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Nokia X

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  • Benjie

vishal, 16 Mar 2014I heard this phone doesn't have play store Yes it doesnt have play store because it is not actually runs to a Android OS, the fact is you can install Android Apps (even Java Apps) using Nokia Store.

  • ravi singh 48

tanjz, 16 Mar 2014I bought this its a nice phone my 1st android phoneIs this fone having file manager?...nd hows the battery backup

  • vishal

I heard this phone doesn't have play store

  • Caro

AnonD-206441, 16 Mar 2014Obviously the android platform is better compared to others... moreIf it's popular, does not mean is better. This ignorance does not tell nothing but one thing. You never used wp and symbian, you are quite new in this, yet you talk like you know them all.

  • AnonD-242549

Hey. Does anyone knows what is the price of this phone?

  • Anonymous

very sexy pice

  • AnonD-206441

Obviously the android platform is better compared to others like Symbian or windows.
Nokia has to develop mobile phones like Lumia 625 or 925 features with ANDROID 4.3 only, so that it can be a leader in the market again.

  • Anonymous

can u take screenshots vth dis mobile.?

  • Anonymous

ana, 15 Mar 2014which is better ??nokia x or lumia??tell me plzzzzzzbro both are boring buy sony. ultimate
graphics bright display, high speed, nice camera clarity Nokia phones are boring.....

  • sangi mangi

i want buy this phone when its lanch

  • megam.chennai

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2014Can i watch you tube videos in this phone?please help moreVerry simple.first u download 1mobile app.then u search and download tubemate apk,app.then enjoy download and watch any an ur mobile.thank u guy

  • zik zak

i am waiting for nokia xl

  • krish

nokia plz relaunch the ur nokia n9,n97,e7,c7 and e6 android mobiles pls

  • Anonymous

Souvik, 15 Mar 2014Hi Vivek, Even i bought this phone 3 days back. But I am... moreOr you can try find recent app in nokia store . Recent app is also a app killer

  • palash

iizuu, 15 Mar 2014friends,,,, which is best lumia 520 or nokia X... which o... moreplease believe me, windows 8 phone is the worst phone. i used nokia lumia 520. really there are a lot of problems. I think android phone is much much much better than any other OS. so if you love nokia, you can try nokia x. but i have not used nokia x. i have used other companies android, like HTC, SAMSUNG, MICROMAX.
Main thing is that, ANDROID ANDROID ANDROID.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-152421, 15 Mar 2014where the hell did that guy got the recent app button. i se... moreYou can try check nokia store got recent app or not...

  • Anonymous

Do I need to download app killer to kill app ? Because fastlane wouldn't kill the app ..

  • AnonD-244475

Is this phone use nokia browser?
If so can i zoom page in nokia browser?

  • manish

AnonD-215465, 15 Mar 2014is it better than any other Android OS smartphones of Samsu... moreCanvas 2.2

  • tanjz

I bought this its a nice phone my 1st android phone