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  • Lovely

Can we download unsupported file in nokia x, ie files like skype.exe, which can be transfered and used in my computer? Someone please reply fast.
Thanks in advance.

  • AnonD-244702

Mr., 16 Mar 2014Does it support skype? pleas anyone tell me..No man...

  • pawan

i think this phone will be the best in future

  • silaki

Firstly I will give 10/10 to Nokia to accept Android Os. But when we think it without google services, we may think it's not good enough like other android devices. But as per my taste Its a great move from boring classic icon based interfaces to a metro look android device. Its a great thing. Now some points for those who interested to buy this device but little bit confused. Ok, I'm expressing something why one may opt nokia x series phone.

1. First lane (the advanced notifier)
2. OneDrive (Free cloud space to store personal data)
3. Outlook (the better mailing experience with Microsoft)
4. Less battery consume as heavy google devices outed
5. Nokia Cloud Music
6. Good Hardwares
7. A new look
8. Nokia is highly trustable
9. Nokia Extended Warranty service up to 3 years
10. Nokia exclusive apps
11. Here Navigation System
12. Supports All android apps

So, One request to those, who are writing bad comments without using it, please don't do it. Just use it & then post your comments.

  • Mr.

Does it support skype? pleas anyone tell me..

  • Anonymous

keson, 16 Mar 2014can support to view PDF file format??? Pls help me, i am luking ... moreyes it views PDF files. just download adobe pdf reader. and you are good to go

AnonD-244394, 15 Mar 2014can we use both sims at a time or not???yes it has dual Sim standby

  • AnonD-159182

Beautiful and unique design is batter bolder and smarter then ever seen

  • keson

can support to view PDF file format??? Pls help me, i am luking the phone that can view the PDF file in budget phone.

  • Anonymous

vishal, 16 Mar 2014I heard this phone doesn't have play store because it has nokia store

  • Anonymous

AnonD-59342, 16 Mar 2014Nokia X now available in the Philippines, costs P5,695 or around $128where is that store?

  • sss

Is there any option to change wall paper or is it support live wall paper or theme

  • AnonD-116139

No home key , 512 mb ram , poor battery , laggy android apps , high price. so better to buy other android mobile.


price of nokia x in dubai is 449 aed with 2 years axiom warranty in india almost 7,498 rs

  • jarau

palash, 16 Mar 2014please believe me, windows 8 phone is the worst phone. i used no... moreI understand your pain of using lumia 520 but I'm using lumia 820 and I still get hot battey issue, wifi connection problems only with my d-link modem and of course the app numbers is still far behind android and ios.
But I like its camera very much especially the Nokia Camera app. Also the 7 free game purchased apps only for lumia by Disney on early Jan 2014. You did get those free expensive games did you?

  • AnonD-244630

When Internal Storage has only 4gigs so Larger app installation is bit problem But for Nokia X isn't because you can move your apps to SD or Memory Card like we used do in Symbian.

Just goto Setting -> App -> select which one to move -> scroll down you will see clear data and move your app to Memory Card and you can do Vise versa... So i Say its Cooooooooool.....

  • tani

I do understand from this survey (GSM Arena daily interest),that Nokia X has indeed pre-ordered and will of course sell much more that 1 million smartphones in China and tens of millions elsewhere...! Nokia, a forever lasting love, for every person that has used its phones for the first time!

  • AnonD-59342

Nokia X now available in the Philippines, costs P5,695 or around $128

  • narayan

is this phone supports MS Office file.

  • Benjie

vishal, 16 Mar 2014I heard this phone doesn't have play store Yes it doesnt have play store because it is not actually runs to a Android OS, the fact is you can install Android Apps (even Java Apps) using Nokia Store.