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Nokia N96

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  • helloct

“Nokia N96 to get a xenon flash?” i've just get this info from intomobile com.

  • Revenant

@ ciyber

I'd love to know where you're getting your information. There's no way Nokia would release info on the N96's successor before the N96 is even released. It's simply not good business sense. So unless you have a buddy that works in Nokia's R&D department, my guess is that you're full of something. And I ain't talking about useful information here...

  • LoveGod

@SPK: what are you doing posting at a nokia phone?

i better carry 10 batteries at me and have symbian than to have windows mobile.

Keys vary from many models, and i can say n70, n73, n82 are phones with very good keys

  • Dani

Best Phone ever!

  • ciyber

Nokia's next big announcement for next flagship is jan 2009 at the GSM world mobile congress- expectVGA resoultions touchscreens , 7-8 megapixel cameras and 32gb storage flash!!!

I guess we have to satisfy our flagship hunger with this Nokia for 08.

  • UmeR

NOKIA N95, N95-8GB, N82 and N96 are all da same apart from desigen and memory cant fight dis fact

  • Anonymous

How many times you guys talk about batteries and Xenon Flash?
Can't you just find something newer to say?
Or you guys have some "Battery/Xenon/Touch " timer in your head? Ring-on every 40 hours?

  • Naz

Why not the Xenon Flash???

  • Anonymous

what the **** do you need infrared for?

  • Anonymous

samsung is a bad copy of nokia. Nkia is better check the specks nubbb

  • Anonymous

Handy size with qwerty pad
-> Are you sure your fingertips can smoothly and exactly push the right key when it's size is so small?

Handy size with high resolution
-> What price do you expect a 640x800 LCD with pixel pitch 0.089mm?

Handy size with GSM/WCDMA/DVB-H/GPS/etc.... antenna, chips of processors/storage/etc..., other spaces for slide rail/sim-card/camera/etc...,
and a battery that big enough.
-> Will the antenna have good reception of all kinds of signals? Or you want some brick that doesn't be "handy" anymore?

OK forget about "handy"
-> Then go to buy UMPC.
Go to buy other things you want if it really exist.

There are so many phones, and they are divided by purpose and times(advancement), why you expect all the thing on only one of them?

And "Beat", the word "beat".
Are you warriors or something? Are you like to take the phone as weapons, and beat any other one that have phone inferior to yours? Is that your culture level?

  • Anonymous

The new revolution. This phone is on top of the most amazing phones.

  • SPK

SE Xperia X1 will beat all N-Series hands down.

1. Its smaller compared to most of N series.
2. Nokia is yet to release an N series with touchscreen.
3. Nokia's Symbian is a memory and battery hogger. I hav seen people frustrated with their N series mobiles, though they buy it only to show off.
4. The keys are relatively bigger, well spaced and stylish. Keys in N series are crap.
5. None of the N series are stylish enuf to compete against a SE phone.
6. The animations in X1 are far superior to the staid ones in N Series.

SE needs to maintain a high-end image for X1 by havin a high price. Else, all tom-dick-harry will buy it like N series, which hav becom phones for those who dunno how to use a multimedia phone.

  • SPK

It seems Nokia has run out of designs! And of features and battery too!

The N series models hav becom the mass market mobiles though most don know wat to do with it except to take a few pictures and send sms!

No fresh designs, same old models with just a slightly better features tat r useless without a gud long-lasting battery. No matter how many N series r released, only n70 and n73 sell well. Its time Nokia comes out of darkness and embraces touchscreen and WM OS. A gud battery and RAM too...

  • Midoadel 74

Dear All:
i think that it is the best mobile features
but i need to know what is the price of it


they placed a BL-5F(950mha)battery, which is the same one as the one in n95. Isn't the BL-6F(1200mha) battery in n95 8GB better. anyone knows what have made them change their mind of not using the BL-6F or even those better ones?

  • Alex

As previously stated by me, you cant expect Nokia or indeed any phone manufacturer to make the exact phone each individual customer wants. E series is for business and they will probably always produce a model every now and then with a QWERTY keyboard but the N range is for MULTIMEDIA!! Movies, web browsing, music, games etc not so you can brag about how your phone has everything including oooooooh a qwerty keyboard -_- also ,like i said before, devices can be more energy efficient according to the processor and other features. There are cars with fuel tanks half the size of others that can go twice as far so it's really not an argument, except from those who are too ignorant to check the facts. I'm sure that if it were to have a qwerty, it would actually be less appealing and probably sell 80% less than a standard numeric pad. IRDA is stone age now, bluetooth is better

  • Anveer

Really n96 nokia no.1 phone with all features.n96 with symbian os9.3 version and it plays WMV files, tv broadcaster.i have used n93 at time. Its web is imaging.but i want to buy n96.its price is nearabout 35000.

  • ....


I guess we already grasped what each of us was trying to convey but it just doesnt hard feeling though.

  • Anonymous

Nokia doesn't copied rom samsung, SamsuNg copied their design from n95 which is similar to N96.
Nokia rulEs!!