Nokia N-Gage QD

Nokia N-Gage QD

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  • AnonD-566187

amit, 20 Jun 2016I want nokia n gage games and memory card please help meFor easy, take a sd card 512MB - 1GB, put it into an adapter which was sanded to be thinner before. -> You got it... Or you can go to ebay. More info about games & app can be found by searching torrent networks.

N-Gage used to be my first favorite smartphone ;)

  • amit

Umaga, 30 Jul 2006For its low price, we are all satisfied with it having no cam. T... moreI want nokia n gage games and memory card please help me

  • amit

jalebi, 19 Mar 2008hi, can any mig user tell me how mig33 works on the phone? and... moreI want n gage memory card

  • StoneD ~Indian Pi(x)

One of the best nokia phone!:D
I miss my this Device. :(

  • gretias

hi ,am in uganda and i would to have that phone but where exactly can i buy one?

  • AnonD-501554

Mine is still working fine. I have this phone since 2008 and My MMC games are working fine too.. I really hope that Nokia will release this kind of phone again but with a better screen size but old school mmc games on it.. =)

  • AnonD-483300


  • AnonD-483300

I love this nokia phone and i hope nokia rise up and produce the phone again.

  • Muro

Hi, i have this unit from aliexpress, and i use it with 1 gb mmc card. I cant install any of games, im using software called MSVdrive.sis and it store all stuff to memory card(nothing goes to phone memory) but still get error message to delete some memory when i try to instal .sis games.

  • rohit

i need this mobile

  • CjYura

ashish, 24 Jun 2013if it is possible to get n gage QD back plz let me know i wanna ... moreAt alixpress u can buy it around 35-40$ not include ship

  • CjYura

Aamir, 18 Jun 2014I want to buy the mobile It's urgent plzz tell me where I buyAt alixpress u can buy it

  • King Moses

Jack, 08 Jul 2015I love this phone a lot. Where shall I get new n gage qd phone ?... moreJack... Try aliexpress website. u can get any vintage Nokia models including Nokia n-gage QD.

  • Jack

I love this phone a lot. Where shall I get new n gage qd phone ? Help me out.

  • Dnyana kakde

I likely This phone.............MR.DK

  • Gerhan QD4

I bought this phone from someone, but i changed its case so looks good now, very good design phone beside my iphone

  • ngage

David, 08 Feb 2015I stil have this phone. do u have it connected to a service?

  • Bilal Malick

My 1st and best mobile.

  • David

I stil have this phone.