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Nokia N96

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  • jon23

woah!! gargantua! duhhh... the most cheapest of them all!!.. as if the whole 16gb can be used, all nokia fones hangs and malfunction's when the memmry is almost used. and ALL nokia fones are veryveryveryvery slow doing basic task sending,calling etc. come on! Open ur eyes use it wise fuse it with ur brain. look how nokia destroyed our lifestyle and our money. i grew up using nokia since 3210 and now using n95 8gb. im so dissappointed with theses fones and i hope u guys will not expirience these things in the futur.


hi,N96 mob cell nice but infrd port :-(

  • nokia fan

this phone is an ultimate handset. it has almost every feature phone users want. what i love about it is that it has smooth and smart appearance with sleeky design. plus the audio quality has also been improved compare to the current top liner N95 8GB. the releasing price for the fist two months after launching approximately around $800USD. then the price would probably eventually down to around $600USD.

  • Anonymous

how come you peeps already got an N96 even before it's released? :-?

  • Tyler

according to some website I saw, It's supposed to be for sale on August 15th, 2008 (long time for me lol) and a price of about 700-800 dollars. I'm pretty sure that some of us will be able to get our hands on it as early as july. And as for the sucky battery life, don't forget nokia has a line of extended batteries, so you could easily buy one for better battery life. and one question for all of you: Is DVB-H free off the air or does it require a subscription to your network provider? Thanks

  • Andy Burgin

Now they say the N96 is going to be fitted with the xenon flash instead of dual lcd one an now this will improve the camera quality more but it might delay the release of it,

  • safty

i can tell u that i bought this mobile from mobile shop and i used it ifind it very nice mobile it's contain all options .men elaa7'er gamed.......
mohamed elsafty
assistant store manger at mobile shop

  • Anonymous

hmm... you got an N96 b4 its release?!

  • Yetuu

This phone hot and is a must have guys. I got one from my Aunt. I love itor let me say i love Nokia handsets.


Hi falks. . Iam presently using an n73. . I was waiting for a perfect upgrade.. I had half a mind to hop on to E90. . But was just not making the leap. . BUT NOW. . Wallah ! !
COZ. . Infra red is missing. . But i dont seem to have much use with it except it came in handy using my irREMOTE SOFTWARE;)

  • Anonymous

i agreed with you, the batery sucks but N96 its the ultimate multimedia computer... i have one and it is fast and full of feactures,16G plus card slot,symbian 9.3,GPS,DVB-H TV,pocket office,a quallity of sound and video uniques, want do you want more?a coffe machine??lol... comparing with N95 itīs a good upgrade...if you want a nokia phone with good batery go to Eseries...

  • sillyboy

n96 is not complete without xenon flash and optical zoom..

  • syman

can you realy watch tv anywhere free with that

  • mamal

very good

  • AKA

The Nokia N96 phone costs 550euros ie 874 Cad$ or 866 $

  • tyan

it will be good if Nokia can come out with white gloss.

  • Gizmo

Hi guys,

From what i have heard through the industry this phone's release will be majorly delayed. Nokia are having many troubles with processing this phone. Problems include freezing, storing memory, lagging etc. The phone may not be produced if these issues are not resolved. Poor work on Nokia's behalf but I am sure we will see the phone in the not so distant future.

  • Anonymous

isit worth it or should i spend my mony on a htc phone or go for the latest sony ericsson samsung or lg because althought nokia are reliable they just aren't that good! slow, and tbh quite annoying..........

  • Anonymous

i can get an above-average LAPTOP for the price of this phone.

  • rob

secondary VGA videocall camera