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  • Carol

RandyRiffin, 23 Oct 2021But how did Apple achieve a "fanatic" fanbase? Be... moreYeah those sony's had a keypad, but was not staying in the way of work as the keypads were flipping down and under them was another part of the screen. LG flopped because they were not selling cheap enough for the mass of today, and also because they were no 'cool' for a lot of what i call ignorants. But yes, they innovated but did not innovate in a sinfull manner. Most of those things were not really needed. A foldable thing is more useful then the wing version of them, that was unique, though not that usefull. Yeah apple brought simplicity for the un-techie mass and sold it as if they changed something in the world, there you're right. But not all companies should be apple, so i do not find that LG needed to stop innovation to remain relevant. They needed to bring something usefull and cheange the strategy. Better software support, or modular devices, something to not only set them appart, but to actually make them usefull in front of others.

Carol, 22 Oct 2021Well, yes and no. Apple would probably not flop entirely as... moreAlso is that why Huawei prefers to produce their phones in China, since there is no law against theft?

Carol, 22 Oct 2021Well, yes and no. Apple would probably not flop entirely as... moreBut how did Apple achieve a "fanatic" fanbase? Because Apple focused on something that is simple and attracts lots of customers, and they marketed it like they changed the world (even if they didn't). Yeah the Ericsson 800 and 990 had big touchscreens, but they also had big keyboards attached with them, which I'd say made the experience clunky. When Apple brought out a big uninterrupted screen with just a simple home button AND they acted like they made a new invention, people were like woahh and they flocked to buy it, hence Apple got such a big name, now these days they don't even have to make their phones that great, but since they are SO popular, everyone buys them. So you were saying earlier that Jobs was a sell genius and THIS is what he allowed Apple to do. Even after the iPhone X, they barely changed the design.
Actually, MrWhoseTheBoss and Marques made a video about why LG flopped, it's because while innovating, they never made an overall great smartphone that everyone would buy, because they never stuck with a brand identity. If they just made a phone with the same screen, and design and made things simple, maybe then people would've been like wow LG's got something really cool. Remember when Lg made (the first) quad hd, slo mo and ultra wide? You don't need innovation to win over hearts.

  • Carol

RandyRiffin, 22 Oct 2021I think the iPhone was attractive because of its simplicity... moreWell, yes and no. Apple would probably not flop entirely as they always had a "fanatic" like fanbase. You know, those whom phone you take away then give back then tell them is the new iphone and they believe it and are ready to buy. They would though not be remotely this successful without Seve. Nokia was a Giant back then, and others were not behind. There were real smartphones, some with huge touch screens (for that time) like sony erricson p800 or newer p990 with Symbian OS that was way more advanced then android and ios put together. There was windows mobile, blackberry OS, Palm OS and others. This smart devices did pretty much what this days a device does. Nothing short of it. So yeah ios at it's release was nothing but a featurephone that was called a smarphone without being even close to one. Nokia was all about innovation and they had money for it and they were never afraid to launch concept devices and experiment with everything they got. So yes, today we would most probably not be needing to rate our devices with ip ratings and whutnut, and oh so much more then we now have, would have been the norm this days. What some call 14 years of innovation, i call.a decade of stagnation, nothing changed after 2013 but performance and screen realestate that is now to huge to poket. But yes, innovation has two sides, if people are not ready, then a lot of money might go down the drain. Something Nokia and others experienced often in their years of actuall innovation.
As for samsung, well they were always on the market even in the early days of featurephones. The competition was tight back then and they were actually innovating, their guvernment do not allow patent infrigrance (stealing), well at least not officially, so they would just be them, not on top, not at the buttom following the trend and sometimes innovating as they did with foldables, well i do not know though if they were really the first. Anyways. The problem came after apple came up, with their outsourcing and starting to win way more per device then Nokia. While nokia was beeing killed by eflop. That is where all started to manufacture their devices in china. China has no law against intelligence theft, see the big picture? After that all i have seen was going down the drain with chinese brands rising on others back and clients private information....

  • Carol

Ns0, 22 Oct 2021Hello is the cpu enough for social media and android 12 and... moreThe CPU handles way more that that, your safe.

