Nokia N-Gage QD

Nokia N-Gage QD

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  • American

I love how it looks! It looks so much better than the Classic...better quality I think. However, I have to correct you on two things: there is no USB port on the QD. Just to let you know and it's a 4 (8 in game) way controller with separate select button...

  • Anonymous

i might actually consider buying one, only things wrong with it are no MP3 Player and 4096 colour screen, should have boosted it to 65535. Design is alot better as well, excellent work as usual Nokia

  • mystic

yet another blunder from the so-called GIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wil

it's better than n-gage, you can always upgrade the software since it's series 60 platform, i think you probably can add an mp3 player..its design is better, at least not as dumb as n-gage, where you have to take out the battery to change the game...and you can talk like normally, unlike n-gage where you have to talk with the side sticking to your ears...well, only nokia provides a gaming phone, so i guess it's leading in this field compared to other brands..

  • Anonymous

its not a new version of the n-gage, it gives consumers more choice in terms of both fetures and designs

  • Anonymous

less features, for less price for teenagers. this is the point of view. stop talking stupidly

  • Anonymous

ugly design, 4096 color only. cheap phone !!!

  • Anonymous

Nokia, I am getting more n more disappointed with you. Ugly design, lousy features...what else can I say? Shame on you.

  • Anonymous

i dnt thnk this fone have MP3 does it have?

  • Anonymous

4096 TFT LCD?? come on, 4096 LCD is a history

  • Tylup

Haiyo: N-Gage QD is meant to have more or less same features as N-Gage has because these models are going to be sold side by side. N-Gage QD is phone and game deck only. If you want same extra features, then N-Gage is the right choice.

N-Gage QD is not N-Gage 2!

  • Geo

it will be better for nokia to close! SonyEriccson is the best

  • sexy se

mp3 and fm has been removed,same 4096 colors,no camera and cheaper design.

  • Me

does it have a camera ?

  • da

whats the "sidetalking issue"?
which nokia claims to have eliminated in the n-gage qd?

  • Anonymous

i think its design is more terrible than the old one
wat u think??

  • haiyo

another same model????
it looks like same
only 10% different
oh my god
can nokia more creative??
can nokia design a new handphone???

  • karan

hey wow this n-gage set is way least now i can swap my games faster and without what thers no mp3 player most probably ull be able to download a mp3 player off the net(the ones we use for 6600 and other smart fones)gonna sell off my n-gage to save enuff cash for the new one.and the nokia n-gage website says that its gonna be cheaper too..cheerS

  • Devil

I prefer the Ngage.

  • Anonymous

looks like the previous one, but now you can talk in a normal way...