Nokia N-Gage QD

Nokia N-Gage QD

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  • Me

does it have a camera ?

  • da

whats the "sidetalking issue"?
which nokia claims to have eliminated in the n-gage qd?

  • Anonymous

i think its design is more terrible than the old one
wat u think??

  • haiyo

another same model????
it looks like same
only 10% different
oh my god
can nokia more creative??
can nokia design a new handphone???

  • karan

hey wow this n-gage set is way least now i can swap my games faster and without what thers no mp3 player most probably ull be able to download a mp3 player off the net(the ones we use for 6600 and other smart fones)gonna sell off my n-gage to save enuff cash for the new one.and the nokia n-gage website says that its gonna be cheaper too..cheerS

  • Devil

I prefer the Ngage.

  • Anonymous

looks like the previous one, but now you can talk in a normal way...

  • krackdown

no mp3 player ? but y ?

  • clive

hey 4096 colors whaaat the

  • Anonymous

ok, whats the point? Another one? Same look, same fu$#@!&* features, same crappy 4096 color screen. seriously, whats the point????
I get so fed up with Nokia, hundrets of models, and over 50% of them are the same just different packaging. Asian phone producers in Korea have stepped up to the 256k screen, 300k-2.1MPx cameras, UMTS. And where is Nokia? Somewhere back in 2001. Sorry for this bad review, but it's just sad. Nokia, you're losing it.