Carol, 21 Oct 2021Yeah, well this is the problem of free market, you do it ot... moreI think the iPhone was attractive because of its simplicity, as it just had an uninterrupted big (at the time) screen and just one simple button unlike the split out keyboards, and people were like cooool. And yeah, they marketed like it was like a neww invention. This is the part I agree with you, after that moment Apple became famous, they captured everyone, and now they don't even innovate yet they have such a huge fanbase. We know Apple is lazy as they kept this design for so many years, even the SE 2020 has it.
I'm trying to understand what you're saying. So if Jobs didn't exist, then Apple would flop, as they wouldn't be able to sell well, and the market would have a lot more innovative brands? I still wouldn't think that would be good. LG and Nokia would still innovate, but this time Samsung solely would take all their stuff. What do you mean less chinaware, Apple is a Californian based company. If they didn't exist, Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo would still be.

Hello is the cpu enough for social media and android 12 and youtube? That's all

Did you think the cpu will handle this light task? Without lag

  • Carol

RustyNaval128, 21 Oct 2021Yeah, capability definitely doesn't equal price. I thi... moreYeah, well to that question i cannot answer. But they have a reason. Maybe is support from the snapdragon vs mediatek. Or maybe they will use mediatek in the future...

  • Carol

RandyRiffin, 21 Oct 2021But you seem like you know a lot about tech. Make sure you ... moreI know them, some are good and not too biased. Well, one of them at least. The rest are only in for the highest bider... in my opinion. If you like technology, you first need to find it's roots to be able to understand the future. If you know the roots you begin to understand that not to much of what this so called reviewers hype, is worthy of a hype. A tech reviewer should do a real unbiased and very technical review not this mambo jumbo they do that is nothing else but selling crapp but with charisma, cause all they do is to look on specs on paper, look at the device and talk about nothing usefull, most don't even bother using it for a week. Those kind of reviews could be made by a 12 years old with reach parents. So nope, don't fall to much for them youtube reviewers. There are some good ones but very rare.

  • Carol

RandyRiffin, 21 Oct 2021I am young enough to tell you that Nokia may have been one ... moreYeah, well this is the problem of free market, you do it others makes money on it. But as i've said, without Steve Jobs, there would have been a whole lot of another story. He is the prof that you do not need to make advance or remotly unique devices, you just have to know how to make people believe that your producst are unique and better. So then they buy...

Carol, 20 Oct 2021Capability and costs are two different things.;), if that w... moreYeah, capability definitely doesn't equal price. I think the Dimensity 800U is a cheaper chip than the Snapdragon 765G because it's ISP is not quite as capable. As for the optimization, Mediatek has gotten better. Genshin Impact runs identically on both the 800U and 765G. And the frame rate consistency seems to be on par too. I'm not quite sure why HMD/Nokia doesn't use Mediatek processors on their higher-end phones, especially considering that Dimensity series is a huge improvement from the Helio series of chipsets (Which Nokia uses on their low-end phones). Maybe it's because stock Android works better with Snapdragon processors? But I've seen a UniSOC phone running stock Android just fine, so maybe it's for an another reason.

Carol, 20 Oct 2021Sorry for asking, but how old are you? Nokia is the one bra... moreBut you seem like you know a lot about tech. Make sure you keep up with new tech videos that you'll probably enjoy, like MrWhoseTheBoss, PocketNow, Linus Tech Tips, AndroidAuthority you'll like them a lot I'd say.

Carol, 20 Oct 2021Sorry for asking, but how old are you? Nokia is the one bra... moreI am young enough to tell you that Nokia may have been one of the greatest players in the phone game in the early days and so was LG, HTC and Sony (like remember they made a truckload of innovations) but unfortunately these days, most people don't even know Nokia, HTC, LG and Sony made phones. I knew a bit about LG, but I didn't even know what happened to others. That's just how popular (dare I say overrated) Samsung and iPhones have become, stealing others innovations and capitalising on them. Now you go up to a random person and say, hey what are the big phone brands, they'll say "Samsung and iPhone and uh...". Yeah, iPhones aren't even that good they're expensive, Apple has just been able to make a huge fanbase, now it is one of the staples of phones. People even say when an android has a feature, that it would be great if that features was on an iPhone.

  • Carol

RandyRiffin, 20 Oct 2021That's fine, if you prefer Nokia, then go for it. The ... moreI do not agree with that phrase. Price might be important, is tough not the single and not the most important. If would be so, you could pay 19 euros for a feature-phone, who is stopping you? The price is great minding the fact that a phone like that was a 1000 euros back in the 1998. All devices have pros and cons and it all comes down to what you are as a person. Some run for cheap and paper-spected, some try to help the enviroment, some want free of bloatware devices, some what privacy and support, some want security, some want repairability. So nope, those are not the best devices for the price, as they do not fulfil the requirements of all the people. On your perspective, maybe. On mine? not even close to good. I would go for this huge thing, hands down.
PS you asked about Pixel 6. Well i would rather go for the 5, is not old and has good support and clean android, well pretty much like the 6. The other reason would be that i do not like to spend to much on a device. 700 euros i find way to much for a mobile phone that has nothing new and innovative but more Mhz and that's about it.I cannot see a reason as of why would i change my device, unless it has something else then mine. That would be the 2 devices i mentioned. Fairphone 4 and nokia xr20.

