Nokia X2-00

Nokia X2-00

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  • Anonymous

NR, 03 Dec 2010Accutaly this phone is very very bad ,,, looking nice ,,, camera... morememory very slow opinang

  • harumi

i'm planning to buy this X2 phone..but upon reading comments in here..i have doubts of doing so.. i love music but i love taking pictures using my phone as well.. should i pursue or just find another one?

  • Vishal

Dks, 02 Dec 2010You should go to c5 or x5-01 and c3 is wifi but not 3g and camer... moreC5 doesnt have WiFi. Go for C3-01 Touch and Type with 4G, WiFi, HSPDA, Video Calling, 2.4 inch QVGA 262K resistive touchscreen, 5.0 MP EDOF camera with led flash, VGA video recording, 32 gb expanadable memory. Other option is X3-02 Touch and Type which has all the features of C3-01 except 2 things. Camera is 5.0 MP but without flash and C3-01 has metallic body while X3-02 has plastic body. Both are better than C5 and X5.

  • V. Gandhi

This phone is not so good.actually there is so many features but i think all are useless except camera.and it is not fully software downloaded.

  • nokia rules

[deleted post]are you sure your on the right forum?,

  • NR

Accutaly this phone is very very bad ,,, looking nice ,,, camera is good in RS. 6000 ,,, but this phone is HANGING problum ,,, I show this probloum in 3-4 phone

  • Ahmad

Hi,got new X2.It looks nice n feels nice in hands.Good n improved user interface.i like the large font option in every menu\folder.Sound over loudspeaker is Great.Battery Life is good but not great.I got back to Nokia Phone after quite a while, and its good to be back to nokia
Camera is average for a 5MP category.i like the torch option as well.
all these features are there in the market, but good to have them all in a single piece with a very reasonable price, got it in Rs 9400/- (Advance Warranty) in Pakistan.
All sets have drawbacks, it has only 2, the camera and no Wifi.It aint for a camera Lover.Only for those who need all things there in economy with little compromise with the camera.

  • Lhoui

So what is the most afordable cellphones range 5,000 r.s below?

  • Vishal

nks108, 02 Dec 2010Now its price Rs. 5000/-Is X2 price actually decreased to rs. 5000.00 or not? If yes where it is available at this cost?

  • NaSh

Guys.....whatever it is... the things is... this X2 is too cheap!!!! USD150 only!!!!! i just bought 3 for fun

  • riya

rohan, 02 Dec 2010hi, i have a problem when i connect my nokia x2 to my pc via usb... more1/2 if problem persist then your mobile is infected by virus through bluetooth file transfer or infected memory card... so now you have to visit nearest nokia care for software update.........(but i don't think so problem this much persist,follow my 1st suggestion..... your X2 ll ok then...... )

  • Dks

Lhoui, 01 Dec 2010My choice is x2 but i hate it because it dont have wifi and 3g .... moreYou should go to c5 or x5-01 and c3 is wifi but not 3g and camera is only 2mp without flash.

  • riya

rohan, 02 Dec 2010hi, i have a problem when i connect my nokia x2 to my pc via usb... morechange your mobile theme... i.e. while conneting x2 to pc in data storage mode use a theme from phone memory(internal) not from memory card(external),& do not use any memory card item(songs ,pictures, animations. etc). hope your mobile ll connect now......

  • Anonymous

The battery backup is horrible....

  • user

It doesnt play wav format, thats quite bad. word documents can not be viewed. that is even bad.Housing of phone is weak.

  • rohan

hi, i have a problem when i connect my nokia x2 to my pc via usb cable. when i try to use it in data storage mode it displays a message saying "the memory card is already in use by another application" can someone tell me how to eliminate this problem? I could really use some help.

  • ABHI

i m purchase this cell last week ....but i m facing problem in this not songs not properly play..cell hang such of times...

  • nks108

Now its price Rs. 5000/-

  • Shashi

This time Nokia has cheated saying the phone is having 5MP camera. Actually its worst than even 3.2 Mp camera also...So shame on Nokia for this product!!!

  • Panky

KADIR, 02 Dec 2010The main problem with this mobile is its camera.Thorugh its 5 mp... moreRemove the plastic cover of lens, the whitesh problem will be solved.