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Nokia N96

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  • sean

got mines yesterday, i'm very pleased with it. it even beter than my friend's n95 n my bro's n85 sooo all you haters if u got nothin gud 2 say then dont say anything! Because right now n96 is the best until the n97 comes out!

  • Joe

It is a nice phone, but I like N81 8gb more than any other phone. This N96 feel cheap on my hand. But I still like it :) maybe it's beautiful and light. It is not that slow, it only takes time. anyway i rate this phone 8.7/10, while n81 8gb 8.9/10. :)

  • nick

rocky, 30 May 2009hey i feel n95 8gb has got better ram speed 332mhz... and batter... morethey say the n95 8gb is best, though obviously you're restricted a bit memory-wise.

n82 perhaps?

this phone is underpowered and quite frankly, im staring at my samsung innov8 which works flawlessly, has a better camera, faster proccessors, bigger battery, divx support, 16gb memory, made of metal...

  • rocky

seems n96 has battery life problems, low audio qualiy,and gets it so....pls comment....!!!!

  • rocky

hey i feel n95 8gb has got better ram speed 332mhz... and battery life....and 8gb is enough for me.....then shall i prefer n95 8b or n96.....pls help me out!!!!!

  • brynn

mohan desai, 28 May 2009the mobile is very 8 rated ******** star but what's the price of... moreits 399.34 gbp at plemix sim free

  • kendra

Hi,just got mine updated to v20 via a techy friend because with it being expensive i did not wish to ruin it..It feels a bit nippier and sounds even bassier to me..The N96 was a good update to n95 8gb its more techy & even tho its got mixed reviews i love it..Will get back with any new things,,9/10 from me

  • brynn

getting it today hopefully,,cant wait to test out its real battery and cam music the lot,,I have got a place that sells a 1600ma battery for it,,it will stick out a bit but i was ok using 1350ma extended battery with n95-1..The 1350 stuck out on n95-1 as well but so did htc diamond extended battery and samsung extended batterys..Their is the slight set back and that is they take longer to charge but with 7-9 nrs per night asleep it no problem...

  • Jeff

i think the n96 is officially the best phone in the world it should receive an award. . .thanks to Nokia

  • mohan desai

the mobile is very 8 rated ******** star but what's the price of N96

.....mohan bhai desai............................

  • Anonymous

Upgrade to the new firmware now, it is 20.05 now.

  • Leka

hey hey well i wanted to get this phone coz it loojks mean but the thing i dnt get is apparently it is really difficult to use apparently it stufs up kan i have someone tel me more postive fings about this fone koz i i hate like absolutely hate touch fones so kan someone get back to me when they kan fanx

  • i

Kenzo, 26 May 2009Updated my firmware last friday! And boy oh boy is it an expirie... morei know what you mean,,you think to yourself i will change the message tone so off you go to profiles and after a long wait you are presented with not 15 tones but all 1500+mp3s as choices as well in my case..

I am using 5800 at moment but do not like touch so looking to buy this..The only problem i have never considered n96 was battery,,thats it nothing else..After seeing your comment and scouting around it does seem that under heavy usage it should last the day..What i am scared of since original n95 was its behavour at 950ma ...I would be on 4 bars playing music,,then stop music to go on web,,the batt dropped to 3 bars then whilst doing 2 minutes on web it dropped to 2 bars and when i come off web to go back to music it was on 1 bar and within minutes low battery warning pops up..So within 10 mins on n95 i went from 4 bars to low battery..I know with all the nokias ive had it stays at the 7 bars for ages then once it starts dropping it random battery life..

Anyway can get this for 250 GBP on friday and may just go for it and hope for best...Thanx

  • Anonymous

This phone should be called N94, quality and functionality wise.

There won't be any N94:s in the future, since Nokia and Asia denies the number "4".

  • Bryan Hill

Hello I am unable to action MISSED CALLS on my new N96. Cannot locate a log to process the request ? Any ideas.

  • hfireage

Omar, 27 May 2009Hi it's a dead pixle that can't be repaire dead pixle either d... moreThanks dude, I think I should live with it till buy my next phone.
BTW warranty says its natural for some phones having this issue and theres nothing to worry about!!!!!!!!

  • Omar

hfireage, 26 May 2009Hey everyone Do you guys have those shiny little pixels on the ... moreHi
it's a dead pixle that can't be repaire
dead pixle either dark or bright green
each time i buy a phone i check it in dark room
dead pixle don't spread

i hope i helped

  • Surpuju

The best phone of Nokia.

  • hfireage

Hey everyone
Do you guys have those shiny little pixels on the display as i do?
I have three. One of them is more bright then the others and want kill me in dark backgrounds.
Is it a malfunction like blown pixels or somthin? Or just dirt?
Its a brand new phone(N96) just one week old.
Any help would be appreciated

  • Anonymous

there are no problems with N96. the main problem is the user.