone next, but the video will remain at QVGA! Lol!$

  • Anonymous

lee, 12 Jul 2008nokia are becoming the leeds united of the phone industry t... moreNokia is falling farther and farther behind what brand? Samsung, SE, LG, Motorola, HTC, Apple?

  • lee

nokia are becoming the leeds united of the phone industry they are falling further and further behind

  • bengalisoldier

samsung anit better then diz fone n96 is best

  • nick

i dont see why the samsung is any better than this phone?

this one has a tv receiver.

and does the new samsung have VGA video?

  • lee

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970samsung primera does not have xenon flash... Now samsung as well as nokia fall behind the mighty sony ericsson 8mp with xenon flash happy days for sony ericsson samsung and nokia better luck next time prob by time nokia launch a 8mp with a xenon sony ericsson will be on at least 12mp

  • Dustin Nguyen

Yes, Samsung i8510 is show off in Vietnam. Samsung i8510 also have GPS, Stereo Speaker, Symbian 9.3 S60v3 Featured Pack 2, New OMAP3 Processor & optical joystick.
I hope Samsung will release soon like they release Omnia after show off in Singapore.

  • lee

iolo003, 12 Jul 2008your probably right, but then N95 owners will not be attrac... morere your comments on c905 will only b better than n96 cos of 8mp camera u r wrong c905 also has xenon flash y have 5 mp if only poor led flash?? And most importantly the battery on c905 will be hundred times better than n96 which is poorer than n95 wot will nokia then do? Same as they did with n95 and release n95 8gb which containes better battery can u not see that nokia love ripping there customers off???

  • Naman Bansal

yeah its a life timer...
you can activate it by *#92702689#

  • Andy Burgin

Watch out buying off Ebay or other sites as there are loads of fakes about,i got one that matched the look of the Nokia N96 but the memory card would not work on it correctly,then one seller sent me one an all he had done is used the 8gb N95 body on the one an just changed the front an back to make it look like the N96 but it was in all Black an to thick as the N96 is alot thinner so take good care buying of the internet or you will be wasteing time an loads of money buying the wrong phone

  • Anonymous

Now that samsung i8510 is just around the corner, the N96 and people who's planning to get this is in very big trouble indeed! You'll gonna feel like the N96 was stolen and put samsung name on it. Goodluck ya' all

  • Anonymous

My question on this phone is. Do you not think that Nokia owes a zenon flash on this phone and more important to there loyal fans? Common nokia, we deserve it.

  • Anonymous

the phones design owes many people even my sony ericsson fanatic brother :) he is frantically the most fanatic SE user in the world, never used other brands ever but he is thinking about getting this phone and sell his P1i on, bid on it SE fans!!

  • Anonymous

i ve to admit the features on this phone are fantastic... but the phone looks too plain big and ugly

  • Anonymous

Al, 12 Jul 2008I cannot wait to get my hands on one. This phone might just... more7/31/08 is the expected date of release for this phone.. but i wont buy this phone until January next year, i cant afford its initial release price of 599 Euro hahaha

  • Al

I cannot wait to get my hands on one. This phone might just blow all its competetores away in a week it has to be the most anticipated phone of the year!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Did it come out yet? o.o I see a lot of people selling them. I believe they are fakes..

  • iolo003

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970your probably right, but then N95 owners will not be attracted buying this phone because u own a great phone as well, they will market this phone not to replace N95 but to attract non owners of N95 like me.

C905 have promising specs but until now they have not release any preview of it because it might not be as great it was expected and N96 is way way way to great in specs than C905, if you look closely and compare booth, what C905 has that N96 dont have is the 8MP only. N96 wont even be left behind in imaging.

Beat that

  • lee

to all people arguing over this and c905 i got n95 8gb and k850i both in oct last year by the time n96 and c905 are both available n95 8gb and k850i will be 1year old so imagine my dissapointment when nokia only fetch out this boring phone with no major features better than my n95 8gb thankfully s/e who never let me down launch the greatest handset to date ever made in the c905 come on nokia any one with common sense who has already n95 8gb will not pay a fortune to upg to this n81 lookalike cos it no different to n95 8gb come on nokia move with the 8mp times!

  • Anonymous

Just pure absoulute sexyness