Nokia N-Gage QD

Nokia N-Gage QD

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  • Mark

orangekiller999, 15 Nov 2014I'm using this phone with 2gb memory card and already insta... moreHow can I download that all 60 games and Dave on memory card ?

  • Daniel

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2017I jst bought it todayA new one? would i be able to get a new one now??

  • Aman

QD Freak, 07 May 2005Hey!! This is a fone meant for gaming!! Nokia produces fone... moreSir can u plz tell me how to install.more games on hand set

  • Aman

NICK CARTER ( skull), 07 May 2005Hi evrybody, I have been using this phone for past 6 mon... moreNikhil sir i just want to know that can sync my contact of my android phone tonnokia engage qd.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-689645, 04 Aug 2017I want this phone ... bring back this phone to liveI jst bought it today

  • AnonD-689645

I want this phone ... bring back this phone to live

  • AnonD-598074

The best Game Phone ever with N-Gage Classic

  • Raj

Get it from ebay...that will be the best choice

  • AnonD-586326

This phone was my first love. Still I miss it. I request to nokia plz relaunch these type of phone. :(

  • Esmat

Raju, 21 Aug 2016I want nokia n-gej mobileMe too .. if you got one tell me

  • Raju

I want nokia n-gej mobile

  • vin

i love nokia n-gage qd..

  • AnonD-566187

amit, 20 Jun 2016I want nokia n gage games and memory card please help meFor easy, take a sd card 512MB - 1GB, put it into an adapter which was sanded to be thinner before. -> You got it... Or you can go to ebay. More info about games & app can be found by searching torrent networks.

N-Gage used to be my first favorite smartphone ;)

  • amit

Umaga, 30 Jul 2006For its low price, we are all satisfied with it having no c... moreI want nokia n gage games and memory card please help me

  • amit

jalebi, 19 Mar 2008hi, can any mig user tell me how mig33 works on the phone?... moreI want n gage memory card

  • StoneD ~Indian Pi(x)

One of the best nokia phone!:D
I miss my this Device. :(

  • gretias

hi ,am in uganda and i would to have that phone but where exactly can i buy one?

  • AnonD-501554

Mine is still working fine. I have this phone since 2008 and My MMC games are working fine too.. I really hope that Nokia will release this kind of phone again but with a better screen size but old school mmc games on it.. =)

  • AnonD-483300