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  • Hienuo

Look ! how attractive Nokia X is....
A reputed Nokia company should have introduced Android smartphone Two Years ago instead of going astray, selling themself, vanishing into the thin Air today.

  • Avijit..

ana, 15 Mar 2014which is better ??nokia x or lumia??tell me X...beacause yu get many ecosystem is very usefull than windows ecosystem.So yu go for Nokia Xs series phone..I think yu..wait for nokia X+or Nokia XL..

  • Vishal D.

iizuu, 15 Mar 2014friends,,,, which is best lumia 520 or nokia X... which one to... moreGo for X, don't even try to think Lumia 520..its worst phone...

  • AnonD-244426

nokia x is far better then lumia series phones

  • ajit butiya

100 in 1
dis is nice phone

  • sachin

hardware wise Lumia 520 but total experiance wise Nokia X...Because Nokia X having lots of App..

  • AnonD-231075

Better late than never....Nokia is half android but will become full soon..

  • Suman

[deleted post]Nokiax supports live wallpaper

  • Safi

iizuu, 15 Mar 2014friends,,,, which is best lumia 520 or nokia X... which one to... moreBro! Buy Lumia 525.

  • ana

which is better ??nokia x or lumia??tell me plzzzzzz

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2014Can i watch you tube videos in this phone?please help me.thanks ... moreyes

  • AnonD-244394

can we use both sims at a time or not???

  • AnonD-244394

Is it dual standby or not... can we use other sim when we talking in one

  • shreesh

nokia x is better and ofcourse yes it can play youtube videos...

  • reza

you can easily watch video at youtube, can easily use whatsapp. i just bought yesterday, it's so fast.

  • krish

The game start now............
world of Android war nokia was joind .........

  • Anonymous

the nokia x supports whatsapp and instagram.

it also does all what any normal android phone would do.

-online video streaming

-tube mate(you can login to youtube here)
and youtube(you wont be able to login to youtube here)

-subway surfers

-with mx player you can watch videos up to 1080p res. i wouldn't advice that

-i like this phone more than the lumia (because of the wide variety of apps.

-i also love the build quality. feels very nice in the hand. cos of the quality plastic.

  • Nitin

iizuu, 15 Mar 2014friends,,,, which is best lumia 520 or nokia X... which one to... moreLumia 520

  • Rahul

The phone is much better in other nokia phones.It is based on android(jelly bean) so its o.s is very nice and upgrade.But I want to more expect about microsoft nokia suppose it could contain LED flash,secondary camera bla..if all the demand occupy than it would be the best phone..than other phone...So i am wait and watch the next level..Thank u

  • rtee

AnonD-215465, 15 Mar 2014is it better than any other Android OS smartphones of Samsung un... morelg l5 ii