  • Carol

RandyRiffin, 20 Oct 2021Well said.👍 I needed something like this. I see you like th... moreSorry for asking, but how old are you? Nokia is the one brand that invented GSM network and mobile technology. The first GSM call made, was with a Nokia device in a nokie made network. I am not talking satellite tech, that is a very different tech and was only used by the army. Yeah Nokia never stopped innovating even after iphone came along and did nothing but selling a worthless slab with screen, as it was capable of nothing at that time and was sold as a smartphone. Jobs was a sell genius. If Apple did not have Jobs, well, the market would have been very different right now. Better competition and less chinaware. Most of the stuff in your device that you might think is new, it was a long time ago on a Nokia device: Night mode photography, living Images (moving), refocusing after taking the picture, OiS, Pixelbidings (first device with that tech was 808 pureview) wireless charging in a smartphone, noise cancellation and powerful mic's that beat anything at that time on the market, you could go to a concert and take a video without that useless sound a device had back that, it was miles away from anything on the market. And the list is veeery long... but well then they got scammed by elop and that is where apple paid big money to grow no matter what the costs (kill competition, go on-top if not, loose as competition is better... sort of thing). hmd did NOT aquire Nokia. Nokia is still on the market but not for the end-customer and not with mobile phones. Their are full enterprise business right now. Just search for NOKIA and read about their stand in 2021. hmd Has licensed Nokia devices division (and name). That means, they are able to use all the intelligence Nokia gathered in all the years they were powerful enough to throw billions into nano-tech and flexible devices, even that has a long list of unspoken achievements. For what maters, Nokia ownes 11% of hmd shares, well at least it did 1 year ago. They also sell hmd made Nokia phones on their website, so they actually also show support to hmd. Or hmd is just their company that is separated just to not affect Nokia as a company if it fails.

  • Carol

RustyNaval128, 20 Oct 2021The Dimensity 800U is actually about as capable as the Snap... moreCapability and costs are two different things.;), if that would have not been so, why do you think motorola chose Dimensity 800 instead of snapdragon 765G? It might be designed faster but mediatek's CPUs are known to not be supported by devs. Or better said not enough. So performance might sunk because of that. But as i have said, i did not research that CPU in particular... all i know is that hmd used a mediatek CPU once (ignoring all the 100$ android go devices where it might come up) in their plethora of relesed devices, since then they never used one in a better spected device, they might have a reason...

Carol, 19 Oct 2021Did not research Dimensity 800U performance, but there must... moreThat's fine, if you prefer Nokia, then go for it. The phones I mentioned: A52, Redmi Note 10 pro are the best you can get, for the price, as MsWhoseTheBoss said: price is the single most important thing in a phone. I do not know what... but I know that a phone with this little features doesn't cost much to produce, so it should just be sold at a lower price and maybe that will benefit all of us.
And your excuse to other phones just having better features is they are "copy paste tracking devices", rather than helping the environment and giving long os support. Aight then.

Carol, 19 Oct 2021Yeah, they seem like they don't care for some people (... moreWell said.👍 I needed something like this. I see you like these stock android phones over chinese brands. How do you like the Google Pixel 6 launch?
Also, is there a story with hmd? Like did they acquire Nokia, and before Nokia was being innovative but now hmd changed their plan?

Carol, 19 Oct 2021Did not research Dimensity 800U performance, but there must... moreThe Dimensity 800U is actually about as capable as the Snapdragon 765G. The reason that Nokia chose the Snapdragon 480 is definitely due to costs.

  • Carol

RustyNaval128, 19 Oct 2021Hey Carol, I was kinda wondering about something. Does Noki... moreHei. They have some, sadly nothing you can go and see for yourself. If the workers there are good i cannot say, as i am yet to send a device in. They have spair parts but do not sell... not something i am a fan of. What i know is that when you want to repair your device you need to send it in. The device comes with a nokia app that offers all sorts of support, this kind of support being one of them. I would like for them tough to take a more opened attitude on repairability. But well, with 3* years waranty is also not something to neglegt, as in this 3 years at least the battery will need a replacement.