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  • The_Nootz

To "...." (PDPg)

I guess it's just that you and me have different opinions. That is, about the fact that Steve J's dream phone is or isn't "attainable". Or, more broadly saying, about the fact that people keep dreaming of all kinds of things (because they are unsatisfied of what they can gain access to), and just dreaming. And these dreams of theirs are or are not achievable.

Once again, that dream phone of Steve J's is achievable to some extent, but Nokia just don't do things just because they can. That's all I'm saying.

  • arun

The Nokia N96 will be the best for me and I request to nokia please launch this product early...........

  • madpanas

my "asus"eepc4g whit 16gb sdhc card class 6,2gb ram "kingston for 508$/including this extras/-7"display whit windows xp rocks.battery is 5200mah -3ahrs non stop in internet true wifi/.it's posible to by 7200mah,but 508$ is more usless mobile devieses for 1000$ and i have skype,tv online and can put gps,bluetooth,dvb tv recievers and everething true 3 usb end is 900gr only-like old vhs cassete,but real pc whit 900mhz/700real/intel whit windows xp.i keep my old n73 nokia in pocket for phone funcktions,but for internet sorry "asus" 7".

  • ....


the point is actually not me or you having a misinterpretation of what Steve J said. its you whose having a dilemma with my statements or me regarding yours, but im sure i have analyze your statements fairly and clearly as well i have done with Steve J.(you can also correct me if im mistaken)
i believe that you're thinking it is impossible to happen(Steve Js' dream phone) not to favor anyone in this forum but i also think its "attainable".im sorry but you remind me of the russians saying that americans cant land on the moon. should i call you The_Nootz or The_Regressive? LOL!!!!
"That is why you'll never (let's say a 1 in a million chance) see an Nseries device with QWERTY"

  • The_Nootz

To "...." (PDPg)

I think you misunderstood. Steve J, correct me if I'm wrong or if I'm the one who has misunderstood. What Steve J wants is an Nseries device small enough (relative, which, as I see it, should be in the worst case the same size as N95) with all in it: QWERTY (maybe even adding a separate numeric keypad like that HTC S730), 5(+) mpx camera, state-of-the-art everything (music, games, screen - VGA res and larger, Internet connection, processing power + 3D, and last but not least, battery). Or maybe a HTC S730 with N96 features. It just doesn't work like that. Imagine a device, even this one, like Steve J dreams. It's just not realistic.

And Nokia is not Alienware, to throw anything the customer wants in the phone at his wish. That is why you'll never (let's say a 1 in a million chance) see an Nseries device with QWERTY, and that is because you'll see it elsewhere. Maybe they'll release a Communicator like E90 but with 5 mpx camera, who knows. Or HTC will release a TyTN III with 5 mpx camera. Of course, everything to suit Steve J's pocket (in size).

  • tammy

i'll definitely add this to my collection..!!i cant wait!!

  • Anonymous

okay sweet. i think ilove it

  • sneakers otoole

said before ill say it again
guys buy two batterys

by the way how bout instead of slider phones we make switchblades push a button it slides up or down but not on flips the spring motion would knock it out of your hand
still i think it would work

  • iqbal

it iz the best cell ever!
it is a complete mobile with all the latest functions!

  • Anonymous

It seems someone have not see the review yet...
In the multi-media use, N96 can play longer than N95-8Gb.

You just want to damn this phone because you have no money to buy and want to find some reason to keep your eyes away from it.

I'll forgive you.

  • george

Interesting model with 16GB internal memory and 5mp camera BUT battery should be a mega disaster. (see N95 and then the N95 8GB with its 1200mAh...)

  • Steve J

Mmm...The_Nootz, an interesting name! You have made some valid points and I feel that you reflect the mindset of contemporary Nokia policy. I guess I am a bit of a rebel! But you know multimedia is not just about pictures and images. What about text? Magazines and newspapers are all part of multimedia. You know and I know that for serious work T9 is inadequate. You wouldn't use it as your text input on a computer would you??
May I suggest that Nokia put it to the test. Make a variation of the N96. Call it, for instance, the N96Q. The "Q" would denote the presence of a QWERTY. Make it a two way slider but with a difference. If it slides in portrait orientation T9 keys are revealed. If it slides in landscape, a full QWERTY is seen. Nokia are brilliant at screen rotation and orientation. Look what they did with the 6260 and the N93. The N96Q would not be a problem to manufacture. A variation on this theme would be HTC S730 design. There are so many possibilities. Why rigidly stick to the N95 version of dual slide??
Others may ask well why not go for an E-series. The answer is that the E-series compromises top of the range N features and is too bulky. Hence the necessity of the N96Q. Nokia shouldn't knock it until they've tried it!!

  • ....


its actually your fixation that keeps you saying that nokia will not put a qwerty in "one" of their N-series phones.

did you have any idea that nokia will produce e51 without the camera? or did it ever come to your mind that nokia will produce a phone with smoked glass sliding cover like 8600 Luna?how about 7900 Prism and 7500 Prism with a very innovative keypad design?.i guess not. you will never know what's exactly in their mind so your conclusion that nokia will not add a qwerty in one of their N-series phones is still regressive.knowing nokia, you'll always be surprise.

regarding your comparison about multimedia phones and pocket pc....
are you aware of HTC TyTN II and HTC Touch Cruise? still a pocket PC but with a respectful 3.15mp camera which is usually a feature of a multimedia phone and who expected that? they progressed from vga to 3.15 in terms of multimedia features.therefore, a multimedia phone(like the N-series) could also have qwerty and make an improvement in its terms of pocket PC features, besides they are doing fair enough in multimedia.

and ohh....SE is even adding their walkman features in their C-series or cybershot how about the E-series features being add in N-series? just one phone like that....just only one

purpose of E-series?
purpose of N-series? STOP
how about purpose of innovation guys?

  • iyad

the coooolest mobile ever ive had

  • Anonymous

nokia run out of new design.
so they made it look like n81.
even the n78 looks like a monoblock version of it.

i am soo sony ericsson.

  • Anonymous

DVB-H tv rec'ver inbuilt!! cool, wonder if they will release a DVB-T receiver for AUS.

  • kazoom

oppss...Keep up the good work.

  • kazoom

Great phone,great features,cant wait to get 1 altough i got N958gb. You guys make people want to buy more handphone.Superb & keep the good work. Nokia Rocks

  • Davidov

Way better than the 16 GB Iphone ;)
too bad the camera still isn't 7 megapixel ( lol )

  • Anonymous

excellent looks i love this phone n96 rockss