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Nokia X2-00

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-2965, 28 Apr 2011For eg take the case with n8. Its not considerd the best p... more
you need to change your statement "same goes to all s40 phones" my friend.

did you know that nokia 6700 classic have a 5 mpix camera sensor and the fotos are excellent?

  • AnonD-2965

AnonD-2965, 28 Apr 2011Megapixels doesmt mean quality. Its the camera sensor that... moreFor eg take the case with n8.
Its not considerd the best photography phone till date because of the 12mp camera size.
There are a lot of phones with 12mp capability some notable ones are from SonyE like Satio, S003 , S004, and I even heard of a 16mp phone, S006.
The plus point with n8 is its sensor size.
The high quality C-mos sensor uses more advanced technology in a mobile camera till date and is capable of producing 12mp images and not interpolating the image from a lower size.

The inverse is what happened in x2.
The phone can produce a 5mp image but the maximum that can be produced by the image sensor (which in-fact a low quality c-mos and lack proper color absorption) is extremely lower than that. same goes to all s40 phones.

Now against n8 a new type and super advanced sensor other than ccd and c-mos is unvieled the Exmor-R. Seen in the xperia arc, neo flagships.

  • AnonD-2965

Affan, 28 Apr 2011Its not a good phone, This is a failed model from Nokia. I ... moreMegapixels doesmt mean quality.
Its the camera sensor that matters.
Nokia use the same sensor for almost all s40 phones, which is too low in quality.
so if you are buying an s40 phone never expect more clarity with difference in MegaP.the bigger the megapixel the worst the clarity become.

X2 (most s40's) got an image sensor meant for a low mp camera. An image uses almost 1.2mb is produced, but x2 has to make it a 5mp, so the phone interpolates the image and almost increases its size by 5-6x , as a result of which images of 6-9mb are produced.

On the other hand s60 phones use normal quality sensors.
While in touch phones like 5233,5230,5800 a fine quality camera sensor is used. Thats why those phones got 2mp,3mp cameras but still produce stunning image clarity with low sized images.

  • AnonD-2965

Rocksss, 28 Apr 2011Hi Affan.. This phone I was bought yesterday.. in secon... more3500rs ?
Thats bad .
Now x2 is around 4200.And its not that good phone except for the volume.
A 3000 would be ok.

  • AnonD-2965

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2011there's a cedar hero here dont get x2 for free doyou?
You have to spend your money.
Now with the same money you are spending on x2 you can buy a more better phone , cedar , why should you buy x2.
In short,
why buy a 'lamborghini murcielago' when you get the more advanced 'lambo. aventador' for the same price

  • Sachin Sindhav

I Bought Noxia X2 At Rs,4850.
It Is Giveing its Best.
Camera Of This Phone Is Awesome, Im Loving It.

  • Rocksss

Hi Affan..
This phone I was bought yesterday..
in second hand 3500Rs.

So that's good ya bad??

  • Affan

LUDMIL, 28 Apr 2011bad batery life bad camera MONO FM RADIOIts not a good phone, This is a failed model from Nokia. I have below poblems with this phone.
1) Battery Life is very poor
2) Camera 5Mp but its pathetic, not even match the quality of N73. I suggest never buy this for camera its better by any other phone which has 2Mp camera.
3) Body qality is not strong
4) Nokia claims its music phone but the music quality also not good.

  • Anonymous

goog phone but there should be a front camera as well


bad batery life
bad camera

  • Jawad

I believe that X2 is a best mobile in reasonable Price in Pakistan...
nice set for all kind of mobile user

  • Junaid

Very nice phone ..;) every feature is awesom i love dis phone . Only battery standby is bad ..

  • John

Battery SUCKS badly. Not recommended at all.

  • abe

guys boughtit yesterday..............wrking without any prblm .loving it awesome camera % sound quality better then cedar

  • hitler

finally what you guys are saying whether i can buy it or not? im confused f ur suggestions. Can anyone give a genuine suggestion.........

  • Anonymous

there's a cedar hero here ...

  • Giorilla

I've been using Nokia x2 for 1 month. The battery is easy to get low charge even though I'm not using some of it's application like My Music.

  • Ravi

I want buy X2 In second hand???
So how many Price I can buy It???
Plzz Give Me Sensually Answer..

  • AnonD-2965

DragonAge2, 25 Apr 2011please stop Comparing Nokia X2 to Cedar. In fact, I do have... more
why shouldn't we compare x2 and cedar???
cedar is not priced than x2.
both are from the same price range, everytime cedar turns out as a better "more value for money" option than x2.
x2 is good but cedar is very good

  • Panky

Allen, 25 Apr 2011I have purchased this phone just last week, but i am having... moreyou can do anything, battery back up of this phone is poor !