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Nokia N96

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  • Anonymous

i wonder what would happen if the nseries run out of naming numbers?
like after n99, will there be n100?
hoho lol.

  • n96

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970in august

  • Anonymous

this phone is very thick compared to apple iphone or samsung i900 Omnia. The 18mm thickness should be cut in half.

  • n96

next year all nokia fone will take to next level mid 2009

  • The_Nootz

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2008Do you have any idea what will be the price if all these fe... moreDon't even bother giving explanations to people too thick-headed to hear about laptops and stuff like that. It's pointless, trust me.

But that doesn't keep me from wondering what was in that guy's mind. Maybe he just heard about mobiles, 12 mpx cameras, 80GB memories etc, and solar panels, came up with a genius idea and asked himself why on Earth can't Nokia make a phone that has all that crap.

(sigh) Oh brother...

  • meizuo

guys do u know what the code/s to be input to know if the phone you will buy is really brand new??
someone told me that its *#0000# but i dont think so coz its for the manufactured date.

pls post the right code/s here. thanks

  • Anonymous

Dear Nokia,
if you build a phone with dual sim support (like the Samsung D880) i will buy it, even if it costs a 1000 €. Until then, you do not exist for me.

  • Andy Burgin

Nokias got some new mobiles on its way soon as i just recieved a email from 3g Newsletter saying Nokias got some new phones on the way an might be for the China Market the 8208 is a dual slider with a 3 mega-pixel camera on it an looks like the smaller versions of the N96 so we might see the 8 mega-pixel phone from Nokia soon to beat the C905 in sales

  • Daniel

This phone look really nice i think i will buy him cuse my N95 broke....i really like N96 and i hope he will sucsses like N95

  • iolo003

Kris, 10 Jul 2008What I'm really concerned about is the battery performance,... moreits has dual processor, it MIGHT have change in power consumption just like what happen in pc's c", less power consumption more battery life

just like N81 where this phones design was patterned this will become finger print magnet as well
just put some covers to prevent it.

  • Anonymous

Hayabusa, 09 Jul 2008This model does not differ much from the N95-8GB (which I o... moreR u sure u looking for a phone?

By the way u forgot to mention the color and weight so NOKIA got a little confused...

be happy with wat u have, this will make ur life only easier


  • bengalisoldier

damn £600 pound 4 diz fone it too much

  • tony says this phone is getting released on 31/7/08 not Q3 here is the link

  • Waqas

Hayabusa, 09 Jul 2008This model does not differ much from the N95-8GB (which I o... moreHey can i get a mobile with mind reading things and a function to make me invinsible.Come on man its just a mobile phone not a house or Alladin lap

  • Anonymous

Hayabusa, 09 Jul 2008This model does not differ much from the N95-8GB (which I o... moreDo you have any idea what will be the price if all these features are included in a phone? No professional photographer will ever use a mobile phone insted a pro digital camera. And solar panel? What the hell you are talking about? Can you name any digital device which has it? It will never happen because the device will not be able to tolarate that much heat. I am sure someday mobile phones will have 80 or 160 gb flash memory. When prices will come down, it will happen. And everything else of your asking are already available in a device. Heard of laptops?

  • The_Nootz

Hayabusa, 09 Jul 2008This model does not differ much from the N95-8GB (which I o... more=))

Some people on this forum continually amaze me. And when you think pointless "wishes" eventually come to an end, there comes another one that blows you away...

Yeah Hayabusa, the next thing you're going to ask for is a built-in cooker, and then a fire extinguisher, and then an electro-shocker, and then a built-in printer, etc... Something to say like "be reasonable" is truly... useless.

  • Kris

What I'm really concerned about is the battery performance, and how the body design is a finger print attractor D:

Otherwise, I'm considering this phone.

  • bengalisoldier

i still cnt w8 4 diz fone 2 release soon!

  • iolo003

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2008youre also from the philippines? how long will it take for ... moreaccording to our trend here, prices will go down a bit within a months after its original release date and sharp decline will be seen after 6 months if the device will not sell that much

N82 i believe will not go down yet because of increase in demand and popularity, as a matter of fact, it even increase. N95 remains at the same range for quite sometime now, thats because it still is the flagship device of Nokia and the most desired phone among Filipinos, but with the advent of N96, N95's price will drop but not that much. and will remain in that price for quite sometime as well.

slowing down of world economy have hendered mobile phone manufacturers from releasing new high end phones thus positioning N96, N95 and N82 on top of their product line for sometime so they will remain expensive for quite sometime as well

  • Anonymous

iolo003, 10 Jul 2008its a dual processor of 264mhz, same to that of dual core i... moreyoure also from the philippines? how long will it take for its price to drop down to less than 20k? do you think n82's price will go down to around 12k, same with n95 8gb, or will it be phased out just before that happens? cos n91 and n93, as i can remember, have their price dropped to 14k and they were already obsolete in the following weeks after that price hit! you cant buy any n91 n91 8gb n93 and n93i brand new today! im just wondering if that will happen also in n82 n95 8gb and n96. because i can only buy a phone in 12k price range. :(