Nokia N96

Nokia N96

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  • aluc

info from nokia itself: n96 is 20mm thick, not 18mm. see on the nokia site.

  • wii

to the one whos asking if this phone has a front cam, i believe it has cause this phohe is 3g capable(video calling)...

  • Chamon

Nice phone... and it does have front VGA cam for HSDPA Videocall.

  • vallentin

nokia n 96...nice sould better than n 95...but it ..first of all have onli litium batery...why..have a big screen...many function and a graffic card....but the battery it sucks....oh nokia ....think twice before make a phone...

  • hinni oussama

yes, as you see,in the specs,it has a front camera wich let you make videocalls. gooood luck

  • Crazy 4 phones

Yes its having a vga camera for video calling.

  • Anonymous

Yes,it have a front camera to make videocall
and i'm 500% sure

  • ....

my friend sure it has front camera.i am wondering wjy you cant see it....

  • DT

Jab there is!on the Right site

  • eXtreme

Yeah, this phone has all, and front camera for calls(3g)... :) but i'm thinking now not about this phone, i think n82 is just what i need, as n73 was one of the best nokia models, better then n95 with selling, and many functions, n82 is n73-3(-2 is music edition) xd

  • nokia user

i must assure you that n96 is waste of money, currently the best phone on the market is n95 8gb, we should wait for the newer version of n96... same as some of us did with the old n95.

  • Anonymous

when this phone is coming in the market and any idea abouut the cost ..........i think nokia will going to prove once again that they r still the best consumer choice and best company to belive in .
Good work nokia
Vivek aurora

  • Samsonok

Sorry pepsi mate have to disagree. I think you will find when this comes out in the flesh it will be a major let down just like the N95. N95 so many problems. I mean a touch might be delicate but atleast they work unlike n the N95's and so many other poor quality Nokia's. They really have poor quality control of their phones. Sony Ericsson and Samsung are far more inspiring in their designs, style wise and the way they are constructed. Many of the features on this phone are unusable to many or mean nothing anyway. The 16gb internal memory will be a nightmare as phone will freeze and lag as all nokias do as they are under processed. think of a nokia as a car offering all great interior options and body kits, but having nothing under the bonnet. Because thats what they are, under powered. Where as other brands are far more efficiant... i mean after all the primary reason for a mobile phone is to make calls! I think we forget that sometimes. Also to utilise things like wifi, i think a good touch screen and interface are essential. Just my thought!

  • Pepsi

Oh Mah Gah!

It's like a N81 but better!
It's defiently going to be the "it phone" when it comes out. Sadly though if you do have it you just look a follower, so i shall keep my N81 i think. But if something does happen to my N81 (Let us pray that does not happen) I might consider this one.
And to the person below speaking about why Nokia do not have a touchscreen...
Touchscreens have alot of problems with it. They are so much more delicate than a normal phone. Working in the mobile industry I have seen many people come in complaining how their phone will not work because the screen is scratched and doesnt recognise when you touch certain areas, etc. Some people would like a phone that is more durable and will last more than a year. I think Nokia have their heads screwed on right with what they bring out. They are always on top, and forever improving.


  • Anonymous

Hey, can someone help me pls?
Does it have a front camera to make videocall?


  • brazilian boy

N96 is the best phone on de the market, but, your price is very high.

  • zaher

I think this phone have the best specifications
and it is on the top

  • Darky

I've got this phone few days ago and its really amazing. (if someone need info about it and a price) its not expensive,just contact

  • Carno

N96 is the bestttttt...

  • Anonymous

This phone is great, and you can do everything with it, not like the Iphone which is only good for showing off by geeks !