Nokia N-Gage QD

Nokia N-Gage QD

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  • Anonymous

Haha.. Thanks for a joke. U get rid of ur qd becoz of the sound output that turns out to be mono? This fone is meant for gaming and it does well in that field. Why not u just get a seperate mp3 player instead? U neva knows when there is a need for gaming ASAP. The w550i only does great in music and definately not gaming. It doesnt have a symbian software built in and no memory card slot. Big loss dude. But hey ur stuff and money :]

  • sam

ya man n-gage qd is a nice one, but i sold it yesterday bcoz of its technical problems
even its sound quality is not good, now i m optin for sony ericsson w550i.I m feeling sad of losing my n-gage qd after using it for 8 months...say anything but qd is awesome.IT ROCKS.

  • sachin

The main thing is not there is infrared port and USB.can i download true tones in this phone? overall it is good phone.sound is owsome.

  • Anonymous

Ngage production is no more. But its nice to keep this stuff for collection as a portable gaming device. N93 isnt tested yet for gaming. But its a well-featured pack phone. Price of this fone is low that makes it the cheapest symbian fone. One of the function me and my fren likes is the wap functions. The qd keypad is comfortable and quick to use. Although some of the features are gone which is stereo music, u can always install an mp3 player for it such as ultramp3. The sound may nt be great but hey it gets da job done. Another great program to install is agile messenger that enables msn, yahoo, icq chat. Great stuff. Man. Thanks nokia for a wonderful device.


hey,my nokia n-gage hv been stolen by ws gifted 2 me by my boy m very upset 4 dis..i like dat mob ph very much..
can anybody tell me how cn i able to get it back???i do have my IMEI no is that gonna help me????
plz tell me hw cn i get it back????????

  • Sexy lips

This fone is cool but there's not much difference than the normal n-gage. It's just cheaper. This fone was a waste of time in my eyes


please let me know how can i have a mp3 player download free and more softwares pls reply to my email id plsssssssssssssssssss

  • nehajohn

hey,my nokia n-gage hv been stolen by ws gifted 2 me by my boy m very upset 4 dis..i like dat mob ph very much..
can anybody tell me how cn i able to get it back???i do have my IMEI no is that gonna help me????
plz tell me hw cn i get it back????????

  • neha john

nokia n-gage is just best mob cn beat any mob..
its keypad is most comfortable 4 games and to write sms..
n-gage is best!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Do i have to tell somebody, "" that NGAGE brand is especially for gamers.

hey buddy "", you probably don't have any sense of humour. Do think before posting such comments about NGAGE.

As you own one(the old one), it means that either you don't know that ngage is for gamers(when you bought classic) or you are laughing at yourself.

so all in all, you are saying you are educated but you are not knowlegeable or you are so educated and stupid to laugh at yourself.

Best for you,see some psych..... that's all i can suggest.

May god bless you.

  • Anonymous


Oh ho, finally you have put it out of your mouth, and ya surely you have a big mouth, so you do agree that the classic has software bugs in it,nice now properly apply the patch, and be aware and ready when a new one comes out for you........

why don't you agree that qd is technologically more advanced, and hence ofcourse more better, and ofcourse i have had it for the last 11 months and never felt radio feture any necessary, put in a 512 mb mmc and hear songs whatever you want to, or may be store anything you want to and as far as classic is concerned you know .........

and one more thing plz don't give weired comments, taking extra batteries or chargers alogwith doesn't seem a nice idea at all in general, may they be even smaller than a pin. i really laugh at this idea as does on sidetalking .....

Ok fine, i can't convince a dumb shell or otherwise you wouldn't hav posted such an idea, i take my hands off buddy as i have other important things to do as well rather than convincing some child abt useless xyz .........

  • Anonymous

Haha. Gamers like yourself are very inmoral, ineducated and inmature using the word "stu*id". Thats why u cant use your brain to see the usefulness of the classic and so its your loss. Pity u.

  • Relic

LOlllzzzz...are thos people who complains about the features of QD really stupid???
I mean why do they complain about the absence of a radio or MP3 if the phone is just plainly for hardcore gamers out thier...

  • Anonymous

Thats a funny point. Unlike your dumb idea, i could simply put the battery n desktop charger in my pocket since they are small. But that is if i decided to go out while bringing along my fone. Why bother bringing along an ngage kit when those things arent large? Cute things as u mentioned are girly as u clearly are. Qd does have wsod issues as mentioned in ngage website forum. For classic, there is a fix known as fixss for solving the 1 and only software problem during bootup. Too bad with the boring quacked downgrade qd. Long battery life but it lacks entertainment features. Man, get a life and get the classic ngage.

  • Elliot

I was seriously thinking about buying one pf the awesome machines. And then i thiught o myself, well they are a bit dated with no camera, music, nothing. Only Games. But then i looked up on the internet and found that there is a new n gage coming out next year, Boy, am i looking foward to that!

  • Anonymous

This site is a hell lot.
My comments that i added to the database in the evening,yesterday are simply not showing up today in the morning.

so here once again,

Ngage qd came after the classic and according to the various experts ngage classic had some software bugs in it that's why ngage qd is not an enhancement over the old but a new one from the scrach.
do go searching in for the reviews on the net and you will find it out.

So for now, just chill out.Whether you want to go in for old with odd sidetalking or press your belowed ngage qd screen to your cheeks,its up to you.

i did go in for the superior one in technology and cute one in looking plus brighter screen as well.

and as far as battery issue is concerned,i m replying to somebody's comments on me,
the old is simply not a comparison to the gold or else as you said, take extra batteries or chargers in your pockets wherever you go, or for that matter why don't you simply start carrying your whole ngage kit alogwith.

Up to you to choose who is more sensible and knowledgeableeee......

  • Anonymous

Even if qd gots great battery life, still its boring as u r stick to the same games. So whats the point for that bonus feature of the qd's battery. Lack of music features means lack of alternative entertainment. What a waste is the qd.

  • Anonymous

Well. Here i go. Sidetalking isnt much of a problem as its quite a unique way of conversating. And just in case u dont know, there is always a desktop charger and extra battery to solve the battery issues that is if the fone features is strongly needed. Well still that means classic is better my fren.

  • Anonymous


Battery still the issue even if you hear fm or do anything else.
and what about design and clarity of screen of QD and weired side-talking of classic.
ngage qd still rulz.

oh i think i have to mention everything again and again.why don't you accept it.

  • emperor

ngage qd rulz foreva